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Briefly, the Roman Empire, commonly referred to as Ancient Rome, evidently faked its own death 715 years ago and now excerpts command and control over all 206 nations of the world though its primary proxy state of Switzerland (home of the CIA) which was coincidentally formed in c.1300 AD, approximately 715 years ago.
—...and it gets better from there[1] is a conspiracy website run by David Chase Taylor, a paranoid nutjob most likely hiding in his basement somewhere in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. Originally Taylor lived in the United States and attended San Diego State University, which is where he founded the website in the 2007. In 2017 Taylor declared that he was actually the messiah and had moved from Switzerland to Germany.[2] is dedicated to mercilessly pursuing the truth. This "truth" appears to be that the CIA is really located in Switzerland and they want to murder us all to death with Malaysia 370 9/11 attacks and Race Wars. They especially want to murder David Chase Taylor, our glorious messiah. Which is why he chose the completely rational route and moved directly to the country that wants to kill him. Genius!

As a fearless journalist and expert at spotting trends in state-sponsored terrorism he has foiled many nefarious Illuminati New World Order schemes. These include but are not limited to; The 2011 Superbowl Nuclear Plot, the 2014 Superbowl Nuclear Plot, and various "live" assassination attempts on various public figures.

Taylor has written several books, all of them blowing the whistle on various evil conspiracies. These books include Bio-Terror Bible and Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now.[1]

In 2015, Taylor was convinced that he would be targeted by the Switzerland CIA for exposing grand conspiracies.[3] This appears not to have happened.

Also Alex Jones is an evil government agent deflecting our attention. Obviously.

More Nutty Beliefs from Taylor[edit]

  • "The name Santa Claus (S+N/X+T+C/K+L+S) acronymically and/or consonantly equates to “Sent to Kill System” because Special Forces would travel from Greenland to the underworld on December 24th in order to execute assassinations, coup d’états, terror attacks and wars (e.g., Roman Vikings)." [5]
  • Bigfoot is a reference to the, absolutely real, giant inhabitants of Greenland who are descended from the Greco-Romans.[4]
  • Paul Walker was assassinated by the CIA to highlight the term "Fast and Furious" for, presumably, nefarious reasons.

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