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Serbia, with Kosovo in light green.
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Serbia is a country in the Balkans, a former part of Yugoslavia. It's south of Hungary, west of Romania and Bulgaria, north of the Republic of Macedonia and east of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Some consider it to also border Albania, depending on whether you count Kosovo as an independent country or not.


The country's population is 7.2 million (excluding Kosovo), most of whom are Serbs (82%). With Kosovo, the population of Serbia raises to some 9 million, while the ratio of Serbs drops below 70%. Also, some, 1-1.5 million Serbs live in neighboring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina (where they are one of three constituent peoples)[notes 1], Montenegro, and Croatia. Prior to the Kosovo War, Albanians were the second-largest ethnic group. From 1999 Kosovo was supervised by the UN; it declared independence in 2008; international supervision ended in 2012. Other substantial ethnic groups are Hungarians and Slavic Muslims (they call themselves "Bosniaks", but be careful; ethnoreligious labels can have subtle implications, or very serious ones).

Serbs (religious ones) are predominantly followers of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Political parties[edit]

Serbian Progressive Party
Populist conservatives and the largest party in government since 2012, founded after split of Serbian Radical Party. Vaguely pro-EU.
Socialist Party of Serbia
The second largest party in coalition government, and ruling party through turbulent 1990s. Successors of League of Communists and Slobodan Milošević, now identifies as social-democratic.
Democratic Party
Governing party 2000–2012. Serbian equivalent of Democratic Party.
Serbian Radical Party
Once the largest (eternal, except during Kosovo crisis in late 1990s) opposition party. Economically left and socially conservative. Staunchly anti-EU and anti-USA, and pro-Russian, pro-Castro, pro-Gaddafi, pro-Chávez, pro-everyone-that-opposes-USA-except-Al-Qaeda. Great fans of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Jean-Marie Le Pen. Western media usually portray them as ultra-nationalists, although there are more nationalistic options. Fell short of census at 2012 elections, but again became largest opposition party in 2016.

Minor parties[edit]

Liberal-Democratic party
Offshoot of Democratic Party. Staunchly pro-EU and pro-NATO, even if it means losing Kosovo.
Christian Democratic Party of Serbia
The Christian democratic party, so basically centrists on economics and social issues.
Social Democratic Union of Serbia
First integration merged with Social Democracy, but split off. It has been in a coalition with the Liberal-Democratic party since 2014.
Serbian Renewal Movement
Moderate monarchist, pro-NATO. Main opposition party at early 1990s, today lost almost all significance.
New Serbia
Socially conservative offspring of Serbian Renewal Movement.
Democratic Party of Serbia
Opposition. Serbian equivalent of Republican Party. Staunchly anti-EU, due to Kosovo problem.
League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina
Social Democrats that advocate an increase of Vojvodina's autonomy in Serbia.
United Regions of Serbia
Moderates that advocate decentralization of Serbia, defunct.
Serbian Religious Right (anti-gay, anti-EU, conspiracy theorists, anti-"Darwinists" etc). Fell short of census at 2012 elections.


  • Obraz (Honor) - batshit crazy far right religious fundies. The Constitutional court of Serbia outlawed the organization, and its leader is facing trial.


  • Teaching creationism in schools: elective subject alongside civics. Religious groups had/have great liberty in education (they write textbooks, choose teachers)...
  • Abortion - legal
  • Gay-marriages - Constitution of Serbia only recognizes heterosexual marriages.


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  1. Republika SrpskaWikipedia (nearly 49% of Bosnia) is a Serb-dominated entity