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Davide Piffer

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Davide Piffer
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Davide Piffer is an Italian[1] anthropologist, psi-pseudoscientist and co-founder/editor-in-chief of OpenPsych pseudojournals with Emil Kirkegaard.



Piffer has a BA in Anthropology and MSc in Evolutionary Anthropology.[2] He is currently a PhD student in psychology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. And he blogs at topseudoscience — an appropriate name since he's a pseudoscientist (see below).


Piffer has published in several legitimate peer-reviewed academic journals including Thinking Skills and Creativity, Intelligence,Wikipedia's W.svg Creativity Research Journal and Personality and Individual Differences.Wikipedia's W.svg[3] However, his credibility is undermined by the fact he has also published in the controversial Mankind Quarterly, which critics (such as the SPLC) describe as racist and pseudo-scholarly, as well as set up his own pseudojournals (bogus peer-review) that he publishes himself in, e.g. Open Behavioral Genetics. One of the reasons Piffer founded these with Emil Kirkegaard was because legitimate journals were rejecting his submissions. In 2015, a reviewer for Intelligence rejected Piffer's manuscript without opportunity for revision, while another noted the "paper is full of poorly justified conclusions".[4] In response, Piffer maintains his submission was not published because of either a "hidden agenda" or "closed minded attitude"; the former theory is supported by so-called race realist cranks on the internet who argue Piffer's manuscript did not get a consideration for revision because of left-wing bias in academia that downplays or denies "racial differences in intelligence [exist]."[5]

Questionable research and pseudoscience[edit]


Piffer is a fellow of the Ulster Institute for Social Research a phony and racist institute that publishes controversial research on race and IQ and argues for hereditarianism.Wikipedia's W.svg In a Mankind Quarterly paper, he states: "Finally, this is the first study to provide systematic (albeit preliminary) evidence that differences between countries and races in IQ and educational attainment are related to genetic factors."[6]

ESP and psychokinesis[edit]

Piffer has defended ESP and psychokinesis writing "I think I possess both PK and ESP"[7] and says to have created "clarvoyant experiments" to test them.[8] These claims are dubious, since ESP and psychokinesis are both pseudoscience. On Facebook, Piffer also promotes the psychic-fraud Uri Geller.[9]

Curiously, after this article appeared pointing out Piffer supports pseudoscience, some of his irrational posts about ESP and psychokinesis were removed at OpenPsych. Piffer however seems to have been unaware there are screenshots at of his forum posts, so the fact he has deleted them doesn't remove the archived versions.

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