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Rome Viharo
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I was harassed, libeled, outed, shamed, and within 5 weeks banned indefinitely off of Wikipedia.
Rome Viharo
It is clear to me, if only from his extreme verbosity, that this guy (Rome Viharo) is just a troll trying to soak up as much of everyone's time as possible. Every comment elicits a gigantic reply from him, no issue is too small for him to write thousands of words on it.
—Tim Farley[1]

Rome Viharo is a social media strategist,[2] conspiracy theorist, internet troll and teach the controversy-style pseudoscience promoter.

Although Viharo says he does not personally support a pseudoscience,[3] he promotes Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and Deepak Chopra's quantum woo through a balance fallacy; the latter resulted in him being banned from Wikipedia in 2013 after he tried to re-write Sheldrake's and Chopra's articles (ignoring Wikipedia's policy about due and undue weightWikipedia's W.svg) that started a flame war. Shortly after his ban, Viharo created the website Wikipedia We Have A Problem that claims a group of skeptics on Wikipedia doxed and "harassed" him, for which there exists no evidence.

Prior to his antics on Wikipedia, Viharo trolled online message-boards and forums that also resulted in bans.[4] His various usernames include Bubblefish,[5][6][7] PillyM,[5] WWHP,[6] Tumbleman,[5][8] 23canaries,[9] and hoofish.[10][11]

OS 012/AL 012/Aiki Wiki

It looks as if someone took a philosophy text book, cut it into lots of tiny little pieces, and then stuck them back together at random."
—snoozeofreason, Bad Science Forum[12]

Sometime before 2003, Viharo created OS 012, based on this bit of tri-positional logic:[13]

All ideas conflict or have the potential for conflict. ALL IDEAS ARE TRUE(1), FALSE(2), and/or MYSTERY(0). ALL the time. In ALL environments.

While this isn't necessarily a stupid idea, it was and is entirely unclear how (or if) Viharo planned to actually implement this idea. It also reads a lot like the labels on "Dr." Bronner's Soap.

That didn't stop Viharo from trying to spread this self-described "OS 012 meme" "virally".[14] In practice, that meant picking fights with other users on forums and trying to convince people their views were simultaneously right, wrong, and neutral.[15] Apparently this "meme" was quite successful, because Viharo claimed that "[t]he exact number of online users spreading [OS 012] is impossible to determine, however online records suggest a figure no less than 50,000." Despite his boasts, he was not above asking for money to spread the idea.[16] Which, we're probably supposed to think, is right, wrong, and neutral all at once.

Viharo called OS 012 the "global dialectic for personal interaction on the Internet"[17] and claimed that it "resolves all conflict and war" as well as "increase thier [sic] own intelligence".[18] Indeed, it was "a highly effective dialectic, completly [sic] undefeated".[7] Unsurprisingly, some of Viharo's claims went so far as to clash with known physical laws.[19]

In 2014, Viharo re-branded OS 012 as AL 012,[20] supposedly symbolizing its mysterious algorithmic property. Sometime later, he again re-branded it as Aiki Wiki,[21] a "platform for online collaborative consensus building and publishing".[22] In this regard, Aiki Wiki appears to take a different approach than a traditional wiki (like this one): while most wikis are focused on publishing some particular body of information, and develop some consensus-building process to facilitate that goal, it appears that Aiki Wiki would start with a consensus-building procedure and publish what comes of that procedure.

Google consciousness

In 2011, Viharo and business partner Maf Lewis delivered a talk at TEDx that discussed whether the popular search engine Google is sentient.[23][24] Although the talk was publicized as a "proposal that Google has a form of consciousness",[25][26] Viharo states he is neither promoting nor denying that Google is conscious, but discussing whether accepting philosopher Daniel Dennett's ideas would mean Google is conscious.[27] This is not an absurd idea in itself, but Viharo didn't stop there.

Viharo also discussed the idea that social media could be revolutionary. While most of us agree that social media has had a big impact, Viharo went a bit farther than most, saying "we will eventually see social media replace government as we know it today", and that Egypt could be the first civilization to do this, arguing that "in principle, a few of their citizens, a few of their students could jump online using something like Google Labs and Wikipedia".[23] One might observe that as of 2013, fewer than half of Egyptians used the Internet, and in 2011 not even two fifths did; so the replacing of government with social media would have amounted to some serious disenfranchisement.[28]

Perhaps most worryingly, Viharo devoted portions of his TEDx talk to Shamanism and the allegedly magical properties of Ayahuasca.[23]

In order to promote interest in his TEDx talk, Viharo pursued a marketing strategy of deliberately angering people on internet forums.[5][6] In 2013, Viharo created a blog about Google Consciousness to attempt to further spread the idea.[29]

Viharo has since classed the talk as a "creative work", which apparently means that none of his statements in the talk can be taken seriously.[30]

The "wiki wars"

Rupert Sheldrake

See the main article on this topic: Rupert Sheldrake

Viharo stated that he was "a known 'defender of Rupert Sheldrake' in his TED and Wikipedia controversies" but that was "different [from] ... 'promoting' [Rupert Sheldrake's] views, or even defending his views".[31]

However, in 2013, Viharo (then operating on Wikipedia as "Tumbleman") stated that Rupert Sheldrake's "morphic resonance" could not be classified as pseudoscience:[32]

There is no reasonable claim an editor can make regarding Morphic Resonance as Pseudoscience as the term is used and defined in science unless you are claiming it is P[seudo]S[cience] because it is not falsifiable. That appears to me to be the only supportive claim an editor can make to hold Morphic Resonance under WP:FRINGE.Wikipedia's W.svg That's the exact same issue with String Theory, and under the terms, string theory is pseudoscience.

Viharo's view of pseudoscience only looks at the idea of falsifiability, not the many other ways pseudoscience is defined, such as not having a significant support from scientists.

Viharo further stated that Sheldrake's critique of "the scientific materialistic philosophy" is "an idea worth spreading".[33] However, neither of these things qualify as promoting or defending Sheldrake's views, because these are ideas, not views.Do You Believe That?

In what could be termed a classic case of flogging a dead horse, a video posted by Viharo on YouTube in January 2015 portrays his Aiki Wiki platform facilitating all the revisions to the Rupert Sheldrake Wikipedia article that Viharo unsuccessfully argued for during his incarnation as "Tumbleman".[34]

The "skeptical conspiracy" and GSOW

See the main article on this topic: Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

In 2013, Viharo joined Wikipedia and attempted to edit articles. When his edits were rejected, Viharo adopted Sheldrake's claims that a conspiracy of "ideologue" skeptics were targeting him for abuse. In an interview with parapsychology advocate Alex Tsakiris, Viharo said there was "definitely a conspiracy" of skeptics who were personally targeting him. He characterized the struggle as "a war of ideas", and compared it to "Americans and Nazis" fighting against each other in World War II.[35]

Viharo posts about Wikipedia's claimed abuses on his blog, Wikipedia, We Have a Problem.[36] Although he blamed Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (the group Sheldrake claims is conspiring against him) when first posting as "Tumbleman",[37] Viharo has since retracted his claim that the group caused the incident; however, he still considers the skeptics on Sheldrake's page to be a "group" of skeptics.[38]

Viharo attended the 2014 Electric Universe conference to (anonymously) deliver a presentation in which he claimed abuse by "the skeptic activist movement".[39]

However, no such conspiracy of skeptics appears to exist.[40]

Viharo now dedicates a lot of his time stalking the Wikipedia editors involved in banning his sockpuppets. A section on his website "Editors and Admins Involved" lists 10 editors, who find their internet activities recorded, as well as slander posted about them.[41] Viharo has also requested personal info about the editors on the pseudo-scientific Skeptiko forum.[42]

Viharo now brands these efforts as "case studies" into Wikipedia.[43]

Victim complex

Viharo often claims he is "cyberbullied" and "harassed".[44] He has compared himself to victims of rape.[45]

For example, Viharo claims that he thought he was editing anonymously on Wikipedia (because he was using the username "Tumbleman") but "was outed" by another user "within three days of arrive [sic] on Sheldrake's article".[46] However, in his first edit on the talkpage of Rupert Sheldrake's article, he linked to his userpage as "Rome Viharo",[8] though he removed his name a minute later.[47] While Viharo claims this was accidental, it's difficult to "accidentally" edit Preferences, edit the signature field, add one's real name, and save changes.[citation NOT needed]


My stint with Deepak Chopra only lasted around 5 months, yet this blip in my professional career is highlighted as a feature of my biography on Rational Wiki to create more suspicion of me to an audience already suspicious of Deepak Chopra. For Rational Wiki, its important to frame me as someone who promotes literature their audience finds suspicious, and according to them, it’s okay to warn the world about my associations with Deepak Chopra so the reader questions my integrity.
—Rome Viharo, questioning why being a woo-pusher could affect your general credibility[48]

By December 2013, Viharo shifted his focus to Deepak Chopra, confronting skeptic Tim FarleyWikipedia's W.svg on Twitter to claim organized skeptics were guilty of "abuse" in editing Chopra's Wikipedia biography. [49]

In 2014, Viharo created Deepak Chopra's Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository and became its director of operations. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he explained ISHAR's origins:[50]

ISHAR emerged from trying to find solutions to deal with the large amounts of misleading information on the internet, especially information promoted by skeptic activist organizations.
—Rome Viharo on the "problem" of misleading skepticism

On this article's talk page and elsewhere, Viharo has defended his decision to help Chopra by insisting that he does not support Chopra's ideas, that merely helping Chopra with the technical stuff is not an endorsement, that he was just doing his job, and that building a platform designed to be Chopra's "Woo-pedia" wasn't helping Chopra promote anything.[51] However, on Wikipedia, Viharo used a sockpuppet account ("ChopraMedia", later renamed[52] to "SAS81") to attempt to get other users to remove skeptical sources from Chopra's Wikipedia article.[53] He was then discovered and permabanned, because he was using a new account to evade a previous ban.[54][55][56] He nonetheless insists he "won the wiki war" (emphasis in original),[57] a wording which should tell you something about his goals: not to build a reliable encyclopedia, but forcefully push his boss's ideas — an activity he was allegedly paid by Chopra himself to do;[48]

One of those people who contacted me was Deepak Chopra, who gave me a small grant to continue my research into wiki wars on Wikipedia, using Deepak Chopra’s Wikipedia article as my next study into consensus building.
—Rome Viharo's management speak description of "edit warring for cash"[48]

Viharo later claimed on his website that he was fired from his director position at ISHAR by the president of the Chopra Foundation,[58] and ISHAR's website confirms that he no longer holds that post.[59]


Who woulda thunk the Rational Wiki community could be so much fun? One wonders why they failed to include a picture of a kitten with a swastika on it’s [sic] forehead or a starving kid in africa [sic] and jokes to his malnourishment.
—Rome Viharo, not mad[60]

In a minor climax of his long-standing desire to stab at RationalWiki for the heinous crime of simply documenting his many shenaningans, on the 8th of June 2016, Viharo claimed via Twitter that "This year I'm going to be initiating legal recourses" against RationalWiki, (per his M.O.) alleging — you guessed it — "harassment and slander". And just to set the record straight that we're in the wrong to count him among our top kek cranks of the internet, he made sure to point out that "The internet is waking up".[61]

Viharo now believes that "Rationalwiki is publishing misinformation to damage control their involvement".[62]

To his eternal credit at least he doesn't support Trump.[63][64][65][66][67] See? We can be fair and balanced.

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