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When you hear someone say, “That is wrong, that is cruel, barbaric.” or, “That is against the law.” you will know that you are face-to-face with a bloody fool.
—Excerpt from a speech by Murros[1]

Kai Murros (1969–) is a Finnish author, speaker, and right-wing activist. At some point, he converted fully from a revolutionary left-wing worldview into a revolutionary right-wing worldview – Metapedia alleges him to be a former Maoist.[2] His views are nothing short of calling literally for the blood of liberals and encouraging violent revolution against non-white people and all the grief they cause for pure-bloods.

Murros has mostly kept a low profile in his native Finland,[3] but has been quite active as a speaker in the United Kingdom, where he has given speeches to the extreme right London ForumWikipedia at least twice.[4] Videos of his lectures are also quite widely watched in racialist and identitarian circles.[3]

Revolution in 76 pages[edit]

Murros' first notable publication was the 76-page pamphlet Vallankumous ja sen toteuttaminen modernissa yhteiskunnassa ("Revolution and its execution in a modern society") published by Like in 2001.[5]

In the pamphlet, Murros makes the occasional reference to Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, and Niccolo Machiavelli, but does not appear to have intended the book for any specific ideological group. Even the term socialist nationalism appears in the pamphlet, which suggests that his ideological conversion may have started even prior to its publication. The nigh-fetishistic reverence of extreme violence is also already apparent in the text.[6]

Murros also recommends that cadres of revolutionaries play baseball among themselves, to improve cohesion and form a group ready to be converted into a battle-ready unit.[6] Never thought you could have an entryist threat in your local team, eh?

While Murros characterizes his hypothetical revolution as also concerning ecology, the text also includes a jab at Pentti Linkola, with a claim that "woolly pully-clad idealists growing carrots in their back yards" have lost their connection to general society.[6]

Specific views[edit]

Murros has characterized anger as the chief element of a national(ist) revolution. He has advocated for a total and radical war against the enemy of immigrants and asylum seekers ("aliens" in Murros vernacular) after the European white population has been freed from decades of "brainwashing into white guilt" by the liberal media and the elites.[7]

In one of his London Forum speeches, Murros suggested a violent uprising in the United Kingdom, in which university staff would be massacred by masked black-clad right-wing death squads.[4] He appears to have a particular disliking of universities in general – which, to be fair, is hardly anything new in the alt-right community.

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