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The Christian Party is a minor political party operating in the United Kingdom, variously under the names, "Scottish Christian Party" or "Welsh Christian Party," depending on where they're standing for election.

Electoral performance[edit]

Nearly reaching the 1% mark of votes cast in elections for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and gained nearly 20,000 votes in a UK General election, the Christian Party is being heard in some areas, but is a long way from actually taking a seat.

Manifesto promises[edit]

Their policies range from those on taxation, which are more right-wing than the Conservative Party (abolish progressive taxation & remove all income tax exemptions, while adding one for married couples) to the standard fundamentalist Christian views espoused by the Religious Right of America: no gay rights, no abortion. They believe in withdrawal from the European Union, compulsory voting and advocate decreased transparency in the banking sector (seriously). They're in favour of abolishing the National Health Service, but accept global warming as something we need to take seriously.

Below are some other gems:[1]

  • Enforce a 9pm curfews for children and have social services get involved if kids are out late.
  • Allow teachers to hit children.
  • Draft legislation to enforce respect for the Sabbath.
  • Require Abstinence education as the only form of sex education.
  • Require compulsory 'Christian Education' in the public schools.
  • "Encourage balanced teaching" about Creation and evolution and the weaknesses of evolution.
  • "Mind Pollution Levy" on 18 Certificate Films, DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Top Shelf magazines.
  • Discourage the practice of addressing women as "Ms".
  • Replace the standard of 'beyond reasonable doubt' with the more biblical 'evidence of two or three reliable witnesses' in the criminal justice system.
  • Increasingly strict copyright laws.
  • Repeal all race equality laws.
  • Replace the Welsh flag, because that red dragon is a satanic symbol. No, really.[2]
  • Increase speed laws to 90mph. Vroom Vroom!

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