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Some dare call it
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Sheeple wakers
—André Vltchek[1]

André Vltchek (1963–2020) was a Russian-American born in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), USSR who was raised in Central Europe and later naturalized as a U.S. citizen. He was an "author, filmmaker, investigative journalist, poet, photographer, revolutionary, internationalist and globetrotter who fights against Western Imperialism and the Western regime imposed on the world" (i.e. "Western oppression", "Western propaganda", "Western imperialism", "Western terrorism"), and what not. In essence, he was a conspiracy theorist, moonbat anti-globalist, or more broadly anti-all-things-Western, who liked to describe himself as communist revolutionary, internationalist and environmentalist.[2] He also considered himself a "famous" western writer/filmmaker.[1]

He also accused Ukraine, NATO and EU (under the boot of new German fascism) of conspiring against Russia, denies Serbian war crimes. He praised various despots both on the left and right, as well as far-right ethno-religious ultra-nationalist figures around the world — all in the spirit of the proletariat and communism. He was a staunch admirer of Putin, as well as communist "icons" like the Kim Dynasty, Castro, and war criminal Slobodan Milošević. He called Peter Koenig, Christopher Black, Robert Fisk his comrades.[2]

He also wrote conspiracy theorist pieces and venerated despots for both crank and non-crank webshites Globalresearch, CounterPunch, The Information Clearing House, RT,, China Daily, Z Commentaries, Z Net, Z Magazine, TeleSUR, New Eastern Outlook (NEO), Veterans News Now, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Irish Times, The 4th Media, Dissident Voice, etc.[2]

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