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June 2011[edit]

6Come one, come all to the Heartland Institute's Denial-a-palooza weekend, starring all your denialist favorites like Jim Inhofe, Tim Ball, and Pat Michaels. (Update: Salon reports Inhofe didn't appear as he was "feeling under the weather" (geddit?) and linkfarms to further coverage.)
11If you have created an illuminated manuscript, then you are connected to the Illuminati. Also, if your mother was a Bohemian princess, then you are connected to the Bohemian Grove. Oh, and Comet Elenin apparently appears in a 15th century manuscript. (Not.)
16Dear Old Mumsy still hates the Equal Rights Amendment.
12Roseann Salanitri: New York's same-sex marriage law violates the First Amendment because it "dictates what churches must recognize." Ugh! Next thing you know they'll be making the Catholic Church marry divorcees! UPDATE: Terry Hurlbut admits that the argument in the column does not actually apply to the current law, but to a conjectured future law being secretly plotted by those evil "same-sex marriage activists."
7Everyone's favourite nuts are suing Esquire Magazine to the tune of $120 million.
5Shame on you, Bill Clinton, for suggesting solutions to the U.S.'s economic mess rather than engaging in mortification of the flesh as punishment for crimes in office.
3 Apparently the Rothschild family pushed the US into invading Iraq in 2003 in order to acquire their water supplies for Israel...because the family lives there. It had nothing to do with oil.
10Dumbest reactions to the gay marriage law at National Review collected by Salon.
21Whirled Nut: Gay marriage is CAWMUNISM! Never mind that communists were not known to be enthusiastic supporters of homosexuality, a.k.a. "bourgeois decadence."
4NaturalNews hearts the skin cancer. Bonus: retinyl palmitate (a Vitamin A supplement) is toxic!
8"There are several states within a relatively short drive of New York that allow gay marriage, so it's not like they had to pass the law to protect anyone's "rights"." Now that's what I call logic.
5An attempt to flog the secular religion trope harder than it's ever been flogged.
7A thorough analysis of Denver International Airport's Phallic-Satanic symbolism. I simply refuse to believe this is anything but a very non-subtle parody. It cannot be real. Or can it? (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
7First there was Left Behind, now Terry Hurlbut is writing bad science fiction.
5GLPers swallow vintage John Birch Society propaganda "warning". (Sample quote: Ok, I watched the video and I must say, I would be a bit more interested in politcal elections if we had a candidate running that spoke PLAIN ENGLISH like this man.)
9Discrimination in a "free market?" Economic fallacy! (Check the tags for bonus lulz.)
13Alex Jones: DMT was invented so the elite could harness the power of magic elves to kill us all.
6Newsbusters: "Peacenik" hypocrites.
12Deniosphere: The NASA-Soros connection exposed! Now go jam NASA's phone lines! Reality: Christopher Horner's front group launches yet another stupid FOIA suit. (Update: Further explanation of this stupidity. Update II: The manufactroversy spreads to Faux (on the teevee, not the website).)
22The Confederacy still exists!
8Monckton pulls a Godwin.
4It would appear that Prof. Henry A. Giroux's English interpreter is off sick; your guess is as good as ours as to what the man is trying to say.
0Chris Hedges, M.Div.: A "religious radical" was prosecuted for fraud. This constitutes "evidence that our moral order has been turned upside down."
13NaturalNews shatters some irony meters with a post complaining about fear-mongering.
11The Moonie Times scrubs a post accusing Anthony Weiner of being a crypto-Muslim.
9This Week in Climate Denial: Global warming is debunked twice in one week as "warmbat" professors rig sea level data and JAQing off about a new Ice Age begins due to sunspot predictions. (Pay no attention to the actual science behind the curtain.)
13Summer camp that teabags indoctrinates kids into squirting at each other's bubbles, being good christians and being selfish... Wait, what.
12"Four Minutes of Hate" - the best of the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer
4Terry Hurlbut, YEC, on the national debt: "By what right did those who racked up that debt saddle future generations with it?" Could it possibly be the same right by which Adam and Eve saddled future generations with the damnation of hELL?
4Warner Todd Huston of RightPundits: "The police have no responsibility to stop or prevent crime," and anyone saying otherwise is out to steal your money.
-16A "veteran of the civil rights movement," Michael Berkowitz, bawls about the "suppression of democracy" in Wisconsin. One wonders why he is making so much noise about this, as such suppression would move Wisconsin closer to the model favored by Mr. Berkowitz's employer, the People's Republic of China.
7A U.S. intelligence operative leaks new documentation of Dubya's blunders on the anti-terrorism front; journalists write a report about it. The report's comment section is promptly taken over by truthers, despite the journalists' repeated protests that they are not pushing trutherism.
9Obama's despicable photo-ops...with sausage and burgers!
9Glenn Beck trying to up the crazy quotient before the end of his TV show? His latest conspiracy theory is about a sooper seekrit postal service army.
1A talk-radio host displays some American exceptionalism: This isn't just any industrialized country! This is America circa 2011!
18Oh noes! Obama supporters made Orly Taitz look like a moron by forging birth certificates! Birthers froth at the mouth (seriously, the comments section has to be seen to be believed.)
2Whenever the Big Nasty Capitalists want a Republican in the White House, they team up with the CIA to give the economy a good licking. But the economy has not been very cooperative to this little cabal, it seems, booming in 1996 when Bill Clinton needed ousting, not to mention those annoying crashes in 1987 and 2001 under Reagan and Bush.
9Presenting the lunar diet.
6Anthony Watts last month: The "mendacious" Joe Romm is "disappearing" comments from his warmist blog. Watts this month: My comments are broken, it's all Wordpress' fault!
18Rick Santorum: I don't oppose anyone and you can live the life you want...just don't be gay!
8Apparently Alex Jones is covering the Bilderberg Group meeting "live" (in his studio in America) with real time updates that seem to be driving his listeners already tenuous hold on reality to the edge.
14As usual, the tired old bigoted comedian Rush Limbaugh took offense that anyone could call Sarah Palin "nuts," even though she is quite obviously a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and her grip on reality is, shall we say, tenuous. And as usual, Limbaugh blamed it on the left, i.e. the Guardian's Wintour/Watt blog. What he doesn't understand is that Palin's nutsiness is not a partisan matter in Britain, or anywhere else in the world. It is an obvious truth marveled at by all. Palin's emergence as a serious figure in American politics has made the country a laughing stock across the world. The idea that a stateswoman like Thatcher, in advanced dementia, would be used by such a crackpot is simply unseemly.
10Jerome Corsi's steaming heap of crap magnum opus isn't selling... because of Amazon's sneaky tactics. (This being the same Amazon where the same book was a #1 best-seller.)
11I blame women for Weiner-gate (all of them).
9Shockofgod will go full throttle and cut Atheism in half. This video is a response to Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris not anymore
39Hi! I'm Jesus!
3From aligning pyramids with constellations, through alien mummies, to Kepler telescope findings - yet another fine Ancient aliens theory in the making. Amusing, but nowhere nearly as half-baked as some.
9Colony collapse disorder is (allegedly) caused by cell phones, just as it was foretold in Revelations.
12Beware the next big health risk: Chemtrails! (Oh, and once you've "educated" yourself, buy our woo!)
6Public school, prison, same diff.