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The Conservative Redefinition Dictionary Project is an initiative by various Conservapedia editors to rewrite the English dictionary in an attempt to get rid of what it is convinced are "liberal redefinitions"[1] in the actual dictionaries. As you can probably tell, this is, without a doubt, the best to come out of Conservapedia in quite a while.

Funniest redefinitions[edit]


True conservative meaning - Not being sure whether God exists, neither believing or disbelieving in Him; not an atheist

False atheist redefinition- A form of atheism


True conservative meaning - Self sacrifice in the model of Jesus.

False liberal redefinition - <sic>No definition (Liberals frequently argue that altruism doesn't exist.)


True conservative meaning - the inspired and preserved Word of God, in the form of a collection of texts sacred to Judaism and Christianity

False liberal redefinition - An old book of fairy tales, propaganda, and libel that isn't relevant in the modern age, or at best a book that each believer is free to reinterpret for himself

Darwinism[5] (Poe at its finest!)[edit]

True conservative meaning - The false religion of evolution.

False liberal redefinition - A pejorative term used by Creationists to refer to evolution.


True conservative meaning - A foolish ideology intended to turn people away from God

False liberal redefinition - The correct scientific position, that we all evolved from mud


True conservative meaning - Remaining true to the original intentions of the Bible

False liberal redefinition - Overly religious zealotry


True conservative meaning - teaching by the mother or father or instructor under direction of the mother or father; contrast with public schools

False liberal redefinition - propagandistic education, by an unqualified teacher, designed so that the student doesn't learn about ideas outside the parents' ideology in public schools

Most ridiculous redefinitions[edit]

Atheism (and probably the best one on this list)[8][edit]

False conservative redefinition True conservative meaning - Denial of God's existence, a discredited and failing liberal worldview known to cause mass murder, immorality, uncharitableness, obesity and other negative consequences.

True liberal meaning False liberal redefinition - Lack of belief of a deity

Homosexuality (Ken???)[edit]

True conservative meaning - sexual relations with someone of the same gender: a hedonistic and wrong choice

False liberal redefinition - one of several possible sexualities a person can be born with

Burden of proof[9][edit]

True conservative meaning - The responibility to prove a point, as predetermined by procedural rules or substantive law

False liberal redefinition - Something that atheists are free to shift to theists


True conservative meaning - a dissolution of a relationship that God intended to be lifelong. See Newt_Gingrich or Ronald Reagan for examples.

False liberal redefinition- a type of reformation of contract, entirely at the discretion of the parties


True conservative meaning - rejection of bibilical principles; immoral or liberal behaviour USER WAS BANNED FOR USING LIBERAL ANTI AMERICAN BRITISH SPELLING

False liberal redefinition- N/A (liberals believe in moral relativism, and that there is no such thing as evil)


True conservative meaning - The basic unit of society consisting of one man, one woman and children

False liberal redefinition - A taxonomic rank between Order and Genus, used by atheist scientists to organize organisms based on supposed evolutionary relationships

First amendment[edit]

True conservative meaning - An amendment to the United States constitution that prevents the government from interfering with the free exercise of religion

False liberal redefinition - An amendment to the United States constitution that prohibits Christians from making public declarations of faith.

Made-up terms[edit]

"Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)"[13] (read it and die with laughter!)[edit]

True conservative meaning - A frequent disease among paranoid liberals which leads them to hate everything George W. Bush did and blame all current problems on him.

False liberal redefinition - Something whose existence they will deny, instead making nonsensical accusations of a <sic>mythical "Obama derangement syndrome"

"Homosexual agenda"[edit]

Fake Conservative Word

True conservative meaning - agenda to give homosexuals special rights and turn children towards the homosexual lifestyle

False liberal redefinition - a movement designed to give homosexuals equal status to that of heterosexuals and rid of bigotry against homosexuals

"Food Police"[edit]

True conservative meaning - Liberal effort to control what people eat by illegal regulation.

False liberal redefinition - allowing the government to control what people eat because they know better than the free market.

Redefinitions where both are true[edit]


True conservative meaning - demonstrating happiness or frivolity

False liberal redefinition - homosexual


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