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National origins, Location[edit]

50 States flag.png This user lives in the best damn country on Earth, and you better believe it!
Use: {{User USAmerican}}
50 States flag.png
This User Is America (And So Can You!)
Use: {{User USAmerican2}}
Flag of Texas.svg
This user is a Texan. Yee haw!
Use: {{User Texan}}
Flag of Texas.svg
This user hails from the largest boldest and grandest state in the Union.
Use: {{User Texan2}}
Fl 45sm.png
This user lives in the
True North Strong and Free
Use: {{User Canadian}}
This user is proud to be British!
Use: {{User British}}
This user lives in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere.
Use: {{User westerner}}
Fl 45sm.png
This user is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.
Use: {{User CA-US}}
Flag of Australia.svg This user is proud to be an Aussie
Use: {{User Aussie}}
EU flag-b.jpg
This user is a European stuck in an American's body.
Use: {{User stuck}}
Flag of California.svg
This user lives in the California Republic.
Use: {{User California}}
Flag of England.svg
This user is proud to be English!
Use: {{User English}}
White Dragon Flag of England.png
This user is ethnic Englisc!
Use: {{User Englisc}}
EU flag-b.jpg
This user is proud to be European!
Use: {{User European}}
Welsh Flag.png
This user hails from the English colony of Wales.
Use: {{User Welsh}}
Flag of Alaska.svg.png
This user lives in Alaska.
Use: {{User lives in Alaska}}
This user is a Limey.
Use: {{User Limey}}
Flag of Scotland.svg
This user is proud to be Scottish!
Use: {{User Scottish}}
This user is a Yank.
Use: {{User Yank}}
Flag of Ireland.svg
This user is a Paddy.
Use: {{User Irish}}
Flag of France.svg
This user is a cheese-eating surrender monkey.
Use: {{User French}}
Fl 45sm.png
This user is a citizen of the US but would rather be Canadian.
Use: {{User RatherCan}}
Flag of Uruguay.svg Este usuario es uruguayo, ¡a tomar mate se ha dicho!
Use: {{User Uruguayan}}
Flag of India.svg
This user is proudly Indian.
Use: {{User Indian}}


USDA Prime RibEye.jpg
This user enjoys
Dry Aged USDA Prime..
Use: {{User enjoys steak}}
This user supports the legalization of The Herb, otherwise known as sweet leaf, reefer, or left-handed cigarette.
Use: {{User legalize it}}
USDA Prime RibEye.jpg
This user thinks
cows are tasty.
Use: {{User Tasty_cow}}
This user enjoys consuming the occasional breath of life.
Use: {{User Scotch}}
USDA Prime RibEye.jpg
This user has
mad cow disease.
Use: {{User mad cow}}
This user enjoys trolls, especially when cooked with favorite sauce.
Use: {{User trolleater|favorite sauce}}
This user likes beer.
Use: {{User beer}}
Pussy01.gif This user thinks PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, and hunts sea kittens.
Use: {{User seakittens}}
Vegetables-main Full.jpg
This user is a
Use: {{User veg}}


This user is a metalhead!
Use: {{User metalhead}}
Wall.png All in all, this user is just another brick in the wall.
Use: {{User wall}}
Sgt pepper.jpg
This user grew up with a copy of this record in the house - since 1967
Use: {{User sgt pepper}}
KidACover.jpg Flies are buzzing 'round this user's head
Use: {{User Kid A}}
Kanye West Lollapalooza Chile 2011 2.jpg This user feels like Pablo
Use: {{User Kanye}}

Pwnage and Honors[edit]

This user has won the prestigious Medal of Goatery for service to RationalWiki. All hail!
Use: {{User Medalofgoatery}}

This user has donated $xπ to RationalWiki!
Use: {{User pipledge|x}}
This user utilizes the Pipebomb of Truth.
Use: {{User Pipebomb}}
This user has been hit by the Pipebomb of Truth.
Use: {{User Pipebomb hit}}
This user has been given the
Adam & Steve Award
for acts of liberalism.
Use: {{User adam and steve}}
This user enjoys blocking Bohdan almost as much as Bohdan does.
Use: {{User Bohdan}}
B4b.jpg This user fights the good fight on Blogs 4 Brownback.
Use: {{User B4B}}
All your base are belong to this user.
Use: {{User All Your Base}}

Eternal Patience Award

Use: {{User patient}}
RW Logo 1 Optimized.png
This user joined RationalWiki in 2007
Use: {{User 2007}}


I am a man.png
This user is male.
Use: {{User male}}
This user is female.
Use: {{User female}}
/ This user doesn't use any pronouns.
Use: {{User pronoun}}
This user likes to play with pussy.
Use: {{User pussy}}
This user likes to play with somebody else's pussy.
Use: {{User pussy|somebody else's}}
This user supports fourth trimester abortions.
Use: {{User Abortion}}
This user is a moonbat.
Use: {{User Moonbat}}
This user is a furry

and proud of it!
Use: {{User Furry}}
McDicked.jpg This user is handy with tools.
Use: {{User Handy}}
This user likes jam.
Use: {{User Jaam}}
geek pie
This user Dan.
Use: {{User Dan}}
This user likes to have examples to copy
Use: {{User EG}}
RS This user plays RuneScape.
Use: {{User Runescape}}
RS This user plays RuneScape and eats noobs.
Use: {{User owns RS}}
Short bus.JPG
This user drives the short bus.
Use: {{User drives bus}}
Minesweeper logo.png This user enjoys playing Minesweeper.
Use: {{User minesweeper}}
This user enjoys playing Line Rider.
Use: {{User linerider}}
Jesus small portrait.jpg
This user has long hair, just like someone else you may know.
Use: {{User long hair}}
You may say this user is a dreamer, but Put "he's" or "she's" here not the only one.
Use: {{User lennon|Put "he's" or "she's" here}}
"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
Use: {{User lennon2}}
"I am the walrus"
Are you the eggman?
Use: {{User Walrus}}
This user thinks public radio is GREAT! No commercials!
Use: {{User npr}}
This user is a Tigers fan.
Use: {{User tigers fan}}
This user calls people noobs irl... wtf lulz :@
Use: {{User noob}}
This user tries not to feed trolls, but does "play" sometimes.
Use: {{User troll}}
Carved Horn.jpg
This user has a horn.
Use: {{User Carved Horn}}
Sword.jpg This user enjoys polishing sword.
Use: {{User Sword}}
This user despises vandalism and reverts it without second thought.
Use: {{User Vandal}}
Sword.jpg This user enjoys polishing somebody else's sword.
Use: {{User Sword|somebody else's}}
eat This user is grumpy when hungry.
Use: {{User hungry}}
This user brakes
for goats
Use: {{User Brakes}}
C programming userbox.png This user thinks if you don't program in a dialect of C, you're some sort of girlie man.
Use: {{User CProgramming}}
180px-Lambda.svg.png This user Lisps.
Use: {{User Lisper}}
This user is someone's evil twin
Use: {{User Evil}}
RW Logo 1 OptimizedA.gif
This user is was a participant at the RationalWiki forum.
Use: {{User Forum}}
This user supports Heiðrún as official mascot of RationalWiki. Down with the jerboabites!
Use: {{User Goat}}
IQ This user's IQ is X.
Use: {{User IQ|X}}
Just one look at this user's pussy drives Username wild.
Use: {{User Mrs Slocombe|Username}}
This user has a Myers-Briggs result of X.
Use: {{User Myers-Briggs|X}}
This user is interested
in pursuing a career
in Medicine.
Use: {{User Pursues Medicine}}
Well Weapon
This user reads Trashbat.
Use: {{User Trashbatfan}}
This user is a card-carrying member of the ACLU.
Use: {{User aclu}}
Bi flag.svg
This user is bisexual.
Use: {{User bisexual}}
Pansexuality Pride Flag.svg
This user is pansexual.

Use: {{User pansexual}}
This user is lesbian
Use: {{User Lesbian}}
Intersex pride.png
This user is bigender.
Use: {{User bigender}}
Trans flag.svg
This user is transgender.

Use: {{User transgender}}
This user likes goats...a lot.
Use: {{User likes goats}}
Goats head soup.jpg
This user likes goats, when prepared properly.
Use: {{User likes goats2}}
O2Tank.png This user is opposed to anaesthesia on religious grounds.
Use: {{User no gas}}
This user suffers from
terminal procrastination!
Use: {{User Procrast}}
This user is a Grammar Nazi. Heil Stickler!
Use: {{User Grammarnazi}}
This user is Spartacus!
Use: {{User Spartacus}}
This user's wiki-ing skills rival border-c=#000 border-s=1 id-c=#fff id-s=12 id-fc=#000 info-c=#9bf info-s=8 info-fc=#006 id=Graduation-cap.jpg Andy Schlafly's expertise
Use: {{User Wikiexpert}}
Positive negative.JPG
This user suffers from Bipolar Disorder and will never feel ashamed of that fact
Use: {{User Bipolar Disorder}}
This user suffers from Paranoia and will never feel ashamed of that fact. Some of the jokes about paranoia are funny though.
Use: {{User Paranoia}}
This user suffers from Paranoia and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Use: {{User Paranoia Straight}}
This user suffers from Depression and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Use: {{User Depression}}
Schizophrenia PET scan.jpg
This user suffers from Schizophrenia and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Use: {{User Schizophrenia}}
Schizophrenia PET scan.jpg
This user suffers from Schizophrenia and will never feel ashamed of that fact. And neither will I.
Use: {{User Schizophrenia Agree With Self}}
Olowki RB.jpg
This user suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Use: {{User OCD}}
This user suffers from Megalomania and will never feel ashamed of that fact.
Use: {{User Megalomaniac}}
This user has Asperger's syndrome or is somewhere on the Autism Spectrum.
Use: {{User Aspie}}
Panic attack.jpg This user suffers or suffered from Anxiety Disorders
Use: {{User Anxiety}}
New logo.png
This user is a member of the Article-a-Week Club.
Use: {{User article club}}
New logo.png
This user is a member of the SeriousWiki Cabal.
Use: {{User seriouswiki}}
Child survivors of Auschwitz.jpeg
This user will remember.
Holomor Art Denysenko 1.jpg
Use: {{User will remember}}
LutraCanadensis fullres.jpg This user is an otter.
Use: {{User otter}}
This user is a nerd — and proud of it!
Use: {{User Nerd}}
Flag of Sweden.svg
This user is interested in Sweden.
Use: {{User like swede}}
This user is interested in Germany.
Use: {{User like ger}}
Battlestar galactica logosmall.jpg This user is a Battlestar Galactica fan.
Use: {{User BSG}}
This user is a plastic modeler.
Use: {{User modeler}}
300px-Infobox collage for WWII.PNG This user is interested in WWII
Use: {{User WWII}}
Абу-ль-Аля аль-Маарри.jpg
Al-Ma'arri is this user's favorite Arabic language poet
Use: {{User almaarri}}
This user is a fan of dinosaurs.
Use: {{User yay dinosaurs}}
Statue-Augustus.jpg This user is a lover of History
Use: {{User History}}

Other Wikis[edit]

Kool-AidMan.jpg This user did not drink the Kool-Aid™ at Conservapedia
Use: {{User koolaid}}
This user edits Liberapedia
Use: {{User Liberapedia}}
This user survived length of time on CreationWiki.
Use: {{User cw|length of time}}
This user is a Wikipedian
Use: {{User wikipedian}}
LP Ratlogo.svg
This user edits RationalWikiWiki under the name of "RWW username."
Use: {{User edits RWW|RWW username}}
Dove on globe.png
This user is an editor at aSK.
Use: {{User edits aSK}}
Dove on globe.png
This user edits aSK under the name of "Username."
Use: {{User edits aSK|Username}}
Dove on globe.png??? This user is skeptical about "A Storehouse of Knowledge."
Use: {{User ASKskeptic}}
This user is a troper.
Use: {{User troper}}

Really fucking miscellaneous[edit]

H2g2.jpg The meaning of life has nothing to do with god or fate or any of that bullshit. It's 42.
Use: {{User h2g2}}
This user thinks 5ive is an odd number
Use: {{User five}}
This user knows the Romans invented Disco
Use: {{User RomanDisco}}
Emperor.JPG This user is watching you... always watching you.
Use: {{User watching}}
This user is ten ninjas
Use: {{User Ten Ninjas}}
This user is a Ninja.
Use: {{User ninja}}
Tesla in action.jpg
Use: {{User Power Corrupts}}
This user is probably
Helena Bonham Carter.
Use: {{User HBC}}
RW on moon.jpg
To boldly go where no RationalWikian has gone before!
Use: {{User moon}}
Be warned, this user's words are backed up by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
Use: {{User nuclear}}
This user has a Prosthetic Eye, if angered, they may throw it at you.
Use: {{User Prosthetic Eye}}
This user has thumbs.
Use: {{User Thumbs}}
This user lives for icanhascheezburger.com.
Use: {{User ichc}}
Skulfineac.gif Use: {{User evil liberals}}
This userpage was vandalized by name and all I got was this lousy userbox.
Use: {{User vandalized|name}}
Open book 01.png "Sample Quote"

- Author

Use: {{User quote|Sample Quote|Author}}
user This user is a user.
Use: {{User user}}
I exist This user exists (probably).
Use: {{User Exists}}
Hippo shipping.jpg
This user is a hippo crate.
Use: {{User hippocrate}}
This user is in the Boo Box for betting against Captain James Hook.
Use: {{User Boo Box}}
... This user already has too many userboxes, but added another one anyway.
Use: {{User Manybox}}
This user X Nathan Barley
Use: {{User Nathan|X}}
X Old Gregg
Use: {{User Old Gregg|X}}
Orangina Burlesque Penguin.png This user, for one, welcomes our new orangina-drinking burlesque penguin overlords.
Use: {{User Penguin Overlord}}
pH Acids and Alkali
Use: {{User box|pH|Acids and Alkali|pink|blue}}
Amur or Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), Tierpark Hagenbeck, Hamburg, Germany - 20070514.jpg
This user is a tiger, and he's getting hungry.
Use: {{User is tiger}}
This user is only here for the
Use: {{User lulz}}
This user can
seeeeeee yooooouuuu!
Use: {{User Seeyou}}
MarriedGoat.jpeg This user is happily married
Use: {{User married}}
This user is happily married
Use: {{User Wed}}
This user likes it kinky
Use: {{User kinky}}
AntiBoxen.jpg This user eschews userboxen.
Use: {{User AntiBoxen}}
This user pasteurizes blankets with the liberal aviator, and knows it badly tears to give the malevolent ropes some Conservatives.
Use: {{User Insane}}
BOINC.svg This user uses BOINC.
Use: {{User boinc}}
This user is an impostor.
Use: {{User impostor}}
This user believes that some random shit you hate is a deadly virus set to wipe out humanity.
Use: {{User virus|some random shit you hate}}
Chick Tract.JPG
This user regards Jack Chick as one of sequential art's finest practitioners.
Use: {{User Chick}}
ESTJ This user is an ESTJ according to the MBTI.
Use: {{User ESTJ}}
Opening chess position from black side.jpg This user knows how to play chess.
Use: {{User Chess}}
Funnypenguin.jpeg This user knows that penguins are always funny
Use: {{User funnybro}}
Rules. This user follows the Golden Rule.
Use: {{User GoldenRule}}
Rainbow Pi.jpg This user likes to memorize digits of π.
Use: {{User 3.14}}