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1997 official photo.
2009 official photo. Shoulda kept the beard, man.
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Dana Rohrabacher (born 1947; R-CA) is a long-haired hippie who dresses in black jeans and turtlenecks to symbolize anarchy, burns draft cards at YAF conventions, travels around the U.S. west coast singing radical folk songs about laissez-faire and smashing the state, lives in an anarcho-village of science fiction fans and underground economy advocates, doesn't vote, and spreads the anarcho-pacifist gospel of Bob Lefevre.

Or so we still wish. What a sellout.

Obviously, an old libertarian like that would never run for Congress as a Republican, formulate the Reagan Doctrine, play second fiddle only to Tom Tancredo as an anti-illegal immigration hardliner, or campaign against gay marriage.

What a sellout.

However, he is not a doctrinaire Republican. He supports medical marijuana and voting rights for DC (though with a bizarre plan to make them part of Maryland).

He's also been connected to Jack Abramoff, and was one of the few Congresspeople to publicly defend him.

Scholarly observations on global warming[edit]

Rohrabacher has made some astute observations on climate science:

Supporting IS[edit]

Rohrabacher has actually suggested that the United States support terrorist group the Islamic State when they attack other terrorist groups after they attacked the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini (of Iran, which supports Lebanese terrorists Hezbollah).