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Slymepit – A forum/opposite of a fan club dedicated to hateful obsession with Skepchicks and FreeThoughtBlogs. Think 4chan but obsessed with a very small number of people. They make photoshops, videos, write stories, tell rape/PTSD jokes, come up with crude nicknames, stalk our home addresses, work places, and use hospitalizations to start STD rumors — that sort of thing.
—Ashley F. Miller

The "Slymepit" was a discussion board that began as a series of completely unhinged discussion threads, originally going by the name "The SlimePit", on the ScienceBlogs site of virologist-blogger Abbie "ERV" Smith. Started in the wake of Elevatorgate and populated by vocal misogynists, confessed trolls, and other lost souls, they were forced to move to a separate site as a result of National Geographic's takeover of ScienceBlogs. Its entire reason for existing was to create a massive circlejerk around the meme that "feminism is poisoning atheism," and as a result was heavily dominated by the kind of atheists who tend to prefer leaving their prejudices about women, economics, and occasionally race unexamined (or, more often than not, cheerfully embrace them).[1]

Its existence was more sad and pathetic than anything else; outside their prejudices, a lot of Slymepitters were formerly respected, but have been largely ostracized from the more self-questioning sides of skepticism, and therefore see themselves as being bullied by mean ol' women and manginas. There's some a lot of overlap with the men's rights movement here.[2] One of the Slymepit's greatest "achievements" was their shameless exploitation of a mentally disturbed woman to "get back" at PZ Myers.[3]

The term 'Slymepitter' is also used more broadly to describe anyone whose comments and behaviour (such as defending rapists or committing rape) would be lauded there, even if they themselves have never been part of the group. It follows logically from the above that it is appropriate to apply the term to a person who has committed rape. Thus, it is deductively valid to conclude that a person who allows Slymepitters to post on a forum harbors rapists. Pathetically, they lose all credibility when they deny this.

The Slymepit shut down for commenting at the end of October 2022.[4][5]

Slymepit dislikes[edit]

Content note: Pretty much everything. Racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia,[6] rape jokes, rape denial, threats of violence, and more, too much to thoroughly trigger-warn. (...) the deliberate misgendering of trans people, anti-Semitism, polyamory-shaming, fat-shaming, mental-illness]-shaming, sexually-transmitted-disease shaming.
Greta Christina[7]

They don't particularly like RationalWiki, and have adopted Slymepitter Franc Hoggle's term "baboons" used originally to describe PZ Myers and Pharyngula. They also really don't like Rebecca Watson, PZ Myers, Jey McCreight, or anyone who calls them out on their crap, generally referring to such individuals as "cucks" and "white knights".[8] The entire exercise seems to be one enormous justification for being allowed to hit on women on elevators in the wee hours of the morning. A bit of a productivity waste, eh?[9][10]

Slymepit satire[edit]

Prior to its demise, the Slymepit was infamous for the terrible quality of their 'parody' and 'satirical' photoshopped images. Not all images featured on the Slymepit were created by regulars; some of the images made elsewhere were posted without any attribution. Sometimes images of a similar calibre were misattributed to the Slymepit (presumably due to having the same preoccupations). If your parents wondered where the humour was in any of these, they were not alone. Like manosphere image macros[11] and conspiracy theorist propaganda posters, logic, legibility and laughter took a very definite back seat to the attempt to play up to the group's own prejudices and talking points.

This is what passed for satire there[edit]

See how many of the following make any sense to you without accompanying explanation.

For your own safety, try to contain your mirth.

Godfrey Elfwick[edit]

Godfrey Elfwick was a twitter persona from the Slymepit meant to parody their favorite boogeyman: "SJWs". Godfrey managed to prank the BBC and the British media in two separate instances. In the first prank, he was invited by the BBC to speak as someone who had never seen Star Wars.[12] He also went on Twitter with #WrongSkin where he claimed he feels he was a person of colour trapped in a wrong body.[13] The Slymepit Godfrey gave up his account by the end of 2015. A new Elfwick reappeared in early 2016, but this account is managed by another person, unknown to the original Elfwick.

The Demise of the Slymepit[edit]

In 2020, the Slymepit raged against vaccination and in support of the Taliban. In 2022, the Slymepit enthusiastically supported Vladimir Putin and his attack on Ukraine, heaping praise on the "denazification" goals of the attack, and mocking the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Commonly posted memes compare Ukrainian women and children, including infants, to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, mocking both for their fears of sexual assault while excusing or even glorifying the assailants, openly praising the equivalences between the two groups. It is almost as bad as before 2020, when posters to the Slymepit explicitly endorsed misogyny, slavery, Richard Dawkins, and genocide.

In October 2022, the admin decided to close the forums for posting due to the site being "a complete travesty of what it used to be, and serves no purpose".[14] As of May 2023 the site is still up in a read-only state.

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