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Particularly on the Left, political thought is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of facts hardly matters.
George Orwell

RevLeft is a far left website consisting primarily of a forum. Billing itself as the "home of the revolutionary left" it supports communism, anarchism and hardline "antifa" (anti-fascism). It is also factionalism incarnate. Its forum is full of cranks adding their own cranky ideas to already crank-prone ideas like communism and anarchism. On a side note you can show this site to anyone who refers to Obama and the Democratic Party (or even Bernie Sanders) as "socialists." Rest assured it will stop.


RevLeft has subforums devoted to specific subjects including Occupy Wall Street[1] the Arab Spring[2] and Che Guevara.[3] Alongside all this are debates over whether Pokemon promotes a capitalist or socialist worldview.[4]

The site had its own wiki, although those expecting a far-left equivalent of Metapedia[5] will have found it disappointingly tame. Amongst the burning issues covered was Holden Caulfield.[6] The wiki has since been removed, probably for being rubbish.

RevLeft is also ironic in that its user base likes to complain about censorship by the government/the right/the evil capitalists, while taking anyone who is not a revolutionary communist/anarchist and putting them in their own little forum called "opposing ideologies". The site even auto-censors certain words such as RedMarx (a hostile/rival forum), Rooster (an influential and infamous crank member who got banned) and others... but not the name of their supposed arch-enemies at StormFront.[7]

The forum has an excessive history of cliquishness revolving around the reputation point system, a system that both discriminates against the supposed newbs if their rep count is low and also encourages the same old flame wars over the respectability of Leon Trotsky that basically forces posters to write the same stupid one liners and essentially whore themselves and their positions for imaginary credits.

There have been many ebbs and flows in the entertainment value and respectability RevLeft has to offer, and ironically many failed revolutions against the moderation team-which is hardly surprising considering the level of intellectual maturity shown by certain members of the team.[8]


The site is essentially (in Trotskyist terminology) a deformed workers' state, controlled by a junta that tightly controls public discourse and uses shady means[9] to eliminate all opposition while usually pretending there is nothing going on.

Notable events in the site's recent history are the great purge of 2011, which although supposedly centered on "fascist" infiltration of the map games subforum led to a collective outburst of anti-moderator sentiment and that ended in halfassed devil's advocates who were clearly sock puppets of the mods (the rep of one guy shot up exponentially even though everyone disliked his posts) and the all-out shutdown of the site while the junta put online dissident ring leaders into the infinite loop or outright banning, and the Avanti event, where a legitimately deranged transvestite spread the ideology of cyberpunk anarchism/complete collapse of civilization into armed gangs through a strangely intoxicating mix of poetry and a lack of sentence structure.[10] Recently a general amnesty was declared but few returned, mainly due to the lack of fun and continued disappearances.

The common purges have spawned several splinter forums, such as RedMarx, RevForum and the now-defunct The Red Flag. All these forums have never managed to approach the activity level of RevLeft, since most members stop posting soon after getting banned from RevLeft, with only a dozen or so hardliners.

Many posts detailing these happenings could be found on, but were recently deleted. Their existence can still be confirmed via google: [1]


RevLeft has been the target of criticism from the invitingly-named blog Maoist Rebel News, authored by a self-publishing e-book mogul named Jason Unruhe.[11] In a post entitled "RevLeft is a Bunch of Pedophile-Zionists" the blog pointed to a thread at the forum in which moderators argued that child pornography should be legalised, and went on to attack the owner of RevLeft for being pro-Israel.[12]

Despite the label of being a home for radical leftists of all stripes, Anarcho-Primitivists, Third-Worldists and Jucheists are all considered to be “Opposing Ideologies”, and prevented from having access to the main forums, groups, etc.[13] Their stance on market socialism is unclear, but it seems most of its adherents are restricted.[14][15][16]

The good[edit]

Aside from all this, RevLeft has produced an excellent, comprehensive take-down of the oft-repeated white nationalist mantra "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white".[17]

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