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January 2010[edit]

4Cyberbrains are one step closer. Maybe.
8Gay dating sites and the Super Bowl just don't mix, it seems.
17The little robot that could finally comes to rest. Added "ahhh" here.
13 GOP formally rejects purity test. How are they going to stop liberals from infiltrating the party now?UPDATE Instead the GOP will screen candidates and deny funding to those too-far to the left.
7Action taken against Homeopathy websites for misleading advertising.
20Justice is served. Scott Roeder, the murderer of Dr. George Tiller, is convicted and imprisoned for life.
9G spot a myth? Bollocks your study say the French. Who just know better, because they are French, and the English are (a gynecologist actually said this) Protestant, liberal, Anglo-Saxon, pragmatic totalitarians.
7Only in America? No, now the UK is suffering from creeping creationism
8A blogger calls Apple products consumeristic status symbols and a way to show classism. Careful, there; you might get mobbed — those Mac-toting radicals don't like being called out!
9Apple releases a product called the "iPad." Menstrual jokes ensue, putting the usual suspects in the usual tizzy.
3Literary legend JD Salinger dies, aged 91; bunch of phonies mourn.
9Andrew Wakefield (of the MMR vaccine hoax) is charged with unethical conduct. Good, he did do a lot of things wrong. But why are they still referring to his research as if it was ever valid? You can't "discredit" research that was never credible to begin with.
-3 Why? Conservapedia did not proudly present: Just "about 70 years late"?
5The Republicans give their response to Obama's State of the Union: "Arggg.... No can afford government. Tax cuts better."
6PETA thinks that Punxsutawney Phil is being mistreated, and suggests replacing him with a robot. The head of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club thinks PETA is trolling for attention.
4Fox News is the most trusted TV 'news'! Pollsters say viewers are "turning more toward the outlets that tell them what they want to hear."
6Marxist historian Howard Zinn dies at 87 of a heart attack.
5Political correctness gone mad. You can't advertise for reliable workers, because you'll discriminate against the unreliable workers.
4Republican Party sends out campaign donation requests masquerading as the US Census.
2Even if you think you might need an abortion for medical reasons, don't! Your son will be a Heisman Trophy winner and mediocre NFL prospect
4Coal River Wind - Support wind, save a mountain.
13Former CIA man retracts his endorsement of waterboarding.
9Twilight fan-girl-ism goes too far
6Conservatives say that the recent Republican wins in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts indicate a widespread backlash against President Obama's "socialist" anti-rich, anti-business policies. Oh, really? Then why did Oregonians just vote for two ballot measures that upheld earlier tax hikes on the rich (by a 54-46 margin) and on corporations (by a 53-47% margin)?
8In unsurprising but nonetheless depressing news, 78% of Fox News website voters think the US is "falling apart". Fox News readers in Haiti, Somalia or Afghanistan can vote "I don't know".
13In an ironic turn of events, a filmmaker who took undercover videos trying to expose ACORN as encouraging lawbreaking has himself been arrested for breaking into a Louisiana senator's office to tap the phones. UPDATE: The first rule of felonious crime: don't brag about your actions before you do them
12Chair of the IPCC tells global warming denialists to shove it regarding stepping down over... I suppose we could call it "glaciergate"?
6Hugo Chavez is at it again. Television station won't air Chavez's speeches, or put on enough soap operas in the afternoon? Television station gets removed from cable.
-9 A well deserved victory for the city of New Orleans (in other news the Saints are in the Super Bowl? Last year it was the Cardinals, this year the Saints, whose next the Lions!?).
7Climate change alert #3: "NASA reports 2000-2009 was warmest decade on record." On 8 December 2009, the Fox News website carried an Associated Press story that predicted this outcome, which prompts the question: Do Fox News viewers -- or reporters, for that matter -- ever look at their website?
6Climate change alert #2: "Warm weather closes Vancouver Olympic ski venue." Although workers at Olympic venues have stockpiled snow (much of it artificial) at high elevations, the ski events could be in jeopardy.
6Climate change alert #1: A few weeks ago, a snowstorm -- in Minnesota in the winter -- had the global warming deniers shouting at full volume. Now, still in the depths of winter, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival is melting because of "unseasonably warm weather."
15Congratulations, Conservapedia, for taking over the Texas State Board of Education! US history will omit Ted Kennedy and Sonia Sotomayor, but will teach about Phyllis Schlafly
11Facts that the anti-abortion lobby really don't want you to know about. (On the other hand, they could quote-mine the abortion doctor saying that unwanted offspring are "cancer cells.")
5Remember those Big Nasty Corporations? The ones that are about to flood campaign coffers with so much money as to make flesh-and-blood people politically insignificant? Well, some of them are getting tired of paying for campaigns and want the government to fund campaigns instead.
4 Stock markets crash like it's 2009.
-5The threat level in the UK is raised from "substantial" to "severe."
19Vanity Fair visits Ham's Creation Museum; says "This tacky, risible, and rational tableau defies belief, beggars faith," amongst other similar comments.
4 Who is Rome to tell these women that they're not priests? (And before you say anything, "the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ" is not an answer.)
15 On the day that Obama had promised Gitmo would be closed by, US panel recommends that 47 men be sentenced to life in prison without a trial. Fuck you, habeas corpus!
3Man argues that private schools should be banned. Critics respond, and miss the point. Man bans and censors critics Man responds to critics. Critics still largely miss the point.
11The ADE-651 - the glorified dowsing rod being sold to security forces in Iraq - comes to the attention of the international media, as lives have started to be lost. (The good news, however, they're not going to get away with it.)
15The first Tea Party Convention is held and is protested by...members of the Tea Party, claiming that the convention is wasting money!
7Someone in the real world is finally noticing Harun Yahya.
6The victim in the Roman Polanski rape case makes another attempt on Polanski's behalf to have the prosecution dropped. UPDATE: Well, that didn't work.
12Finally, the Bishop who denied children were being abused in his church has been suspended, "pending investigation".
13 Supreme Court: Money can now (legally) buy anything, including public officials.
-5 Depressing news for Democrats - Massachusetts wants a Republican.
24Depressing news for Sarah Palin - no-one wants you to be President.
12Food, water, medicine, shelter? No: ...We want to equip short-term groups, disaster relief teams, church teams and other ministries with the Word of God in a format the people can use,...(courtesy PZ Myers)
26Oh Lord, bless the bullets that are targeted in this sight. UPDATE: These bullets will have to fly straight without help from Jesus in future
16To all the populists and majoritarians, we can only say, Brother, you asked for it. We eagerly await the upcoming landmark trial, Texas State Board of Education vs. Reality.
3The beatific, peaceful world of the monks of Buckfast Abbey, whose marvellous honey and delicious tonic wine bring peace to the... oh, this just in... that wine ain't so peace-bringing.
6Liberal churches talk about the environment, go green, pay taxes.
-1Jason Lanier: Web 2.0 engenders a digital Maoism of the hive mind. Sometime he should try editing Conservapedia and getting blocked by a batshit crazy very independent-thinking individual.
3A major catastrophe strikes, so who does President Obama call on to help? The X-Presidents of course, this time with a new member.
14Hospital officials get court order to force a pregnant woman to submit to anything to preserve the life and health of her unborn child. Anything. The fetus-worshipping movement now has a good solid example of where their 'logic' inevitably leads. I hope they like it.
4A labor dispute in Belgium threatens the beer supply. People are urged not to panic.
76 Minutes to Midnight - The Doomsday clock adjusts for a hopeful state of world affairs.
34Pat Robertson:The earthquake is Haiti's own fault, they made a pact with the Devil when they were trying to get loose of Napoleon III, who came to power over 40 years after Haitian independence. Oh, and don't ask Rush Limbaugh to donate - He already gave.
4The GOP claims to have found their version of Obama for 2012. Wait, didn't they do this already with Steele?
13Meet Elysia chlorotica, the fauna that is also part flora.
18Haiti needs your help. Contribute here.
14I stalked an abortion doctor and murdered him while he was at church. Because I was saving all those unborn babies, it's unfair that the they are trying me for premeditated murder and not justifiable homicide voluntary manslaughter.
4Oh to be a banker now that bonus time is near.
18 RIP Miep Gies, you did your best and thank you for your courage.
12Fox nailin' Palin, "Palin will provide some type of commentary for Fox News."
16Portugal allows gay marriage and declares war on creation. Well, according to his Poopiness the Hole anyway.
-3 Finally, I get to ride the Metro the way I want to ride the Metro
4 Oh come on China haven't you learned anything!
10 Clearly God wanted Obama to win.
6It is a well known fact that the morals of the puritanical and spiritual are much, much better than those of the Godless. In Northern Ireland especially, evangelicals live a life of devotion to their family, financial probity and political purity that engenders the respect of the entire world. UPDATE: Collateral damage!
6When majority leader Trent Lott exuded praise for a fellow senator who happened to have a racist past (similar to Democratic Senator Robert Byrd) at his 100th birthday party, he lost his post as majority leader. When majority leader Harry Reid says the President is electable because he does not have a Negro dialect???
14Ohh look a white Britain. Nick Griffin will be pleased!
9Dracula lives but now he's making a profit.
2Pilgrims flock to Graceland to celebrate the birth of the King (maybe he will return soon)
-9Editors at The Nation fail to recognize the difference between an actual threat and wingnut paranoia.
6Think globally, whine locally. (We are still waiting for the global thinking part.)
6A new study probably did not take RationalWiki into account, as it concludes that readers of political blogs overwhelmingly favor bloggers they agree with.
7Another day, another Timothy Geithner scandal. Geithner told AIG to limit swaps disclosure.
16Oh noes! What real men knew all along - G-Spot a myth, say scientists.
3It appears that increasing numbers of U.S. Latinos are converting to Islam. No doubt this will add fuel to the fire of those who want to deport illegal immigrants as a "terrorism threat."
7Mary ("I'll Resign Before I Let a MAN in My Class!") Daly has gone to whatever hell is postulated by the Big Religion of Patriarchy.
7Mother Nature catches up with the man who survived two atomic bombings.
4The Ark was circular - according to the Sumerians.
4Maybe not such a bad year after all for Democrats. Probable loser Chris Dodd (D-AIG) is retiring. To make matters even worse for CT Republicans, WWE CEO Linda McMahon has now taken the lead in a poll for the primary over former Representative Rob Simmons. Well, then again, Jesse Ventura won, right?
5It's starting to shape up to be a bad, bad year for Democrats. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) opts not to run for reelection.
212003: Supreme Court rules in favor of 2 homosexuals arrested by Houston deputies for sexual relations. Flash forward 7 years later: Lesbian sworn in as Houston mayor!!!
7Brit Hume and Fox News wants Tiger to know about Christianity.
3Dolphins? More like "Non-human persons".
11Update regarding that bill to impose the death penalty for gays in Uganda: The bill came about because of a conference led by three not-so-wise-men American reparative therapy advocates. One says he feels "duped" because they advocated "healing" homosexuals, not executing them. Right. They told the Ugandans to act biblically, then feel "duped" when the Ugandans made literal interpretations of the Old Testament and the post-Jesus parts of the New Testament.
2Europe is starting to adopt secular policies after the Turkish model. This apparently constitutes anti-Muslim rules masquerading as "secularism."
30Woohoo! Partying like it's 1310, Ireland makes blasphemy a crime.
9 Traveling from an Islamic country? Expect to receive a full body patdown courtesy of Uncle Sam. Remember, just because a few people are terrorists, everyone traveling from a nearby location automatically is.
7"These parties are trying to leave an impression among the uneducated and the simple-minded people that they are the guardians of religion and proper behavior" and guess where
4An effigy of Obama was hanged in Jimmy Carter's hometown in Georgia.
7Police shoot a man who had broken into the house of the Danish Muhammad cartoon guy with malicious intent.
3Charges against Blackwater employees have been dismissed