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  • All News Pipeline(link):, a Christian Conspiracy site who is so paranoid, that they believe their site host has it in for them. Slowly becoming more popular as another "go-to" site for Conspiracies.
  • American Holocaust(link):
  • Anonymous ART of Revolution(link): One of the more popular Anonymous Facebook pages due to their posting up of inspirational art, it is nevertheless a hot-bed of virtually every tin-hat theory under the roof. Basically Infowars with Guy Fawkes masks.
  • Attacking Satan in Jesus Name(link): Webshite run by Chris LaSala, a former atheist turned Protestant conspiracist. Convinced that Catholics, atheists and pretty much everyone else are worshippers of Satan. Amusing at times but also very alarming in the fact that he has managed to brainwash so many people on the internet into performing "exorcisms" on them over Skype.
  • Before It's News(link):
  • Anders Björkman(link): Also goes as Heiwa. Apollo hoax and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Has no idea how to do energy balances or compute propellant requirements for orbital maneuvers (has notably claimed that the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation is unrelated to this). Offers million-Euro prizes to anyone who shows him to be wrong, and either ignores people who proceed to do so or makes silent corrections to his site in response.
  • ...and someone's bones(link): A very cranky blog masquerading as a news site warning the world about the Nibiru conspiracy theory.
  • Kerry Cassidy(link):: Paranoid nutcase conspiracy theorist who makes long self-worshipping videos about all kinds of woo.
  • if you don't feel compassion for a delusional man and you can't help but laughing your ass off at almost every sentence the man says. Spanish-language.
  • Conscience48(link): If you just thought that American conspiracy theorists were lunatics, listen to these French people.
  • is the shrine of Spanish conspiracy-mongers. Take a look just for the lulz!
  • Craig Cobb
  • White supremacist, racist, anti-Semitic video website
  • Racist, pro-Trump website
  • alt-right version of YouTube
  • another alt-right YouTube
  • (link): Racist video service named after Tallinn
  • Neo-Nazi YouTube
  • Anti-black version of YouTube
  • Another Anti-Semitic version of YouTube
  • (link): Neo-Nazi version of YouTube
  • David Wake up, sheeple! The world is being controlled by shape-shifting alien jews lizards from the 4th dimension! The moon is a hollowed-out planetoid from which reality is being projected! Secret passages in Masonic lodges lead to the Hollow Earth! WOOOOOOOH!
  • Mark Dice(link): Conservative Christian Trump supporter. Known for making videos involving conspiracy theories, science denial and arrogant conservatism.
  • A website full of people "Exposing" conspiracy theories.
  • The Divided Kingdom Radio Show(link): Shortwave radio's premiere kook show has been spewing conspiracy theories on the airwaves since the 1990s. Hosted by aging prudes Elizabeth Border and Lou Caverly, they address every known conspiracy theory known to mankind and wrap it all up into a paranoid conservative fundamentalist Christian worldview. They are big fans of Alex Jones, Rick Wiles, and Donald Trump.
  • Educate Yourself(link): Every nutter thing in the book: colloidal silver, chemtrails, the New World Order, and vaccine hysteria, to being the last people on earth to continue to defend Lauren Stratford. Also has an article entitled "Prevent Alien/Demonic Attacks". Oh, and quantum; dis we mention the quantum in at least 54 different articles?
  • and their youtube channel(link):
  • Facebook Kooks
  • Dee McLachlan(link):
  • Feliciano Ahlam(link):
  • Tom Fontaine(link):
  • The Forbidden Knowledge(link):
  • Godlike Productions(link):
  • Henry Official website of men rights activist, batshit crazy NWO/Illuminati conspiracy theorist, and anti-Semite Henry Makow
  • Humans Are Free(link):
  • IllumiCorp(link): Website which advertises itself as "always hiring for new Illuminati members". You know, because an alleged organisation hellbent on secretly taking over the world would surely have a site where you can "join" them and, in turn, give them more money. At least you get a cool and hip card which verifies your scam Illuminati membership.[1]
  • Illuminati Symbols(link): If you have a fetish for symbols, objects and hand gestures this is the site for you. In all other areas it is the typical website for Illuminati-obsessed freaks, with a lot of the typical celebrity and media fear mongering.
  • The Intel Hub(link): More of the same.
  • Information Clearing House(link): A typical conspiracy theory claiming to be "a clearing house" for information. Deals with your typical right-wing conspiracy paranoia as well.
  • ITV(link): The name is a short-hand for "Information très vraie" (very real information). Its a flat-earth website which at one point propagated that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a scam, thinly (and perhaps unintentionally) disguised as a French version of ITV.
  • Justify Theory(link): Apparently, the logo of the Monster EnergyWikipedia's W.svg drink brand represents the number 666, and is therefore proof that Satanists/Masons/the Illuminati rule the world.
  • Mad Cow Tourist Info(link): Can you say "schizophrenia"? This website contains hundreds of pages by a woman claiming to have visited England and had her asthma inhaler somehow infected with BSE by government agents. She cured herself with herbs, and then went out trying to track down what happened. Reading the story (which has been going for 13 years) is like watching a thriller movie. Everyone’s in on it, and they’re all out to get her. Oh, and apparently Prince William is trying to seduce her. To note- prion diseases are transmitted via contaminated brain and spinal tissues. There is NO cure or treatment at this time.
  • Mark Peeters(link): A Belgian conspiracy theorist notable for spreading theories about the Moon landing hoax, that the pill makes women unattractive and that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, but that Barack Obama revived him in 2010 to kill him again. He ALLso has a very PARANOID wri(gh)t/ing style.
  • Media Exposed(link):
  • Misterxmedia(link): A conspiracy theorist who believes there's secret stacked chips inside the Xbox One console and Sony is an evil omnipotent entity paying off developers and media to lie. Seems to suffer from legit paranoid schizophrenia by scribbling random nonsense on tech diagrams.
  • Muscle Missions(link): claims that bodybuilding is a huge Satanic conspiracy. The site includes various articles and videos with content resembling paranoid schizophrenia (such as a claim that bodybuilder Jay Cutler was caught on video making a Satanic hand symbol), and even offers a subscription to a weird magazine with a beach-buff Satan on the front page.
  • No Matter What ... it always boils down to ...(link): The usual Jack Chickian/Henry Makowian stuff. Illuminati/Masonic/Satanic conspiracies, racism (especially anti-Semitism) and gun-nuttery.
  • Nyhetsspeilet(link): When arguing in Norwegian, stay away.
  • One Evil(link):
  • Paranoia - The Conspiracy Reader(link): Started as a 'zine in 1992 as a general clearing house for all things conspiracy.
  • The Phora(link): A message board for conspiracy theorists.
  • ThePottersClay(link): A kooky Flat earther that likes to scream "NASADIDIT!" and often spreads other bullshit as well.
  • Steve Quayle(link): An all-around conspiracy theorist, prepper, pseudoscience promoter, and author of several pseudohistory books. He is known to pop up on trustworthy radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM and Alex Jones. Warning: his web site will make your eyes bleed.
  • Reality 101(link):
  • Rense(link): Jeff Rense's webshite. It's like a slightly (huge emphasis on slightly) saner version of[2] Mostly concentrates on conspiracy theories of the Illuminati/NWO/Jewish type, but also a big source of alt-woo, and just woo in general.
  • Rumor Mill News(link): Mob-driven news aggregation and general dumping ground for paranoid conspiracy theorists. The bizarre assortment of homegrown clickbait ads on the site is priceless.
  • Saints Against Tyranny(link): Same as always. Masonic symbolism in corporate logos, Bohemian Club, Baphomet, depopulation... *yawn*.
  • Stop the Crime(link): Massively incoherent crank site and home of Deborah Taveres, who is convinced that smart meters, WiFi, and cellular telephone technology are part of a worldwide depopulation and mind control conspiracy wrapped up with the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and international bankers; and that this conspiracy has overtaken all government and military entities and is enforced by the nefarious use of directed energy weapons, microwave frequencies, chemical warfare, and government-engineered climate change.
  • Sweet Liberty(link):
  • Taboo Conspiracy(link): A blog that claims that its "where other conspiracy sites fear to go". Because even they are not batshit crazy enough to go to it.
  • The Truthful One(link):
  • TRUNEWS(link): Rick Wiles' bizarre webshite for paranoid Evangelicals.
  • Truth and Action(link): "Learn the Truth... Then Take Action" - they rarely cite their sources and when they do, it frequently ends in circular references.
  • Truth Control(link):
  • Truth News Australia(link):
  • The Truthseeker(link):
  • The Unhived Mind(link):
  • UFOTV(link): Known for their crank documentaries[3]
  • Veterans Today(link): Advertises itself as a "military & foreign affairs journal" with a few useful bits of information on veterans' benefits and loans ripped from legit sites to boost its credibility, it's mostly another source of conspiracy theories regarding 9/11, Benghazi, Obama, the New World Order, etc., with a very generous heaping of antisemitism and Holocaust denial.
  • Under the Radar Media(link): "Dedicated to bringing you a good post every now and then on issues the media pretends doesn't exist" in reality it's an alternate media blog complete with thinly-veiled antisemitism disguised as anti-Zionism.
  • Vigilant Citizen(link): Dedicated to hyper-analyzing supposed Illuminati/New World Order symbolism within popular culture. Puts a special, extremely creepy emphasis on attempting to prove that every female pop star ever is a mind-controlled sex slave.
  • Alan Watt(link): Conspiracy theorist loon, believes everything other than what he teaches is being used to distract us all from the great truth he possesses. Also a climate change denier.
  • The conspiracy site to end all conspiracy sites, "highlighted" by the "reporting" of Sorcha Faal.
  • What Really Happened(link): Mostly conspiracy nuts, but also some woo and anti-Semitism mixed in for good measure.
  • Best known as a site promoting various alt-med conspiracy theories, this is more of a maelstrom of lunacy.
  • is an American version of, right down to the layout of the pages, though not quite as comprehensive.
  • DAHBOO77(link): A gun nut exposing the truth about the NWO, impending martial law, failing border, etc.
  • The Forerunner Chronicles(link): Christopher Hudson is a "guerrilla filmmaker" and self proclaimed Seventh-day Adventist "pastor" (despite having no ministerial credentials whatsoever) based out of New York. Clearly influenced by fellow SDA conspiracy theorist/creationist Walter Veith (although with a much bigger emphasis on the conspiracy theory part). Some of Hudson’s greatest hits: accusing rapper Jay-Z of being a devil-worshipping Freemason, denouncing Oprah Winfrey as a disciple of Satan, accusing Obama of attempting to turn America gay, declaring masturbation a sin that causes mental illness and calling superstorm Sandy a harbinger of cannibalism. Notorious for blocking any and all remotely critical comments, stifling honest questions and debates among viewers in his video threads and for his highly aggressive, loud, authoritative manner of speaking. Routinely begs for money from his subscribers and unfortunately has plenty of churches willing to support his "ministry". Made national news as the creepy, predatory "spiritual advisor" to young actor Angus Jones, who converted to Adventism after watching his videos.
  • FullSpectrumSurvival(link): A survivalist how-to guide for the apocalypse.
  • Gorilla199(link): A British conspiracy theorist and Christian. He claims that the world is controlled by shape-shifting aliens and Freemasons. He is known to block anybody who posts comments that criticise his videos, claiming that they worship "The Beast." He is basically Nephilimfree and David Icke combined into one person. Also engaged in anti-relativity bullshitery.(link)
  • Jarrah White(link): The (self-proclaimed?) "Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory ;" among his most recent stunts is ambushing Phil Plait and Adam Savage with a concealed camera at TAM8.
  • Mark Passio(link): A conspiracy theorist who talks about the occult, UFOs and the evil Federal Reserve
  • MoonlightOwl70(link): "I don't follow conspiracy "theories" I only use [sic] facts. People need to wake up." These "facts" are just hand signs, symbols and long-refuted "evidence", turns out.
  • Michelle Hopkins(link): Makes a lot of videos ranting about HAARP and Chemtrails. Thinks chemtrails have blood and can land on cars. Oh and, in some videos, her description for those videos are LONG and full of Youtube links to other Conspiracy Themed videos. Of course, to some people she's a govt. paid shill. Not even Conspiracy Theorists can trust each other.
  • Pamela Geller
  • Revelations Network(link): Every conspiracy Theory under the sun. Law of Exclamation applies. Apparently run by a man who calls himself "Brother Jessie"
  • RICK THORNE(link): Yeah... You're brain will melt when you go on his channel. Speeches out of context, "CAPS LOCK BECAUSE I AM A [sic] DISABLED VIETNAM WAR VET" and hundreds of videos of crazy. Pretty funny actually.
  • SGTReport(link): A channel with every conspiracy theory you could think of.
  • SkidRowRadio(link): Formally known as oojamaflipper, this user is typically anti-western in his theories. Recent videos have included doubt at the death of Osama Bin Laden, with the theory that Osama was killed in 2001 and "put on ice" in order to boost poll ratings for an american president. He has also expressed the thought that the Fukushima nuclear incident has been covered up by the US and Japanese governments and is actually far more dangerous than they are willing to admit. SkidRowRadio also engages in the more common "Iraq and Afghanistan was for oil" conspiracy, ignoring what has been pointed out many times by many people: Afghanistan contains no oil (he has attempted to justify this by saying that the war in Afghanistan is not about oil in Afghanistan, but a plan to build a pipe-line through the country).
  • StormCloudsGathering(link): A channel about what you aren't being told and how global financial collapse and the start of WW3 are imminent.
  • freejahar(link):
  • freedzhokhar(link):
  • jaharstrong(link):
  • savetsarnaev(link):
  • justice4tsarnaev(link):
  • tsarnaevisinnocent(link):
  • bostonhoax(link):
  • freetsarnaev(link):
  • tamerlanisinnocent(link):
  • dzhokharisinnocent(link):
  • jaharisinnocent(link):
  • savetamerlan(link):
  • savedzhokhar(link):
  • savejahar(link):
  • justice4jahar(link):
  • Tsarnaevstrong(link):
  • dzhokharstrong(link):
  • tamerlanstrong(link):
  • jaharstrong(link):
  • pray4jahar(link):
  • opfreetsarnaev(link):
  • opfreedzhokhar(link):
  • bostonfalseflag(link):
  • opfreejahar(link):
  • pray4tamerlan(link):
  • pray4tsarnaev(link):
  • justice4dzhokhar(link):
  • justice4tamerlan(link):
  • pray4dzhokhar(link):
  • Tom Fontaine(link):
  • TruthNeverTold(link): Wake up sheeple, the financial market is going to crash any moment now so buy gold now before the NWO ban it!
  • The Vigilant Christian(link): Conspiracy theorist who thinks that everything is satanic illuminati. Everything that is wrong is the illuminati according to The Vigilant Christian. Is anti-Semitic, thinks the Marvel superheroes are evil when he completely disregards the villains such as Mephisto, thinks Batman and Superman are Marvel when they are in fact DC, and hates he hates women as proved by the video Vigilant Manhood 101 - The Satanaic Feminist Movement EXPOSED.[4]

Survivalists and doomsday-preppers[edit]

  • American Preppers Network(link):
  • But It(link):
  • 2012 Apocalypse and Planet X/Nibiru fearmongering. Is still online, in spite of the fact that, well, you know...
  • The Economic Collapse Blog(link): Survivalist wingnuttery, constant predictions of impending doom, failing at basic economics, paranoia, gold buggery, it's all here.
  • Finca Bayano(link): as featured on German broadcaster NDR in October 2016, Finca Bayano is an enterprise of German survivalist expat Stefan Mudry, that entices people to "emigrate while they can" to Panama, and uses economic collapse, civil war and travel restriction fearmongering to entice them. He claims to want to build a survivalist community of 150 people, but according to NDR the ambition is far from getting anywhere.[5]
  • Martial Law Survival(link): A plug for a book by a purported former soldier and political advisor "revealing" how the US government is soon going to institute martial law and lock tax protestors and abortion opponents up in FEMA concentration camps, as well as what said persons can do to prepare.
  • MrMBB333(link): Although he has some reasonable commentary in some of his videos talking about recent natural disasters, he has embraced some conspiracy theories[6] and has overhyped certain events before they happen. For instance, hurricanes and other cyclonic storms, in which he used computer models that can change over the course of days. All to prepare for the end times.
  • Northeast PA Polar Shift Preparedness Site(link): The world as we know it will end next year with the shifting of the magnetic poles and only a few people in Pennsylvania know. The N.E.P.A. website may help you prepare and will also explain crop circles.
  • RichieFromBoston(link): An all-around internet kook. From Flat earth, to chemtrails, to global warming denialism, to HAARP, to New World Order hysteria, and so on. For some weird reason, batshit crazier people like to "expose" him as a government agent/freemason/shill.
  • Stansberry and Associates(link): A painfully transparent mix of economic doomsaying and pump-and-dump financial fraud. Proudly shilled for by Ron Paul and a number of far-right "news" sites.
  • StormCloudsGathering(link): A sleekly designed website layered over a survivalist and crank-laden mess that makes the average Tea Party look sane. Where World War III and the impending collapse of the economy/nation/global civilization/etc. is just around the corner, with a good helping of NWO, 9/11 trutherism, and a kitchen sink of conspiracy propaganda. Warning: clicking the link may cause one to lose hope in humanity. That said, they don't mince words when it comes to racists and neo-Nazis,[7] so there's at least one thing going for them. Also, hear all about what you're "not being told" by the "corporate media", like: The DHS has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, the US is preparing for a coming economic crash ... by planning to put people in slave camps, and the Sarin gas in Syria in August 2013 was orchestrated by Obama in order to blame Assad so he could go to war with Syria's allies (which, of course, the site talked about before the attack even took place).
  • The Survival Zone(link):
  • Survivopedia(link): A clickbait site targeting preppers.
  • THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE(link): You NEED TO VIEW THIS CHANNEL and fall into a world of conspiracy crankery.
  • Cleve Blakemore: US expat survivalist in Australia who maintains the market leader in computerized fallout shelter management software. (It is a very, very small market sector.) Also thinks Stephen Hawking is a fraud. Suspected of trolling us via sockpuppet, not very successfully.
  • Gerald Celente: The phrase "the pornography of pessimism" was invented to describe his message. Predicted everything, especially the global meltdown and the bankruptcy of the USA which happened exactly as he predicted on... er, wait....
  • Nicole Foss (A.K.A. Stoneleigh): Moderator of The Automatic Earth website which has been continually predicting that we are on the cusp of a massive and devastating deflation (Dow Jones to 1,000, homes lose 90% of their value), each and every day since 2009.
  • Tyler Durden/Dan Ivandjiiski: Goldman Sachs is a cabal that manipulates the US economy in order to steal from everyone. Which, y'know, really doesn't sound that far off the mark ... at least until you see the extent to which this guy takes it.
  • Michael T. Snyder: The world is going to end every day since 2008...just you wait! Then Jesus is going to kick butt.


  1. Please, don't waste your money on anything on this website
  2. What meaning the phrase "saner than" may possess is left as an exercise for the reader.
  4. [1]
  5. Rough translation of the NDR article
  6. The TRUTH about "Chemtrails" | One man's theory... on YouTube.