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Kennedy might refer to:

A family name of Irish origin. There are many famous Kennedys.[1] However, the most famous Kennedys, even to those living in Ireland, are the Kennedys of Massachusetts. Those Kennedys include:

  • Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.: Patriarch of the Kennedy clan. Alleged to have been involved with organized crime during Prohibition (but only long after the fact)[2], he later parlayed his fortune into several government posts, including being US Ambassador to the UK.
  • Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald-Kennedy: Daughter of a Massachusetts politician, pushed her sons into politics.
    • Joseph P. Kennedy II: Oldest Kennedy child, killed in a training accident during World War II. Was "supposed" to be president.
    • John F. Kennedy: 35th President of the United States - aka, JFK.
      • John F. Kennedy Jr: America's "Most Eligible Bachelor" until he got married, died in an airplane accident.
      • Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg: former US Ambassador to Japan.
      • Patrick Bouvier Kennedy: Premature baby who died shortly after being born.
    • Rosemary Kennedy: Possibly had bi-polar disorder but was lobotomized (as was standard practice in the 1940s) and lived her life incapacitated.
    • Kathleen Cavendish (nee Kennedy): Married an English nobleman killed in an airplane accident in France in 1948.
    • Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Wife of Peace Corps founder. Later founded the Special Olympics in honor of her sister Rosemary.
    • Patricia Kennedy Lawford: Married actor Peter Lawford.
    • Robert F. Kennedy: John's Attorney General, later a U.S. Senator representing New York - aka, RFK, assassinated while campaigning for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination.
      • Joseph Kennedy II: Robert's oldest son, named in honor of his uncle. He was a Massachusetts congressman from 1987-1999, succeeding former Speaker of the House Thomas "Tip" O'Neill. Before and after his tenure in Congress he worked at a non-profit called Citizen's Energy, which distributed oil to low income houses. The main donor: PVDSA, the state oil company of Venezuela. He seemed to like Hugo Chavez but not so much his successor Nicolás Maduro.
      • Chris Kennedy: Robert's son, leader of the Illinois branch of the family; businessman, philanthropist, and current Democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois.
      • Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Robert's son, a lawyer specializing in product liability and environmental issues, and a co-host on the liberal talk radio program Ring of Fire.
    • Jean Kennedy Smith: Former US Ambassador to Ireland.
    • Edward "Ted" Kennedy: The youngest of Joseph Senior's sons and a long-serving U.S. Senator representing Massachusetts. With almost 47 years on the senate he was the fourth-longest-serving senator in US history.
      • Patrick J. Kennedy: A former congressman from Rhode Island, when as a 29 year old nearly got into a brawl with a member three times his age over guns. Also had a DUI incident on Capitol grounds.


  1. Note that the plural is not spelled "Kennedies."
  2. The Biggest Kennedy Myth