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This teenager is doing more to fight racism than the Australian Senate.
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William Fraser Anning (1949–) is a cane toad who finally got revenge an Australian politician who, despite receiving just 19 votes[1] in the 2016 federal election, is somehow sitting for Queensland in the Australian Senate.[note 1]

Even with the many notably toxic specimens which have crawled up from the sewer to run things down undah, Anning manages to distinguish himself with white supremacism so thinly veiled it's practically shrink-wrapped. He really started off with a bang in his first speech to the Senate, which reads like a thread on Stormfront — complete with a mention of "cultural Marxism", a jab at "gender fluidity garbage," nostalgic longing for the days when anyone could own a gun and only whites could settle Australia, and even a suggested "final solution" to Muslim immigration to Australia.[note 2][3]

Before becoming the "GauführerWikipedia's W.svg of Gladstone" he was near bankruptcy,[4] but then a weird Aussie birther crisis came along and bailed him out when it turned out his predecessor, Malcolm Roberts, was ineligible to have run in the election. Since then he's kept busy palling around with neo-Nazis,[5] blaming 50 innocent people murdered by a far-right terrorist for their own deaths,[6] and delivering speeches to the Senate on a variety of important issues like white genocide in South Africa[7][8] and the threat that LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying curricula in schools poses to the "white family."[9]

Sane, decent folk in Australia and worldwide are horrified by Anning's ann-tics and he's been forcefully condemned and even egged (see above). After being egged, he and his goons, which included fascists Neil Erikson and Ricky Turner bravely restrained his teenage assailant and heroically choked and jackbooted him while he was down, before continuing to argue for relaxed firearm laws so they could continue to practice their brand of reasonable force in self-defence, but with guns. A petition calling for his removal from the Senate has 1.4 million signatures as of April 2019. Even Pauline Hanson thinks he's a bit much.[10]

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  1. Proof, once again, that "bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."
  2. Anning's defense has been that this particular quote has been cherry-picked, and that he was simply presenting the final bullet point in a list of proposals.[2] Decide for yourself, but it's hard to imagine his choice of words was meaningless given the context and his history of kecking up racist dreck.


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