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Digital-Camera inside Gallery (디시인사이드 갤러리) is an Internet community site in South Korea. It is also known as DCinside (디시인사이드) and DC (디씨). DC is the center of South Korean Internet pop culture. The main purpose of the site is ostensibly to share photos or images. Originally, there was a lot of information related to digital cameras in the early 2000s, but now that the digital camera market has collapsed, most of the pictures posted on DCInside are non-digital camera photos, phone photos and pictures captured on the Internet.

The site is similar to 4chan or Reddit. Indeed, there are many different kinds of boards, such as 4chan and Reddit. Unlike either of those, DCinside tends to refer to bulletin boards as galleries. (For example, a board related to BTS is referred to as a 'BTS Gallery'.) Boards are based on a variety of topics, including entertainment, politics, games, prestigious universities, academia, education, health and sex. It has also been strongly influenced by the U.S. alt-right culture since 2017.


DCinside has had a tremendous impact on South Korean Internet culture, both positive and negative. It is the center of Korean Internet culture, but at the same time it is the center of all kinds of hate speech and fake news. The basic mindset of DCinside users tehds to be extreme hedonism. DC members often refer to themselves as 'gallers'. It is difficult to generalize DCinside as the atmosphere varies widely from gallery to gallery. But what's clear is that DCinside's general culture thrives on disrespect for for others. Since most of the users are young Korean men, there are many cultural stories that suit young Korean men's tastes. DC members tend to be far-right, but are ironically opposed to Korean conservatism and South Korea in general. DCinside members also generally are interested in subcultures of the West and Japan. Many DC members use "disabled" as a swear word[note 1], and say homosexuals should be beaten like Russia. (Some of them even defend Maxim Martsinkvich.) However, there are also some liberal DCinside members. They do not often express hatred toward women, sexual minorities and the disabled, but even they are not completely free from Western supremacism.

What is certain is that more than half of all the neologisms frequently used on the South Korean Internet came from DCinside. Of course, most of those neologisms have a lot to do with their daily lives that are non-discriminatory or unrelated to their hatred of minorities. This may be considered to be the only positive aspect.

Celebrities' Coming Out[edit]

DCinside is often used by many celebrities, regardless of their political inclinations. Many celebrities in South Korea certify on their own message boards.

In particular, South Korea's popular singer and actor IUWikipedia frequently posted letters of authentication on DCinside.[1]

Think of some of the U.S. and British celebrities authenticating to "Reddit." It's just like that.

A political stand[edit]

DCinside was born in 1999 and was a liberal community at that time, but as of after 2008, many galleries became right-wing.

Most of the users are extremely negative about political correctness and social justice issues. However, women usually make up an absolute majority in the Gallery related to male entertainers and the Gallery related to sexual minorities. Some male DC members support masculism.

Gallery, which has a large number of women, is also far-right. (The irony is that these are Gender issues in a liberal or radical feminist.)

However, unlike 4chan, DCInside has a wide variety of users, and some galleries are liberal.

One thing for sure is that every gallery in DCinside has an aversion to non-Western areas, and a tendency to worship the West. The same goes for a handful of liberalists using DC.

The majority of DCinside members have aversion to S.Korean politics. Most DCinside members abhor mainstream parties such as LKP and Minjoo. and very anti-communists.

Some DCinside members support the Party of New Conservatives and Bareunmirae Party. But most DC members are said to be more attracted to the right-wing populist party in Western Europe and Donald Trump than to the Bareunmirae Party. DCinside members abhor North Korea and China very much, but the U.S. and Russia are worshiped.

Western countries are quite liberal and more humanistic compared to other regions. It is true that the West is certainly a more developed and more human rights-oriented culture in this regard. But DCinside is extreme enough to advocate the imperialism of Japan, Russia and Western countries and the U.S. alt-right.

Ironically, the majority of DC members are pro-choice friendly. Also, they are mostly anti-natalists. But they are more of a far-right pessimist than liberal. DC members are Alt-right but by no means Korean-style conservatives. They are Very contemptuous of Korean traditional culture and Korean oriental medicine (한의학).

DC members tend to be liberal in matters related to military human rights and welfare. It abhors Korean mainstream conservatives who are hindering the improvement of military human rights in South Korea.

Many DCinside members like Western right-wing populist politicians such as Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen. But they are more like having vague fantasies about the West than being nationalistic. (In fact, Korean nationalists (especially left-wing nationalists) dislike Japan, while DCinside members like Japanese subculture next to Western culture.) DCinside members think liberals like Justin Trudeau make superior Western culture inferior through uncivilized multiculturalism. However, as explained above, they are far from the South Korean mainstream far-right. That is why it is also favorable to Western radical politicians. They are usually alienated in the South Korea. So, some are also favorable to socialists such as Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. However, they are very negative for mainstream liberal politicians such as Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, including both left and rightists.

Major Gallery[edit]

Major Gallery alone has more than 2,000, but only major galleries describe them. (Dishinside Gallery Collection)

Except for some galleries, the members of most galleries are male dominated.

Sports (스포츠)[edit]

  • Domestic baseball Gallery (국내야구 갤러리) #
    It is called the capital of South Korea's Internet culture. In fact, most the buzzwords used in Korea came from the corresponding bulletin board.[2][3] Politically, it has the same tendency as the US alt-right, but the South Korean press, does not report this point.[note 2][note 3] Although DC-DBG is a near one, like /pol/, it is not exactly the same because of the diversity of celebrity-related chatter and Internet culture. Some users are female, but most are male. (The main users are younger men from the lower classes.)
  • Overseas soccer Gallery (해외축구 갤러리) #
  • Health Gallery (헬스 갤러리) #

Entertainment (연예)[edit]

  • Male entertainer Gallery (남자 연예인 갤러리) #
    A predisposition to radical feminism or TERF. But all issues except women tend to be far-right or alt-right. It has a culture similar to Domestic Baseball Gallery. The main users are young lower-class women.
  • TWICEWikipedia Gallery (트와이스 갤러리) #
    It is a gallery that posts photos related to S.Korean girl idol group Twice. In the past, hate speech about minorities used to be rampant, but now they are much healthier.
  • BTS Gallery (방탄소년단 갤러리) #
    That's the BTS you think. It is a gallery that posts photos related to South Korean band BTS.
  • IU Gallery (아이유 갤러리) #
    It is a gallery about S.Korean female singer IU. However, there are many small talkings unrelated to the IU, and there are many hate speech against the disabled and minorities.
  • BLACKPINKWikipedia Gallery (블랙핑크 갤러리) #
  • Girl group 'GFriendWikipedia' Gallery (걸그룹 여자친구 갤러리) #
  • LovelyzWikipedia Gallery (러블리즈 갤러리) #
  • MamamooWikipedia Gallery (마마무 갤러리) #
  • AKB48Wikipedia Gallery (AKB48 갤러리) #
  • Japan Entertainment Gallery (일본 연예 갤러리) #

Domestic broadcast (국내방송)[edit]

  • Produce X 101 Gallery (프로듀스 X 101) #
    It covers topics related to South Korea's open audition program "Produce 101."

Music (음악)[edit]

  • Hip-hop Gallery (힙합 갤러리) #
    It is a gallery with strong alt-lite tendencies in issues related to genders, sexual minorities and the disabled. However, there is also a tendency toward black supremacy. (However, It's more like Anti-PC than really having a black supremacy.)
  • Piano Gallery (피아노 갤러리) #
  • American music Gallery (미국음악 갤러리) #
  • Japanese music Gallery (일본음악 갤러리) #

Comic/Anime (만화/애니)[edit]

  • U.S Animation Gallery (애니메이션-미국 갤러리) #
  • Japan Animation Gallery (애니메이션-일본 갤러리) #
    • DC Anime gallers Gallery (디시애갤러스 갤러리) #
      Another gallery created by the operator for trash among '일본-애니 갤러리' users.
  • PriParaWikipedia Gallery (프리파라 갤러리) #
  • Korean Animation Gallery (한국-애니 갤러리) #

Game (게임)[edit]

  • League of Legend Gallery (리그 오브 레전드 갤러리) #
    Also takes the alt-lite position on Gamergate.
  • Classical game Gallery (고전게임 갤러리) #
    Next to Domestic Baseball Gallery, it has a significant impact on Korean Internet culture. Literally, the gallery is related to classic games, and the main players are male, but their ages seem to vary.
  • THE iDOLM@STERWikipedia Gallery (아이돌마스터 갤러리) #
  • MapleStoryWikipedia Gallery (메이플스토리 갤러리) #
  • Overwatch Gallery (오버워치 갤러리) #

Economy (경제)[edit]

  • Stock market Gallery (주식 갤러리) #
    In the early and mid-2010s, when the right-wing conservative government was in the South, it was a very left-leaning community. During the 2016 South Korean political scandalWikipedia, it made a huge contribution to uncovering irregularities of the last-place right-wing politicians who were holding power at the time. However, the tendency of the gallery (now under center or center-left liberal governments) has changed to extreme right. There is no stock talk at all..

Hobby (취미)[edit]

  • Fantasy Gallery (판타지 갤러리) #
    It is a gallery that discusses topics related to fantasy novels and raises related images. Most people are obsessed with the Japanese culture of Otaku, but the hate speech is relatively small for DCinside. However, there are too many sexual delusions.
  • Your NameWikipedia Gallery (너의 이름은. 갤러리) #
    A gallery that posts pictures related to the anime film Kimi no Na Wa.(君の名は。). (Your Name in English) The word 'Honmono'(혼모노, 本物) was popular here, being a derogatory expression of "Otaku," a Japanese term for a superfan.
  • Internet broadcasting Gallery (인터넷 방송 갤러리) #
  • Dress up as a woman Gallery (여장 갤러리) #
  • Hero Gallery (히어로 갤러리) #
    It covers topics related to superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. They think the U.S. hero genre has recently been occupied by the SJWs.

The Others[edit]

  • LGBT Gallery (성소수자 갤러리) #
    It's basically liberal. Even so, a number of users are showing alt-lite tendencies excepting LGBT issues. In short, it is self-centered cherry-picking.

See also[edit]

  • Reddit
  • 4chan
  • Alt-right
  • Cherry picking - All DCinside members are extremely self-centered. That's why it's basically like an American-Style far-right, but but in fact, they only choose to cook in their favor, whether they are leftists or rightists. They have no political beliefs at all. (However, it is an exception for white people and the West. They truly worship white people and the West.)
  • DC InsideWikipedia on Wikipedia
  • Ilbe - a far-right populism site with members from some DCinside members
  • Pepe the Frog - a meme often used in DCinside
  • Party of New Conservatives


  1. True, human rights for the disabled are weak in the South, and there are many cases of using the disabled as abusive language among the general public, but DCinside members belittle the disabled too routinely.
  2. There are two reasons for this. South Korea has a fairly conservative social culture, and the mainstream extreme right is forces unrelated to the West's alt-right.
  3. Basically, South Korea's populist right-wingers are aiming for 'Asian values' and don't really like Western culture. South Korea's alt-rights, on the other hand, are likely to be a non-mainstream subculture forever, at least in the South, instead of entering mainstream politics, because of their large Western cult, Asian hatred and Western supremacist tendencies. Perhaps that's why the South Korean press isn't shedding light on the South's alt-right.