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Besides the use of United States dollar bills as currency, you can find other, more unconventional uses for them, such as folding them (origami) to make all sorts of shapes and forms, including shirts, baskets, fish, and even a toilet.[1] Illusionists can also utilize them when performing "magic," such as in the well-known self-folding dollar bill trick.

Even better, you can use your pareidolia (and paranoia) on freshly-printed greenbacks to reveal hidden images possibly suggesting that 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated by the government.

History and images[edit]

The first time this was published on the Internet was on May 9, 2002, at Allbrevard.com. According to the backstory, five days prior, one of the webmasters discovered that folding a new (September 1998 redesign) $20 bill in a certain way would reveal pictures eerily similar to the World Trade Center and Pentagon ablaze, while at a NASCAR party. (What he smoked remains unknown, nor why he was at a NASCAR party.) Five days later, a web page was put up without any initial expectations, but after posting a message on a user newsgroup, the whole thing spread like wildfire. Within ten days, the site had received over one million hits, eventually leading to Glenn Beck putting it on his show and website, eight days after Allbrevard's creation, which in turn led to the discovery of more hidden images in dollar bills of lower and higher denominations. This is usually coupled with the fact that you have to ultimately fold the bill into an airplane to see the picture and/or that the folded bill has five sides, like the Pentagon.

Without further ado, let the decoding begin:

1-dollar bill[edit]

($1 bill must be not too new and not too old) Hold dollar bill with pyramid and eagle facing you. Fold eagle behind the pyramid. If folded exactly in half the two circles will align on top of each other and touching on both sides. Hold up to an old light bulb to see the face of Baphomet come through the pyramid side. (The eyes will come through in the two circular clouds just below the eye on the pyramid).

5-dollar bill[edit]

Repeat the same steps as the $20 bill. The result is the Pentagon before the attacks.

10-dollar bill[edit]

Repeat the same steps again. The result is the Twin Towers on fire.

20-dollar bill[edit]

The initial discovery and source of shock and awe.

  1. Fold a $20 bill in half, so that you see the top half of the reverse side (like this.)
  2. Fold the left half away from you, as shown here.
  3. Fold the right half so that the burning Pentagon is revealed (see here.)
  4. Flip the bill over to see the World Trade Center, surrounded by smoke. (presto!)
  5. Or just mash it a bit and get this. 9 + 11 = 20 (The date of 9/11, twenty dollar bill), and see Osama.

50-dollar bill[edit]

And again. This time, you get the building collapsing.

100-dollar bill[edit]

All you get this time around is a bunch of smoke, which looks more like someone played around with the MSPaint airbrush tool. Just a bunch of smoke, presumably a result of a fallen building, perhaps after being hit with an airplane. When was this dollar bill made? Well before 9/11. So what is with the Twin Towers, in a mass of smoke?

The secret message that made Glenn Beck stand still[edit]

This one wasn't discovered until 2006 and it doesn't receive the same attention as the others, but it remains the only truly chilling one to date. It involves the $100 bill.

  1. Fold the bill so that the "ON" of "ONE" is covered. (compare to this)
  2. Fold again, covering the "HU" of "HUNDRED." (like so)
  3. Another fold covering part of "DOLLARS." (see this)
  4. Finally make one last fold, and with a magic marker, add the following letters to reveal a hidden message:
Coincidence? We think not!

In reality[edit]

People have been discovering all sorts of curious coincidences in just about everything. That the Vodafone logo resembles the Ku Klux Klan blood drop, that the "lb" part of the Marlboro logo is supposed to resemble a dangling black man, that typing in "NYC" in Wingdings reveals an alleged anti-Semitic message or as Snopes gives us an example of, cutting a few holes in a package of "Land O Lakes" butter and folding the portion with the Native American girl's knees up just right, it makes it look like she's holding her breasts.

They also point out how the denominations of U.S. currency higher than a $2 bill feature an engraving of a building surrounded by trees and/or shrubbery on the reverse sides, therefore it isn't difficult to fold the bill in such a way as to create an image similar to that of a burning building, almost any burning building, with the leaves or shrubbery functioning as the "smoke."

In art[edit]

A New Orleans artist, Dan Tague, though not a subscriber to this sort of conspiracy theory, has taken to folding U.S. currency in very intricate patterns to spell out messages from the letters on dollar bills.[2] He is skilled enough at this that he was able to fold various bills to read, i.a., "holy shit," "reality sucks," and "we need a revolution."[3][4]

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