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Ricardo Duchesne

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Ricardo Duchesne is a Puerto Rico-born Canadian historical sociologist with alt-right, pseudo-intellectual, anti-immigration, white nationalist views and rhetoric. Known for his "academic" works extolling the "uniqueness" of western civilization and his maligning of non-western civilizations despite having absolutely no academic qualifications whatsoever in the study of non-western civilizations he belittles, he also also penned anti-immigrant articles and invested much of his time engaging in edit wars on Wikipedia and forum flame wars. Making no effort to hide his racist views in public he has been featured on[1]

Having been publicly chastised by his colleagues for his views he has been challenged to submit his ideas on Western Civilization to academic review,[2] rather than presumably edit war on Wikipedia which he has been doing since 2006. His claim of western superiority rests on his thesis that western civilization is driven by its "individualist, aristocratic and warlike nature".[3] He was based at the University of New Brunswick until retiring in 2019.[4]

Keyboard warrior activity[edit]

Despite his "academic" profile, Duchesne maintains a prolific activity on Wikipedia and history related forums. Known for being easily identified and being smacked down by amateurs in debates due to him making elementary mistakes given his lack of academic qualifications in non-western history, Ricardo Duchesne's primary Wikipedia account, Gun Powder Ma, editing since 3 September 2006 has edited his own Wikipedia article[5] Duchesne's other secondary Wikipedia sockpuppet account Mnd5trm (archive) keeps a somewhat lower profile but nevertheless edits in the same fields and makes no effort to hide his views. He is original username on that account was R3venans but he changed it to Mnd5trm after it was exposed (archive link) He signed up for an account on World Historia forum under the same handle Gun Powder Ma[6] which later moved to All Empires forum[7] His primary activity is attacking non-western civilizations as militarily weak, less advanced, and primitive than the west.[8][9] He has not learned to show any subtlety in his views and is therefore quickly identified across different forums and Wikipedia as the same despite the different handles.[10][11] His Wikipedia friend William M. Connolley[12] played guard dog on his Wikipedia article and his other Wikipedia friend Julian Felsenburgh wrote the article after the first version written by Duchesne's own account Gun Powder Ma was deleted.[13] Duchesne's third sockpuppet account Otto von Gallino and fourth sockpuppet account Grace Likos have edited his Wikipedia article for the sole purpose of removing inconvenient information and aggrandizing himself breaking Wikipedia guidelines that editors should disclose conflicts of interests. His Wikipedia article is a glorified hagiography as a result. Nihlus1 is also a sockpuppet of Ricardo Duchesne (archive) engaging in his usual business of downplaying war victories of non-white states against "white" European states.

Duchesne has a racial hierarchy of races he deems inferior in his arguments, ranking western Germanic Europeans as over Eastern Europeans and Balkans over Middle Easterners over Mongoloids over Indians. His racial hierarchy often overrides supposed "Christian" solidarity, as Duchesne falsely claims the Turkic Mamluks who defeated Nestorian Christian Mongols at Ain Jalut were Arabs in order to give Arabs the credit for victory despite the fact that Turks ruled over Arabs for centuries at that point and the Mongols demolished Arab resistance at Baghdad itself.

As his racial hierarchy overrides religious soldarity, Duchesne forgets that Christian Caucasoid Armenians were vassal allies of the Mongol Ilkhanate fighting against the Mamluks and his "own" western European Crusaders at Antioch also fought alongside the Mongols against the Mamluks and that a loss for the Mongols meant a loss for the Armenians and Crusaders who would loose their independence to the Turkic Mamluk Muslims. Suddenly Armenians and Crusaders get thrown under the bus and the Mongol conquerer Kitbuqa Noyan's Christian religion does not matter to him. The Armenians of Cilicia lost their independence to the Muslim Turks after the fall of their Mongol allies.

Duchesne will proclaim Spanish and Balkaners as superior to non-whites but when Moorish rule in Spain and Ottoman rule in the Balkans are mentioned, Duchesne will refer to Spain and the Balkans as peripheral backwater shitholes which don't matter to Europe and throw them under the bus. Duchesne also has an obsession with putting down Slavic Czechs over the history of Bohemia which he claims as German.

Duchesne would mock India for getting invaded by Persians and then insult and mock Persians claiming they were inferior Asiatics conquered by Alexander the Great and praise the movie 300 against them.

Duchesne would support Uyghurs against China out of his hatred for China being non-white but then call Uyghurs as radical Mongoloid Islamist terrorists who kill Syrian Christians when it comes to accepting Uyghur immigrants, since there are Uyghur foreign fighters in Syria on the rebel side.

Duchesne would in turn regard those Syrian Christians as inferior to western Europeans.

Mentioning non-whites such as the Huns conquering western European Germanics throws Duchesne into epileptic fits as he can't throw his own people under the bus unlike Spanish and Balkaners.

Duchesne also completely ignores Timur demolishing the western European Knights Hospitaller at Smyrna in 1402, when claiming Timur was inferior to western knights while claiming Timur was militarily superior to China. In reality Timur died before fighting a single battle against the Chinese. Duchesne's white supremacist fan fiction takes precedence over actual historical events in his head.

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