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Friends of Hamas

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Friends of Hamas is an obviously terrorist-friendly association which, according to conservative news sources,[1] may have paid speakers fees to Chuck Hagel (an Obama nominee for US Secretary of Defense). The story was initially broken on 7 February 2013 on Breitbart by then-editor-at-large Ben Shapiro,[2] and was subsequently broadcast on 11 February 2013 by Lou Dobbs on his Fox News Business program.[3] Over the next few days, other right-wing outlets began spreading the story, such as National Review,[4] The Washington Times[5] and RedState.[6] The news item even made its way into some international media such as the Israeli National News.[7]

This is a serious and potentially damning allegation, and which may have merited serious investigation... if the Friends of Hamas had been something other than a throwaway joke made up by a snarky journalist.[8]

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