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Coal Fax, referred as The Coalburner Registry, is a Neo-Nazi resource that has personal information of white women who are dating or who have dated black people, contributing to "white extinction", probably.[1][2] Yes, it's only black people with whom they have a problem, of course; the alt-right community is known to be afflicted with a fetish for stereotypes of Asian women. Yes, it's focused more on women because there's a woman-hating element, a desire to control women, of the alt-right. The site is supposed to be some public service advisory to "prevent men from unknowingly entering into relationships with whores."[3] How charming. The site is registered on sketchy foreign domains because no one wants to host on them. They are registered and protected under Cloudflare, however,[4][note 1] but is currently down. It's probably for everyone's own good, even for the people involved with the website that have tried to shield behind pathetic disclaimers; as former federal prosecutor Subodh Chandra stated, "The creators of this content are subjecting themselves to civil liability risk, despite all the nonsensical disclaimers. They could very well find themselves subject to prosecution, should anyone be harassed or otherwise harmed as a result of this activity."[1]

The name "coalburner" is apparently a slang term for a spoiled young white woman that rebels against her family and has sex with a black person.[note 2]


The site is split into four categories:[2]

  • The traitors: Women who has engaged in miscegenation currently or in the past. Refers to the nonsensical "race traitor" label.
  • The brainwashed: Women who have yet to engage in miscegenation but show signs of hatred for their own race or something.
  • The cucks: White men who have been revealed to date any of the women in the registry.
  • Toll Paid: Women that end up single and in dire circumstances, maybe from victimization from the registry or just they believe women who date black people are more likely to succumb to abusive relationships and then got their just desserts or something. Reference to the saying "burn the coal, pay the toll".

See also[edit]

  • FBI — where you should be reporting this site to.
  • Anti-Defamation League — another site that you should be reporting to.
  • Colfax, the name of many cities like Colfax, CaliforniaWikipedia and also some corporation that manufactures equipment. Also, Schuyler ColfaxWikipedia, a name of a U.S. vice president.

External links[edit]

  • Good one
  • Gab, of course, is happy to let them have an account.


  1. Here is a Cloudflare abuse form in case they go up again and are still registered.
  2. Apparently by a noted intellectual "proud white man w/big dick" from Urban Dictionary, but we're not going to link it because the description made us lose our lunch.


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