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Wayne LaPierre

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Some dare call it
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Sheeple wakers
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
—Wayne LaPierre, press conference after the Sandy Hook massacre
Come here and try to take my gun, you jackbooted government thugs!

Wayne LaPierre (born 1948) is the current executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, a gun industry lobbying group. As you can imagine, he's a conservative American gun nut and crank (with a French surname which means "the rock", equivalent to "Peter") who indulges in conspiracy theories about the many ways in which socialist liberal Democrats like Barack Obama are trying to institute gun control and TAKE AWAY YER JERBS GUNS and disarm America altogether.

His "theories" about liberals trying to dissolve the Second Amendment are widely spread among libertarian circles but usually center on some government policy that doesn't exist or some possible government plan that hasn't been developed yet.

He is also known for coining the phrase "jackbooted government thugs"[1] to describe the FBI agents working at the Oklahoma City bombing site in 1995, a phrase that incited former United States President George H.W. Bush to cancel his lifetime membership in an open letter to the New York Times.[2]

He and his organization are also guilty of breaking Federal Law (whodathunkit?) by putting together robocalls to Newtown. Their latest trick was to have some gun owning troll make the call, asking "do you want take a poll?" The "poll" is then preceded by a rant by Mr. LaPierre.


  1. As it is used among conservative pundits in the United States; use of the word "jackboot" to describe fascism or totalitarianism is actually British in origin.
  2. [1]