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April 2012[edit]

10A top Romney campaign adviser tries to give Romney credit for the GM and Chrysler bailouts.
8Zach Wahls (this guy) to appear on the Daily Show tonight.
11Some billionaires want to mine asteroids. Others want to unironically recreate the subject of one of the worst maritime disasters in human history.
12Hello, Great (x1000000000) Grandpa!
10*hysterically shakes American RationalWikians* Don't tell me you've been dealing with shit like this for three fucking decades. 2015, why can't you come any sooner?
5Egypt may or may not be considering allowing husbands to have sex with their dead wives. [1] [2]
26Seriously, this needs to stop. Now.
18Century old tenet of physics overturned: Light is affected, under the right conditions, by magnetism.
13Thanks for the 5% tax decrease, Dave!
10Premier Wen, with great difficulty, I have escaped.
20For the first time, a federal commission in the U.S. has ruled that trans people are protected from employment discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now we wait for a Supreme Court case and/or ENDA...
15LHC destroys the world No, but something just as exciting.
17UKIP leader Nigel Farage makes some comments regarding horrid darkies immigrants and housing: an audience member who actually works for the London Housing Authority hits him with these strange things called "facts".
14And we have found our first candidate for Stopped Clock of the Year. Update: This was just before Harpo pulled yet another Godwin, sparking more Twitter hashtag lulz.
12CISPA manages to do what SOPA didn't - pass the House. Veto time, Obama?
19Trump demands Scotland not build "ugly, noisy and dangerous" wind turbines, fearing they will ruin the view from his golf course.
12Newt throws in the towel.
6After a five year trial, Charles Taylor is found guilty of war crimes.
17Connecticut to abolish capital punishment shortly, California to ask its citizens in November.
36Whoa, Libya, when we asked for secular values in the Middle East, we didn't mean making the GOP look like a fucking jihadist group. Update: The Muslim Brotherhood's response - "We are a nationalist party and Islam is our religion. This law is unacceptable and only suits liberals." Problem bro?
5Spain re-enters recession, though not in a way you might expect from countries like Greece.
12It seems Santorum has brushed on too many people in Pennsylvania.
15Remember, not everyone in the world is a total jerk: donations to the Samaritans, in the name of the woman who died in the London Marathon, exceed £200,000 £400,000 £500,000 £700,000.
9Several bigwigswads, including James Cameron, announce an asteroid mining venture. (Update: shiny website!) They must be thankful that NEOs are not guarded by blue-skinned catgirls.
10Reports of a Wildrose majority were greatly exaggerated. Alberta abstains from officially joining Jesusland. For now. Update: The two best tweets of the night.
17Scientists from 67 countries call to ban all commercial fishing in the Arctic. One psychopath stands in the way.
18And Jon Huntsman gets kicked out of the Republican Party in 3...2...1...
5Fatal equation: one Easter Passion play + zero safety checks + many inattentive onlookers = one dead actor.
5Geir Haarde, the man who left Iceland begging for survival, is given a slap on the wrist.
5Another day, another North Korean war threat
5Houston to put TSA agents on its buses to conduct random interviews and bag searches.
22It is officially legal to abort a fetus without a brain in Brazil. "Pro-lifers" protest, presumably drawing on experiences with pet rocks.
-9Sweden says hello to Diana Moon Glampers: "Ironically, in the effort to free Swedish children from so-called normative behavior, gender-neutral proponents are also subjecting them to a whole set of new rules and new norms as certain forms of play become taboo [and] language becomes regulated."
7Geert Wilders singlehandedly brings down the Dutch government by holding up austerity measures.
14US nuns fight the power.
52012 LSEA repeal effort fails, but by a narrower margin than last year.
9You know who else tried to get women health care? Hitler.
8Skepticon trolling the theists.
28And now, the day before his birthday, HuffPo brings you two entries for the Godwin almanac: Central Illinois bishop claims President Obama is on "a similar path" as You-Know-Who and Stalin; and West Virginia Republican senate candidate says that requiring restaurants to put "no smoking" signs on the front doors is like requiring Jews to wear Stars of David on their lapels.
24A Taliban officer learns about the concept of wanted posters the hard way.
12Being the "least terrible" candidate may win you the nomination, but it doesn't mean you're likable. Especially if you've got the worst favorability ratings of any major-party nominee in decades.
-10Louisiana moves closer to allowing guns on college campuses. [3]
-1Dick Clark dies of heart attack at age 82.
24Oregonians who use faith healing to "treat" their sick children are learning that the state means business when it comes to its new child abuse law that is aimed at curbing this psycho horseshit practice.
8Man at Oregon airport sets off nitrate detector, strips naked to prove he isn't carrying a bomb.
-1This is why we worship Mighty Lord Jerboa... and some other mangy beast.
4Need some sausage & mash? Why not nip to the cab rank and pick up a lady godiva[4]?
0The (racist) cake is a lie!
7Beware of Anders Behring Breivik's fellow travelers. "They are neo-conservatives. They are Christian evangelicals. They are hardline racists. They are football hooligans. They are nationalists. They are populists. They are hardline Zionists. They are former leftists. The 'counter-jihad' movement comes in all shapes and sizes but they are united in a common loathing of Islam." And here we thought the phrase "fellow traveler" went out with McCarthy.
8Sexual orientation reprogrammed by a stroke?
7Now we can add Earthquakes to the things Fracking bring us. It's fracking bullshit.
11The space shuttle goes out in style.
-8FIFA institutes video review
2 Racist cranks absorbed by racist cranks[5]
22Twitter has a picture of the Taj Mahal on its homepage. English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon cites this as another example of creeping sharia, starting a comedy Twitter trend in the process.
21Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, argues that British Christians are being persecuted, driven underground and "framed by homosexual activists".
-11Socialist Obama! *shakes fist*
17If you can't beat 'em, pose as 'em.
11Nobel Prize winner, Chairman of the Elders, one of the most respected men worldwide, but we don't want you to talk here because you're not pro-life!
-18North Korea doesn't actually lie to their people concerning their rocket test. Up if you think it's progress, down if you think they couldn't really cover it up.
7I am not a Nazi Polka!
11Physics professor successfully fights ticket with knowledge of physics
17Kirk Cameron's child-star peers rip him a new one.
9Just because the Shuttle program has ended, doesn't mean NASA aren't covering up UFO stories.
25North Korea finds out that it is rocket science.
18Not from The Onion: Tennessee Senate warns hand-holding is a 'gateway sexual activity'
14Arseholes not allowed a bus advert
17Author of Leading Ex-Gay Study Admits Findings Were Flawed
16Male congressmen being inundated with handmade vaginas.
9Even Republicans don't want to be in Afghanistan anymore.
10Tennessee takes a giant leap into the darkages as the anti-evolution "Monkey Bill" becomes law.
10A recent study links low-effort thought with political conservatism.
20Zimmerman to be charged.
8Remember a few years ago, when "tsunami" was just a word in a book?
22Could anybody have seen this coming? Frothy is suspending his campaign!
13No psychiatric care for you.
15They keep playing that one note. Anti-Evolution ‘Monkey Bill’ Poised To Become Law In Tennessee.
11I knew it all along! Heavy metal killed Jesus! That's why we have Easter!
16If you repeat a lie often enough, it will become the truth.
17Haggard's Law: Scientifically Confirmed.
1100 internets if you resist reading this in Palpatine's voice.
13John Derbyshire leaves his dog-whistle at home in his latest racist rant and gets fired from the National Review. (See also a fisking by Angry Black Lady.)
18Project Steve tops 1200 signatures.
14The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act; because privacy on the Internet is dead, remember?
10Christmas: Gifts, carols and decorated trees. Easter and Good Friday: Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and batshit crazy fools reenacting the Passion. Here's a more Life of Brian-ish photo.
14Why you shouldn't date a feminist, by America's leading Lady Against Women.
14Those lovely folk at Focus on the Family say that anti-bullying laws are a threat to their religious freedom.
13Fluffy! One-ton fuzzy theropod dinosaurs once roamed the earth! How adorably terrifying and extinct!
26If you couldn't love Sweden any further: Metro asks why children there enjoy Easter. In translation...
13U.S. drone attacks inside Pakistan were supposed to be secret from their start in 2004 until President Obama announced them in 2009. Too bad MADE IN USA was printed on the missiles.
18What we knew all along: Conservatives' Trust of Science Hits All Time Low
5Jim Marshall unplugs for the last time
13Watch out, we're dealing with a badass here.
28This is why I like having Barack Obama in the White House: President meets Nichelle Nichols, both give the Vulcan hand salute.
12Alas, the Republicans have finally entered Canada with a clone of Caribou Barbie. Why should you be shitting bricks? She will have near-full control of the US/Canadian oil supply if elected Premier.
11The end of the internet as we know it (at least of Arizonans)?
17Ann Romney: "Unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out."
1But... but Tunisia, Libya and Egypt were supposed to be the one we should be afraid off!
18Miss Universe Canada reverses its prior trans rights fail.
4So much for abstinence education...
23Mitt Romney: Obama wants to establish a hair color called "bald".
9First there was #TellVicEverything, now a certain Brit has spawned a sequel.
19Science and best practices be damned, in AZ, women may soon be defined as pregnant 2 weeks before conception.
14We can now confirm that the Supreme Court is completely off the rails. (and no, not talking about Obamacare)
2Five seven dead at in a school shooting in Oakland.
3Syria: The next Libya?
25A Catholic priest forgets the golden rule of giving a Power Point presentation: Make sure the presentation is up, and your gay porn folder is properly closed before switching on the projector. (He remembered to ask the kiddies for their money, though.)
18Pro-life terrorism in Wisconsin
16More sudden outbreaks of common sense: Tunisia shows the middle finger to Sharia.
16Unbelievable that people are surprised by this.
17Thanks Dave!
17Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all.
13Veteran dissident Aung San Suu Kyi appears to have won her seat in a by- election in Burma. Will the country's repressive military regime recognise this victory?