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Meghan McCain

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Meghan McCain.

Meghan McCain is a conservative blogger, and the daughter of Senator John McCain.

Views and criticism[edit]

McCain is pro-life, but she is in favor of gay marriage and comprehensive sex education, which has caused her to come under fire from Rush Limbaugh, for daring to support things that might actually help the Republican Party to appeal to the young.

In fact most wingnuts seem to really hate her guts, seeing her as not being a "true conservative Republican," and she has become a frequent target of reactionary sites such as Katie Pavlich in particular really hates her,[1] and Laura Ingraham has also decided that the best way to respond to Meghan is to is to make cracks about her weight (?).[2] Michelle Malkin doesn't like her,[3] nor does Ben Shapiro,[4] and that's not even including the z-list fringe right lunatics. Again, since most all of these people have a history of being less than stable it's really not hurting McCain's reputation among the reality-based community.

She has also come under fire as a nepotistic pretty face, who relies more on her sex appeal (which she admittedly has in abundance). However, she has so far managed to display more political acumen and greater policy expertise than talking heads and politicians who've been doing this for decades, including Tom Tancredo.[5]

In many ways, she may be one key to a GOP that doesn't drive everyone else crazy.


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