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David Eugene "The Jews Moved My Shoes" "Dees Nuts" Dees (1957–2020)[1] was a former Sesame Street illustrator turned conspiracy theorist, political cartoonist, and purveyor of utter, yet fascinatingly glorious madness. His work is essentially an anti-Semitic version of John Scudamore held together by the wonders of Adobe Photoshop.


Donald Trump holding a print derived from David Dees' artwork. Notice the differences between the two because Trump is totally totally not anti-semitic.

Dees believed in all the conspiracies.

No, seriously. All of them. His cartoons featured every possible conspiracy theory and in every possible combination. You want a picture of Obama wearing a crown of thorns and smiling weirdly as he emerges from an egg labeled "Fascist World Government" perched atop a pile of gold coins, while a herd of sheep in the background hold up signs reading "O Baaa Ma!"?[2] How about Satan holding a flaming Earth near a tree with the face from the Shroud of Turin at a Bohemian Grove meeting attended by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, and Bigfoot?[3] A mother with robot legs and a gas mask offering a pie (from which double-helixes float upwards) to her son (the top of whose head has been replaced with an apple labeled "GMO") and daughter (whose head is a potato for some reason), with chemtrails visible through a large window?[4] The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Freemasons using HAARP to create a fake water shortage in California as part of Agenda 21?[5] A warehouse with an Illuminati-esque eye in a pyramid staring down at a skeleton in a labcoat labeled "CDC", while said skeleton stirs a giant vat labeled with the UN logo and the word "VACCINE" into which pipes labeled "Live Ebola Virus", "Monosodium Glutamate" and "Squalene Adjuvents" are emptying?[6]

If so, Dees had your back.

Previous work[edit]

Not an exaggeration. This is an actual serious work by Dees, from DDees.com.

According to Gawker,[7] Dees was a perfectly normal freelance illustrator for Sesame Street Magazine until he encountered the 9/11 truther movement, after which he vanished down the rabbit hole for a brief period before coming up smelling strongly of carrot wine,[note 1] belching loudly, and disappearing again. His newfound discovery that DA JOOZ were behind everything from 9/11 to his shoes being moved[8] did not exactly go over well with the folks at the magazine. Dees eventually confronted his "zionist jew" boss about his discoveries and soon after found himself mysteriously[citation NOT needed] unemployed.


He was exactly as much of a Ron Paul supporter[9] as you would expect him to be. He also supported Trump for a while, but ended up flip-flopping on good ol' Donnie "No-Wall" Trump, with many of his later comics portraying him as a Zionist ally.[citation needed]

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  1. Which, apparently, is an actual type of wine.