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Symbolism is the act of using one type of thing, such as a picture, hand sign, etc. to reference another, such as an idea, belief, action, or entity.


Pretty straight forward. The cross represents Christianity, Square and Compasses references the Freemasons (Illuminati), the Pentagram is Pagan (Illuminati), the Tomoe is Japanese Culture (Illuminati), and the Google Chrome logo is... uh... Google Chrome. (666/Illuminati)


In conspiracies, everything is a symbol, even something as simple as covering one of your eyes. Symbolism is often shoehorned into everything including Video Games, Music Videos, and every celebrity. If you ask a Conspiracy Theorist if there is even one hand sign that wouldn't be considered Illuminati related, don't expect to get an answer.

Hand Signs that will make you Satanic[edit]


It used to mean exactly that. Use it in front of the wrong person, and they'll think you support the Loominarty.[1]

V-Sign[edit] desided to make a Pseudohistory about it.[2]

Any signs involving two hands.[edit]

Sorry, NarutoWikipedia's W.svg fans!

Also sorry to:

Jay-ZWikipedia's W.svg fans, S3RLWikipedia's W.svg fans, most modern Pop fans, etc.

Covering either your eyes[edit]

Bonus points if you do the A-Ok sign at the same time!


They're the Devil's Horns. No seriously.

Why they're everywhere[edit]

Genetic fallacy. The meanings for symbols change and vary constantly. Just because the Egyptians used an eye to signify Ra doesn't mean the Eye of Providence has anything to do with Egypt. In contrast, the pentagram was only relatively recently adopted by Satanism. It has had various meanings and been used by various cultures throughout history.

External Links[edit]

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