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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
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Buzzwords and dogwhistles
A two-year study by the Intelligence Report shows that registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the past five years alone, Stormfront members have murdered close to 100 people.
—Report by Southern Poverty Law Center[1]
We are a community of racial realists and idealists. Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish Nationalists openly support their racial interests, with American taxpayers even required to support the Jewish ethnostate of Israel. We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples, including ours. We are the voice of the new, embattled White minority!
—Actual quote on the Stormfront main page[2]

Stormfront is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi internet forum, and one of the earliest to exist. It is mostly Americentric, although there is some bleed-over with extremist groups in Europe.

Stormfront is, in its own words, "a racialist discussion board for pro-white activists and anyone else interested in white survival". Activities included circle-jerking over how the white race is superior, historical revisionism, Holocaust denial, vehemently opposing race mixing, discussing whether Christianity or Nordic neopaganism is best for the white race, bitching and complaining about "anti-white" (read: anti-racist and anti-Nazi) movies, TV shows, video games, and novels, reading Mein Kampf, talking about modern-day topics unrelated to their agenda such as strip clubs, and listening to white power rock music. But more than anything, they loved to endlessly debate who is "white" and who isn't, which very quickly escalated into flame wars and threats of banning from the administrators. It was also the subject of the documentary Extremists on the Internet.[3]

Stormfront was thankfully seized by its host on August 26, 2017,[4] but is unfortunately back online.[5] It is, however, struggling with finances and, as of April 6, 2018, closed and archived its main server while restricting access to those that contribute at least five dollars a month.[6]


The website has a News section where one can post fake news about various topics.


A forum where users can post propaganda promoting COVID-19 denialism and anti-vaccination.

A user by the name of Elizabeth posted that YouTube had deleted a video about "Doctors" discussing dangers of getting the COVID-19 vaccine that their mother downloaded. She links an article by Coronanews, a fake news site that says that the COVID-19 vaccine is used for genocide.[7] A user by the name of WhiteRights posted a video claiming that the inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech said that Fauci is responsible for 500,000 COVID Deaths by blocking Ivermectin/HCQ. He claims that COVID-19 was never a threat to young people and the deaths could have been prevented by taking HCQ but the Democrats, deep state and China wanted a pandemic to destroy the U.S. economy and let the 2020 election be stolen.[8] Vardalon7 posted that RFK Jr. thinks COVID-19 is designed to spare Jews; all the comments agreed with that user.[9] ColdStar posted that COVID-19 is a means of control and (((They))) are using boosters to cause health problems. He links to a video by Martin Armstrong saying that the pandemic is to create the New World Order.[10] Phoenix1933 posted that an EU official said that the vaccine was a big lie and doesn't work and that libtards are morons for forcing them to take poison, citing Infowars.[11]. WhiteUser1 posted that Covid-19 tests are fake and that it will make you subject to contact tracing, loss of freedom, government surveillance, and possibly eventual forced vaccination and that the test is dangerous and vaccinates you.[12] Elizabeth posted that Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci and UK officials are being accused of crimes against humanity in a complaint to the International Criminal Court, citing the crank site LifeSiteNews.[13] Alpha5150 claims that athletes are dying because of the vaccine. He links to the article on David Icke's website saying people are dying from the vaccine in the sports world.[14]

Newslinks & Articles[edit]

This is a forum where one could post news articles. The comments are usually filled with bigotry.

Coconutcake posted that Neil deGrasse Tyson said that biology is insufficient at explaining gender ideology and that a teen detransition activist Chloe Cole riped his claims. The article is from the Daily Mail. A comment by Huginn ok Muninn claims that Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't a good scientist, and Huginn ok Muninn uses religion to justify his bigotry.[15] Artoria posted that Japan accepted Ukrainian refuges. The responses are mostly negative saying that there will be mixed-race children and that Japan will regret doing this.[16] Invective44X2 posted that the U.S. miliary is harvesting organs of Ukrainians and that's why Far-right mercenaries are fighting for Ukraine. Many comments are blaming it on Jews.[17] The user SPOON! claims that Jews are funding drag queens. A comment by whiterights claims that the Jews are funding the homosexual, transgender and pedophile movements. He cites crank sites and quotes Hitler.[18] D33pac posted that a Quran was burnt and thrown out in Germany. Many comments are supporting this by calling Muslims invaders.[19] NationalCrusader14 posted Alternative für Deutschland has now reached 23% on the INSA Poll. Many comments are supporting them.[20] Crosstie walker posted that 35% percent of Sweden's population are now Immigrants. One comment by Starshine rose claims that immigrants are behind Sweden's crime.[21] AVM posted that George Soros supports Ukraine and of course the the comments are mad at him. One claimed that Soros funds biolabs to kill white people and that's why Putin invaded Ukraine.[22]. Revision posted about a Holocaust survivor on Tiktok educating people. Natman claims that Holocaust survivors aren't real and are used to spread anti-white hate.[23] CoconutCake posted that 40% of white people find BLM dangerous in a poll. Chemist commented that BLM is a scam and will be a passing fad in American history.[24]

Politics & Continuing Crises[edit]

A forum where one can discuss American politics. As you can expect, this forum is filled with wingnutery.

Terence1 posted that global elites are pushing the woke agenda and that we should oppose this agenda by the Jews and protect our children.[25] Franco posted that there is no difference between how China, the Soviet Union, and America treat their citizens. He cites an article by The Gateway Pundit saying that someone was rejected from getting cancer treatment for making transphobic comments.[26][27] Spoon! posted that BlackRock and Vanguard run the world. He links to an article on The Common Sense Show which despite its name promotes bullshit conspiracy nonsense.[28] Franco posted that universities are dangerous and brainwash young white people make them take ridiculous courses;[29] the first paragraph is copy-pasted from The Occidental Observer. Bostick posted that the Jews will use the COVID-19 vaccine to insert 5G in a person's body and microwave them then blame it on COVID-19,[30] citing videos on Bitchute. Reynoldsg copy-pasted an article about police and BLM from The Daily Stormer saying that Antifa and the police are teaming up. He then links to the article on the dark web.[31] TSFH14 posted that there is a gang rape crisis in UK because of South Asian Muslims, citing Quillette.[32] Coldstar posted that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were trying to depopulate the world to solve overpopulation by killing 2 billion people.[33] Phoenix1933 posted that Jews will use AI to eradicate white people because some Jews work in AI.[34] SPOON! posted that America's cities' future is doomed, citing The American Dream.[35] The article says that cities will be ruined due to protesters and leftists.[36]

STOP WHITE GENOCIDE messages to White House[edit]

A subfourm of Politics & Continuing Crises where users can discuss how the white race is supposedly going extinct.

Puddintane posted that the migrant crises is only the beginning and that They will flood white countries with third world immigrants. He then says that Jean Raspail predicted the problem will get worse, quoting a section from the book.[37] A user ironically named Wisdomseeker posted that there was a forgotten white genocide, that Uyghurs were Christians that were invaded by Muslims, that Uyghurs are white, and that Islam and China are friends.[38] White Genocide posted that the White Genocide Project, whose mission is raise awareness for white genocide, only got 243 signatures.[39] Puddintame posted that the charities that are promoting diversity are promoting white genocide.[40] Ericroper posted that nonwhites want affirmative action so that they take over California.[41]

"Mein Führer! I CAN SHITPOST!"[edit]

For years, Stormfront had a "manual" for how internet "insurgents" should behave. (They called them Bugs. The actual program was known as Swarmfront.) A lot of it emanated from Stormfront's raiding board Swarmfront, which was dedicated to "red pilling" Reddit and 4chan.[42][43] "Raiding" or "forum sliding" is a form of faux grass roots activism where people try to make it appear like an opinion is really popular.

The goal of the online campaign was to make gullible men feel like all of their problems in life are caused by minorities. When they found an example of anti-white sentiment, they blew it out of proportion. When they couldn't find one, they fabricated it themselves. They'd barrage you with worthless links and misleading statistics and force you to refute it line-by-line.[44] Essentially, it's a psychosocial tactic where you perseverate on every real and perceived slight against you, with the ultimate aim of giving yourself permission to do something horrible. If you've ever read Mein Kampf, the entire book is essentially Hitler's collected wounds which he would then use to justify slaughtering Europeans. Islamic terrorists and white supremacists also use these recruitment strategies. They just disagree on which groups should be eliminated (even then not as much as you'd think).

The board itself[edit]

Swarmfront BUGS - "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white!" is a subfourm of Politics & Continuing Crises usually dedicated to trolling people by saying that anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

Genseric posted that Swarmfront BUGS (Bob's Underground Graduate Seminar) is a way to get back at anti-white racists.[45] The same user advised Swarmfront users to go to where users can make Swarmfront copypastas.[46] White dude posted that someone was complaining about their mantra on Yahoo! News and that it made their day.[47] White genocide decides to comment on Bob's Daily Articles by praising it. It is a thread on Stormfront where users can post BUGSters from in chronological order.[48][49] Glory14 gives ideas for Swarmfront members. He tells them to get a lot of Reddit accounts to post the mantra in many subreddits. He tells them to follow many celebrities and tweet them the mantra. He tells them make white genocide playlists on YouTube.[50] JustWokeup posted that he convinced two women to believe in the mantra. He convinced the first one to Google white genocide and she agreed that it exists. He also did the same to the second woman; she said that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.[51] AngryGoy wanted Swarmfront users to copy and paste the following:

1 Mass non-White immigration to White countries and only White countries.

2 Forced racial integration in all traditionally White countries and White areas.

3 Wide spread anti-White Propaganda via the schools, churches, media, advertising and entertainment industry.

4 Wide spread Miscegenation between Whites and non-Whites.

5 Wide spread trans-racial adoption.

6 Low White birth rates which are exacerbated by economic conditions and Abortion on demand.[52]


These are a collection of forums where users can discuss about many things, including movies, history, music, and more.

Ideology and Philosophy[edit]

This is the forum where users discuss the ideology and philosophy of Nazism, the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist ideologies.

Revison posted that It's Okay to Be White, which links to a video by POSEIDON who is an Alt-right neo-Nazi who documents the "Collapse of western civilization".[53][54] Dylan posted that forced multiculturalism began with the 1964 Civil Rights Act, public schools are communism, and all public schools encourage teachers to have sex with students.[55] Whiteness192 posted that the Talmud is Satanic and that Jews will burn in hell and want to kill gentiles.[56] EmperorAryan explains that he is a White Nationalist because of Jew Media. He then says that white people are superior to other races, that white people are a different species, and that they deserve to have slaves. He finally ends by saying Christianity is a mind control program by the Jews to prevent the evolution of the White race into Aryans.[57] Kbfreakc posted that Jews want America down so that America isn't first. S Sinistrari posted that Jews don't want America down, they want western Christiandom down. IOTBW encourages people to research original America firsters.[58] Polcsec10 posted that interracial couples are disgusting because apparently "race traitors", when dating black people, will not have children with white DNA.[59] WracialLoyalist posted that the liberal education system is immoral. He explains that it is a Jewish occupation system that aims to kill over 700,000,000 people of European descent. He says that 9/11 is a false flag attack, that homosexuality leads to pedophilia, and that Jews legalized abortion to kill 60,000,000 babies. He ends by saying liberalism killed more than Nazism and communism.[60]

History & Revisionism[edit]

It is a forum where users post pseudohistory, usually Holocaust denial.

Coldfire posted that there was a Holocaust where Jewish Marxists killed 60 million Russian Aryans and that the Holocaust is just Jews projecting. He says that Jews hate the Aryan race, citing a Jew Watch article on communism talking about how they supposedly killed 100 million Christians.[61] He then cites videos on YouTube that are now deleted.[62] Russell James posted that over the last 40 years a number of "real historians" have come out against the narrative of the Holocaust and that the real revisionists are cultural Marxists. He links to a blog post on Stormfront saying that there are 10 reasons the Holocaust isn't real. Here are the "reasons":

1:The World Almanac reported that the world's Jewish population was slightly larger just after the war than it was just before the war

2:No Bodies: Nobody ever found anywhere near six million bodies

3:No Gas Chambers: Nobody ever found a single gas chamber capable of killing humans, never-mind six million of them

4: No Crematoria: Nobody ever found crematoria capable of incinerating six million bodies

5:No Written Orders were ever discovered ordering the deaths of Jews

6:No Mention of a "Holocaust" in historical works like Churchill's six-volume history of the war, The Second World War

7:Camp Workers and Residents living near the camps can not recall anyone going missing

8:Red Cross Representatives Were Stationed in the Camps and none ever reported a "holocaust"

9:Jewish Elites Have Repeatedly Cried "Six Million": After nearly every major European conflict of the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews cried "holocaust"

10: Six Million is the Number of Jews That Were Transported to the Camps, yet the camps were full at the end of the war[63][64]

IspaniolCapirot posted that the Roman Empire is anti-white. He says that Rome saw its nonwhite population become the majority because of Julius Caesar and that the least white and uncivilized people made up 10% of the population. Jutunn commented that the Roman Empire succumbed to multicultralism, Ole massa commented that large empires fall because of immigrants, and WracialLoyalist commented that Christianity allowed them to succumb to multiculturalism.[65] Revision posted that Britain intended to join WWII before Germany invaded Poland and that the UK invaded Germany because the Jews forced them.[66] Joshua98 posted that Jews had a role in the French Revolution, linking to the Metapedia page on the French Revolution.[67] Phoenix1933 posted that Jews caused France's economy to be bad and Jews printed media to cause the revolution.[68] WracialLoyalist posted that the Black Death killed half of the white population and asks if Jews were responsible. Joshua98 claims that Jews poisoned wells to spread the plague. Reynoldsg commented that Jews did it with an image of jews apparently controlling the media. Thankfully, most people in the comments didn't believe in blood libel.[69]

9/11 truth[edit]

A truther forum on Stormfront where one can find conspiracy theories about 9/11. Mostly, they blame Jews. Oftentimes the forum doesn't even talk about 9/11 at all, instead discussing other conspiracy theories like UFOs.

NicholasXLIX posted that Jews did 9/11 and that Israelis parked on New York. The post is a copy and paste from Mintpress News, which posts conspiracy theories.[70] Anyhoo posted that George W. Bush was involved in 9/11 because he was controlled by Zionists and so is Trump and that Bush covered up 9/11 to appease the Zionist blackmailers.[71]. WhiteWakeUpCall posted that 9/11 truthers are useless unless they name the Jew. Vorsicht posted that the 9/11 truther movement was started by them, of course. Tom Joad posted that Jews did 9/11 and links to a green ink website.[72][73] Revision posted that ufologists are freaking out that NASA removed UFO images from the photo archive so that they can cover up extraterrestrials.[74] Spoon asks if 9/11 was an inside job and says that Chinese people and Muslims were celebrating 9/11. He says the Nation of Islam was probably responsible.[75][note 1] Jman2129 posted that humans will be implanted with microchips. Skyfirezz posted that he will not take the microchip because of ZOG and the NWO.[76] REL posted that the government doesn't want you to know about the real inconvient truth, linking to a deleted post on ZetaTalk. WelshWarrior commented global warming is caused by Earth cycles and not human interference.[77] Rickyrichard posted that the swine flu happened because FEMA is mobilizing, citing Rense, a conspiracy theorist site.[78]

Stormfront International[edit]

These are a collection of forum where users outside of America can dicuss about their ideology.

Stormfront Britan[edit]

The most popular forum in the section

GordonSMITH posted that the world civilization began in Ireland linking to a post he made in which he links to various pseudohistorical posts and videos [79] [80]. Matematik posted that the cabal is going to use Anti-British agenda to Further Trans rights that British government will prevent Scottish from passing law permitting children to have sex changes without parental consent and that the world is Anti-British/Anti-English [81]. Blewit posted that Boris Johnson vows To have amnesty for undocumented immigrants the comments are to no one's surprise mad about this, Darklogos commented that Johnson is a fake tory, he also comented he is a jew as well [82]. MateMatnik asks why Middle class English people are so anti-British, he claims that they say that British history is racist and that majority of Middle class people are remainders [83]. CannockAnglo posted that we should ban Burkas, that the burqa encorgaes terrorism that leftists and Muzzrats ignore this [84]. Luckyperson explains that Britain should be proud of Colonizing India because they built railways and reduced female infanticide citing Daily Express [85]. Patriot93 claims that Top feminist Julie Bindel said that men need to put in concentration camps and to end heterosexuality citing Paul Joesph Watson [86]

UK newslinks[edit]

This is where you post newslinks but only for United Kingdom.

Dudarenko posted that UK is the world's biggest laughing stock because 20 migrants Canceled their trip to barrage citing Daily Mail [87]. Whitehouse90310 posted that 1000 migrants came to UK channel and got failed to deport, GordonSMiTH commented that they need to be deported to Rwanda [88]. The same user posted that the tory government is tip-toeing out of New zero he calls it Khmer Rouge, that the prime minister wanted to shift to electronic cars by 2030 [89]. Revision posted that British advertising is being africanised citing a video from Joe Marsh a racist [90]

Stormfront Russia[edit]

Despite the Original nazis hating slavs which includes Russians, the Stormfront russia forum is the largest after Storm front Britain

GlascowWASP asks Russians if they would tolerate white immigrants coming to Russia Most people responded with yes [91]. Ardagast posted that Novorossiya is a ZOG project because one of the people who work on the project are jews that russian nationalists must destroy it [92]

Mirror, mirror on the wall…[edit]

As one might expect, there's an unusual amount of anxiety within the membership about whether they are "100% white" or not. A 2017 sociology study of Stormfront members found that when members have themselves genetically tested and find that they are not of 100% European ancestry, they are advised to ignore the test and instead either rely on less-reliable genealogy or the totally unreliable "mirror test" ("When you look in the mirror, do you see a jew? If not, you're good.").[93][94]


A report by the SPLC stated that almost 100 hate crime murders can be linked to the site, and 10 murderers had links to it.[95] Even discounting the killing spree by Anders Behring Breivik that claimed 77 lives, that's still close to two dozen people killed by members of a site with fewer than 1,800 registered members. Frazier Glenn Cross, a man suspected of a mass shooting at a Jewish center, was barred from Stormfront after a disagreement with the site's owner.[96]


They used Fraktur fonts (which were actually banned in 1941 by the Nazis themselves)[97] to evoke a Germanic image. Their emblem was a Celtic cross, which is often used as a symbol by white supremacists. In another supreme fit of irony, while they used the Fraktur font, they also banned display or use of the swastika. You figure it out.

Their Celtic cross logo with the text "White Pride Word Wide" was once, for a long time, rendered with the stone age-style font Lithos,[98] likely to go along with the theme of their ideology.

See also[edit]

  • Billy the Heretic — A notoriously godawful webcomic made by two Stormfront users. The comic's website even linked to Stormfront.
  • Don Black — Stormfront was founded by the ironically named Black, a former KKK and American Nazi Party member.
  • David Duke — The Duke was known to hang out there. His ex-wife actually co-founded the site with Black.[99]
  • Metapedia – A neo-Nazi wiki that acts as Stormfront's Wikipedia.
  • VNNforum — Stormfront's excessive, even nastier counterpart.
  • Iron March — Stormfront taken to 11 without even bothering with the self-delusion and/or flimsy excuses. Went down in 2017, spiritually succeeded by Fascist Forge.
  • The Daily Stormer — Stormfront if it published original content. Stormfront has no connection to this website other than the name. Stormfront cites this website a lot.
  • Operation Red Dog — An actual plot to overthrow the government of Dominica in 1981 that involved Stormfront's founder.

External links[edit]

  • We're not going to directly link you to the website
  • r/Stormfront — Stormfront was a racist organization, but Reddit claimed the name and are making fun of it by using the sub as a weather news service.
  • — An online store for Apple enthusiasts.


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