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Psych (journal)

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Psych is a open-access pseudoscience journal founded in 2019 that has attracted racists from the OpenPsych pseudojournals. The latter has been widely discredited and virtually stopped publishing in 2018 after its editorial board including Emil Kirkegaard, John Fuerst and Peter Frost were exposed as eugenicists and white nationalists. All three now publish at Psych and the first issue of the journal is based on race and intelligence and racialism. Psych is published by MDPI,Wikipedia which has been criticized for publishing other pseudojournals[1][2] and for journals with poor peer review processes that were lacking in rigour.[2]

Psych as OpenPsych Version 2[edit]

Almost all authors of papers submitted and/or published in the first issue of Pysch (Vol. 1, 2019) are associated with OpenPsych:

The first issue editor, Bryan Pesta, is a proponent of hereditarianism and is also on the editorial board of OpenPsych.

List of pseudoscience papers[edit]


  • Biogeographic Ancestry, Cognitive Ability and Socioeconomic Outcomes.[3]
  • Reservations about Rushton.[4]
  • Spearman’s Hypothesis Tested Comparing 47 Regions of Japan Using a Sample of 18 Million Children.[5]
  • The Effect of Biracial Status and Color on Crystallized Intelligence in the U.S.-Born African–European American Population.[6]
  • Evidence for Recent Polygenic Selection on Educational Attainment and Intelligence Inferred from Gwas Hits: A Replication of Previous Findings Using Recent Data.[7]

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