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Racialism is the idea that humanity can be easily divided into well-defined categories ("races") that are both broad (each category should include many humans, such as entire continents) and clearly-defined (the categorization method should rarely misidentify someone's "race"). Racialism implies that these races are substantially different from each other and strongly determine abilities and behavior, to the degree that biological classification below the species level is necessary. In short, racialism holds that biology divides humans.


  • AltCensored(link): Regular alt-right content with a splash of persecution complex.
  • The Alternative Hypothesis(link): Said this: "Whites, by far, are the least racist people on the planet as well. This doesn’t have to do with implicit or brain-stem racism. If a black man is standing behind me, I am more concerned than if a white man is, and that’s an entirely rational way to feel. Anyone who says that’s “wrong” is telling you to put human-creationist insanity above your own safety."[1] Enough said. A notable moment in his Youtube career being his asswhopping in a debate over Genetics, Race, and Intelligence by theskepticalheretic.[2][3][4][5][6]
  • AltLeft.com(link): Website proclaiming to be the "The Left Of The Alt-Right" which really isn't.
  • American Blackshirts(link): Fascist, third positionist political party inspired by Benito Mussolini's Italy. They put their racism on display when, in their platform, they say, "Biological racism is a degenerative ideology, and a betrayal to the many that have bled in the defense of the American Race."
  • American Freedom Party(link): A Third Position, White nationalist American political party.
  • American Identity Movement(link): Modeled after Europe's Generation Identity, the American Identity Movement is what happens when Patrick Casey attempts to re-brand Identity Evropa as something less racist. They have not succeeded thus far.
  • American Nazi Party(link): What do you expect? It's an American Neo-Nazi political party.
  • American Renaissance(link): Newspaper that has a racialist-based focus on races.
  • Amerika(link): American alt-right website.
  • Amos Magazine(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Angry White Men(link): While it does advocate against white supremacy, it also defends notorious black separatist Louis Farrakhan in some of its posts.
  • AntiMatrix(link): Another anti-Semitic International Jewish Conspiracy webshite.
  • The Apricity Forum(link):
  • Aryanism(link):Neo-Nazi website pushing Nazi propaganda while trying to distance themselves from actual neo-Nazis.
  • AssataShakur.org(link): For a change of pace, try these anti-white black supremacists. You get all the incoherency of Time Cube while you're at it.
  • Atlanta Black Star(link): Black supremacist, supporting everything from your more "ordinary" black supremacy to such pleasantries as seemingly celebrating the fact in-and-of-itself that Nat Turner's rebellion involved killing white children.[7]
  • Andrew Carrington Hitchcock(link): British author and host of The Andrew Carrington Show who is yet another Anti-Semitic crank/crackpot wingnut who wrote a book called Synagogue of Satan: Secret History of Jewish World Domination and claims there is a "Jewish Genocide of the White Race".


  • Baked Alaska(link): Alt-right YouTuber. He marched in Charlottesville, Virginia during the Unite the Right rally, and was involved in the 2021 U.S. Capitol Riot.
  • Bare Naked Islam(link): Islamophobic website dedicated to "exposing" Islam.
  • The Barnes Review(link): Publishers of historical revision founded by anti-Semite Willis Carto, with a special emphasis on Holocaust denial and general Jew-bashing.
  • Black Hammer Org(link): Black supremacist organization known, among other things, for one of its co-founders maligning Anne Frank(!) as a "colonizer".
  • Black Hebrew Israelites(link): anti-Semite, anti-White racist, Black separatist and supremacist religious movement, which produced many offshoots since its inception in the late 19th century. It can be considered as the black counterpart of the white Christian Identity religious movement.
  • Black Liberation LoveN Unity(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Black Pigeon Speaks(link): An extremely racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, transphobic ultra-Christian who literally believes that women destroy civilizations simply by being given the right to vote and believes in the craziest anti-Soros conspiracy theories. When questioned on his views during an interview with Romanian vlogger Vee, BPS couldn't bring himself to offer a single source for any of his most insane anti-woman claims. And none of his other content has any redeeming value. It's literally all prejudice, all the time. Oh, and he also claims on his profile that he is not alt-right, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.
  • British National Party(link): "God save the Führer!" A far-right British nationalist party whose founder has had neo-Nazi ties.


  • Caste Football(link): A website created especially by and for racist sports fans.
  • Carolyn Emerick: The Volksich Folklorist(link): Official website of Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier, conspiracy theorist and female idiot Carolyn Emerick.
  • Carolyn Yeager(link): Official blog of Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Carolyn Yeager.
  • Charlemagne(link): Has a YouTube video on his channel entitled "A Gentle Introduction to Julius Evola" who is a known fascist.
  • Chimpmania(link): Copycat of Chimpout.
  • Chimpout.com(link): No neo-Nazism, white nationalism or neo-confederate cloggery; just the plain old bashing of blacks for the sake of the bashing of blacks.
  • Christogenea(link): White supremacy and Christian Identity thinly disguised as Christianity
  • Chronicles(link):
  • Chuck Maultsby(link): Self-proclaimed "Anti-Zionist, Anti-ZOG, Anti-NWO, Anti-Holohoax" on his Twitter account and a crank wingnut. Also a "9/11 truther".
  • The Coli(link): Hip-hop oriented forum that frequently indulges in black nationalist, supremacist, and homophobic rhetoric.
  • ColinFlaherty.com(link): Racist author of "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry" and "White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence in America and How the Media Ignore it" who specifically focuses on "black mob violence, black on white crime and the knockout game"
  • Counter-Currents Publishing(link): Greg Johnson's white nationalist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and Neo-Fascist publishing company. Even deals in fiction, if that's your bag...
  • The Creativity Movement(link):: Religious movement founded by Ben Klassen that puts a special emphasis on the white race (i.e. White nationalism) and hatred of Jews, "niggers", and "mud races"


  • The Daily Stormer(link):: The official website of the most infamous Neo-Nazi website of all time founded by Andrew Anglin in 2013.
  • Darkmoon(link): Website run by Lasha Darkmoon, a pseudo-scholarly "anglo-American academic", which is not just anti-Zionist/anti-Israel but also pushes white genocide propaganda as well as repeating anti-Semitic claims such as Judeo-Bolshevism and that America's wars were caused by Jews.
  • Davis M.J. Aurini(link): Canadian third-positionist vlogger and Sci-Fi novelist whose views on race and gender steer pretty close to Eugenics territory. Like pretty much every far right vlogger, he has delusions of being a philosopher. His videos mostly consist of him sitting around regurgitating things he reads off Wikipedia or some other site with slight changes in verbal format and tuned up to his favor, but he acts very classy in the process, so he can't be wrong. Does get some points for prior service in the Royal Canadian Army (who are famous for their leet hand-to-hand combat skillz) and the fact that he doesn't flail his arms about and act like a total psycho (in contrast to most in the far-right vlogosphere), but that's probably because he's pretending to smoke cigarettes and drink scotch in nearly every vide. Has a blog called Stares at goats the world.
  • Diversity Is Chaos(link): Anti-diversity website
  • Dodona(link): A human biodiversity site.


  • Veronica “Evalion” Bouchard(link): Prominent anti-feminist YouTuber who recently came under fire, deservedly so, for her videos against the Jewish race. Her video titles include but are not limited to "How to Identify a Jew", "Hitler Wasn't Evil", and several videos where she read Mein Kampf. Onision and LeafyIsHere called her out for her hate speech, resulting in Onision's fans flagging her channel and it being shut down. Feminist Flow, another anti-feminist YouTube channel, re-posts her content... with the permission she gave. In April 2017, she appeared in a video called "Why Stalin Wasn't Evil".[8] While it is possible she happens to be a fan of authoritarians regardless of their position on the left-right spectrum, it is far more likely that she has always just been a troll.
  • The End of Zion(link): Its logo showcases a figure performing a roundhouse kick on a rabbi. Nice.
  • English Defence League(link): Islamophobes who expressed their outrage at the murder of Lee Rigby by throwing bottles at the police. Motto: Not racist, not violent, no longer silent.
  • Eupedia(link): Not precisely racist but both eurocentric and overly concerned with outdated phrenology-type "racial classification."
  • Euro Radio Folk(link): White nationalist website that proclaims itself to be "A Voice for European People Worldwide" and as expected hatred of the Jews (referred by the organization as "Edomites")
  • European Knights Project(link):
  • European Union Times(link): No, it's not a newspaper, even if some people think so. Neither is it European.
  • Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax(link):: A typical Holocaust denial website that's totally and factually wrong.
  • Expel the Parasite(link): Welcome to my Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi, Christian Identity website! (Seriously, this guy Brett likes to welcome people everywhere on his site.)


  • Fairfax Underground(link): Officially a community message board for residents of Fairfax County, Virginia to discuss news and issues of local interest, this site has become notorious as a haven for racists, homophobes, and online bullies.
  • Faith & Heritage(link): White nationalist Christian website.
  • Faith Goldy(link): Canadian right-wing commentator. Although Goldy has rejected being labelled as alt-right,[9] her talking points mirror those of the alt-right (e.g. "Diversity" is politically correct code for non-white[10]). Other examples include her scaremongering about people being "replaced" by foreigners,[11] calling people "beta cucks" and "globalists",[12] complaining about "degeneracy",[13] opposing "Cultural Marxism",[14] and accusing every organisation she doesn't like of being "Soros funded".[15] She has also pandered to the alt-right with not-so-subtle videos such as "White Genocide in Canada?"[16][17] and "CBC celebrates white genocide".[18] In August 2017, she was fired from The Rebel Media after she went on a podcast affiliated with The Daily Stormer.[19]
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform(link): An organization that sounds official created by a bunch of Neo-Nazis. They have been accused of Schlafly statistics in the past.
  • Forza Nuova(link): A far-right Italian political party that has great relations with Golden Dawn.


  • Gab(link): Alt-right version of Twitter. Uses a frog as its logo.
  • Gates of Vienna(link): Islamophobic website.
  • Golden Dawn(link): A far-right, neo-Nazi political party in Greece with a flag that screams Nazism with a swastika-looking symbol.
  • The Golden One(link): An alt-right, neo-fascist/Hitler-loving, MGTOW, antifeminist, buff Scandinavian/Swedish YouTuber who has even posted a playthrough of Skyrim with the word "fash".
  • Goy Fund Me(link): Anti-Semitic and white supremacist version of Go Fund Me.


  • Hammerskins(link): Offcial website of the International Neo-Nazi, White supremacist Skinhead organization Hammerskins (aka Hammerskin Nation)
  • Hbdchick(link): "Human biodiversity" web forum.
  • History in Images(link): Dedicated to portraying Germans as victims of genocide, and sustaining some of the more ridiculous claims used for backdoor Holocaust denial.
  • Holocaust Deprogramming Course(link): Yet another website that deals in Holocaust denial.
  • Holocaust History.net(link): Another backdoor Holocaust denial webshite dedicated to portraying the Germans as the real victims of WWII.
  • Hotep Nation(link): Black supremacist, Afrocentric website
  • Human Phenotypes(link): Pseudo-anthropological human biodiversity site.


  • Identity Dixie/Rebel Yell(link): Neo-Confederate/Southern Nationalist, Identitarian, white supremacist, alt-right ("Alt-South") organization.
  • Identity Evropa(link): American Identitarian, alt-right organization founded by Nathan Benjamin Damigo who happens to have a criminal record of robbing a taxi drivers he mistakenly thought was "Iraqi[20] as well as being infamous for having punched a female Antifa counterprotestor.
  • If Americans Knew(link): A website dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While it provides criticism of Israel, it does so in the most anti-semitic ways possible. Known for its antisemitism, this website has also went down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories such as "Israel Did 9/11", completely disregarding any legitimate criticisms of Israel one might have, such as its fascist policies and the Israeli government's treatment of the Palestinians.
  • Imagine a World Without Jews(link):
  • Incog Man(link): An extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic website dedicating to bashing blacks (especially), Jews, and others.
  • Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness(link): Thinly-veiled Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, alt-right, "anti-globalization", "anti-immigration", "anti-PC" blog run by James L. Miller PhD complete with images of Nazi figures. The website also has a list of alt-right figures.
  • Incredible Images for You(link): WE ARE NOT PRO NAZI.
  • Infostormer(link): A neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic "news website" run by Lee Rogers dedicating to "exposing Jewish tyranny" and an offshoot of the Daily Stormer.
  • Institute for Historical Review(link): Try to guess the one part of history this organization has any interest whatsoever in "reviewing"…
  • iSteve(link): Steve Sailer's blog.


  • James Allsup(link): YouTuber who self-identifies as a "right wing libertarian."[21] He participated in the August 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia[22] but he has rejected being labelled as alt-right or white nationalist.[23] However, despite rejecting these labels, he appears to agree with almost every alt-right and white nationalist talking point. He agrees with racialism,[24] uses anti-Semitic dog whistles[25] and believes there is a deliberate white genocide occurring.[26] He also regularly uses alt-right memes, dog whistles, euphemisms, in-jokes and terminology.[27]
  • Jett and Jahn Media(link): They ran an article claiming that contrary to popular belief, white guys have the biggest penises. Other white supremacists panned the article in the comments section saying they were "gay for even thinking about it".
  • Jew Among You(link): Anti-Semitic blog.
  • Jew Watch(link): The place to go if you want to watch some Jews. And for typical Jew-bashing.


  • KamauKambon.org(link): Official site of black supremacist and white extermination advocate Kambon.
  • KillaCommieFerMommie(link): Racist YouTuber known for making videos defending officer Darren Wilson when he killed Michael Brown back in 2014. Among these videos was a little gem titled, "Chimped Out in Ferguson", where he appears in blackface and an afro wig.
  • King Noble Black Rulership(link): A black supremacist website.
  • Kingdom of Kush(link): Black supremacist site.
  • Knights Crusaders(link): An Islamophobic, fearmongering website, laden with Crusader-themed imagery, that warns of the impending conquest of Europe and America by the Muzzies, encouraging Anders Breivik wannabes to form Christian militias in preparation for the coming Jihad.
  • The Knights Party(link): Fancy some Ku Klux Klan T-shirts and a television show? No, neither do we.
  • Kushite Kingdom(link): Black supremacist site.


  • Lacey Lynn(link): Burkean traditionalist and member of Identity Evropa. Basically, Lynn's channel combines 1950s traditionalism and Christian Doormathood with RageAfterStorm's racism.
  • The Last Gringo(link): California blogger obsessed with the "Mexican invasion" of the U.S. being orchestrated as part of the New World Order.
  • Laura Towler(link): Frequent collaborator of RamZPaul.
  • League of the South(link):
  • Lipstick Alley(link): Black women's forum, frequently features black supremacist commentary.
  • Lion of the Blogosphere(link): Formerly Half Sigma, this blogger combines a focus on "human biodiversity" with generous side helpings of misogyny, class bigotry, and good old-fashioned Social Darwinism.
  • Camera Lucida(link): Ethiopian-Canadian white supremacist.


  • Majority Rights(link): A group that looks forward to the worst effects of global warming because they will kill off most non-whites. Believes that white people will survive an environmental catastrophe because they "already inhabit areas that are cooler," "have the intelligence to develop new technologies," "are capable of taking an anti-egalitarian position if needed to preserve [their] friends and families" and they "behave rationally..."
  • Martin Luther King.org(link): Created by Stormfront to defame Martin Luther King.
  • Metapedia(link): Wikipedia as written by neo-Nazis.
  • Mexicans Go Home(link): "What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?" Cites Jeff Rense as a reputable source.
  • Millennial Woes(link): Alt-right Scottish YouTuber.
  • Model Minority(link): Purportedly an anti-racist website; in practice, a watering hole for anti-white, anti-Semitic Asian supremacists pissed about whitey stealing all their women.
  • Mudshark Blog(link): A vile white supremacist blog aiming to "teach" white women as to why they should not date black men. Does its fair share of throwing around racial slurs.


  • The Naive Gatekeeper(link): Not only white nationalist and heavily anti-Semitic, but supportive of Christian theocracy, Holocaust denial, and misogyny. Overtly praises the Nazis and subtly supports the idea of a race war.
  • The National Alliance(link): Notorious white nationalist organization founded by William Luther Pierce.
  • National Justice(link): Third Positionist site run by prolific Daily Stormer commenter Joseph Jordan (aka "Eric Striker").
  • National Justice Party(link): White nationalist party formed by The Right Stuff founder Michael Peinovich.
  • The National Policy Institute(link): Richard Spencer's white supremacist think tank based in Virginia.
  • National Socialist Movement(link): Website of the American neo-Nazi party National Socialist Movement founded in 1974 by Jon Schoep based in Detroit, Michigan. Its manifesto "25 Points of American National Socialism" says that no Jew or Homosexual can be a member of their dream Aryan nation.
  • National Vanguard(link): White nationalist, Neo-Nazi organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia (the same place where an infamous violent white supremacist rally occured) whose founder Kevin Alfred Strom just so happens to be a pedophile convicted of owning child pornography back in 2008.[28] The website and organization exists without Strom though.
  • National Youth Front(link): White nationalist youth organization.
  • Nationalist Party of Canada(link): Canadian white nationalist political party.
  • New Black Panther Party(link): Black nationalist party that hates whites and Jews all while using the Black Panther Party name (which would make the Black Panthers roll in their grave).
  • New.Euro-Med.dk(link): Rabidly xenophobic with a side of NWO fear-mongering.
  • Nicholas Stix, Uncensored(link):
  • Niggermania(link): Chimpout's brother-in-arms.
  • Northwest Front(link): White nationalist, White separatist, "Aryan" political party/organization founded by former National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) member Harold Covington that promotes the "Northwest Imperative" for the establishment of a white ethno-state called the Northwest American Republic that would be based in the American Pacific Northwest and exclude Jews. The website even has a fully-fledged constitution that lays down the foundations of this new nation. Its logo is a black/white circle with the Northwest American Republic flag alongside a gun and the numbers 14 (read: 14 words) and 88 (read: Heil Hitler).
  • Nordic Anti-Semite(link): Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi website with a special focus on the survival of the "Nordic race".
  • No Time for Silence(link): Neo-Nazi blog.
  • Noontide Press(link): Holocaust denying, white nationalist, anti-Semitic, and neo-Nazi publishing house founded by Willis Carto.
  • nsvap(link): Someone attempting to reboot the National Socialist Flemish Workers Party.


  • Occidental Dissent(link): Official website Alt-right ("Alt-South") White nationalist, anti-black racist, Neo-Confederate, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic Occidental Dissent run by Alabama native Brad Griffin (aka Hunter Wallace). Marcus Cicero and others also contributes mainly to the anti-Semitism of Occidental Dissent.
  • Occidental Observer(link): Kevin MacDonald's "white identity" journal.
  • The Occidental Quarterly(link): F. Roger Devlin's white nationalist journal.


  • RamZPaul(link): Politically incorrect commentator who claims to use satire in his work.[29] However, his YouTube channel is a light-hearted trap into the white nationalist viewpoint. He has criticized so-called "white liberals" who do not consciously hold his view that black people are more likely to be criminals than white people and has considered the viewpoint criticizing white privilege "cultural Marxism".[30] He also blew out of proportion a story about a Massachusetts school naming the day before St. Patrick's Day "O'Green Day".[31]
  • PewTube(link): A self-proclaimed "alt-tech", "free speech" alternative to YouTube founded by Anthony Mayfield that has a lot of racist, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist content from its users and uploaders.
  • PodBlanc.mobi(link) / Podblanc.guru(link): A white supremacist, racist, and anti-semitic version of YouTube.
  • The Political Cesspool(link): Website for James Edwards' syndicated white nationalist radio program.
  • Political Vel Craft(link): Promotes various brands of bigotry, though primarily anti-Semitism.
  • Pro-Western Christianity(link): White supremacist, White nationalist blog disguised as being Christianity.
  • Project for A New American Government(link): Despite its name, it's a neo-Nazi website that spreads anti-Semitic and/or racist content while disguised as an American nationalist outlet. They also are present on Gab, BitChute and Minds as well as promote pseudoscience and Holocaust denial.



  • Radical Capitalist(link): Self-described "number one source for anti-State, anti-Left, and pro-White content".
  • Radish Mag(link): Anti-democracy, radical traditionalist group for racists and misogynists.
  • Radix Journal(link): Another white nationalist publication from Alternative Right founder Richard Spencer.
  • Radio Aryan(link): Neo-Nazi radio program founded by Sven Longsharks.
  • RageAfterStorm(link): Alt-right YouTuber who left YouTube.
  • RBG Tube(link): A black supremacist version of YouTube; affiliated with AssataShakur.org.
  • Real History World Wide(link): Black supremacist "history" site.
  • Real Jew News(link): Website dedicated to disseminating the anti-Semitic crackpottery of "Brother" Nathanael Kapner who ironically is ancestrally Jewish himself.
  • Red Ice Creations(link): Alt-right, Identitarian, white nationalist media company based in Sweden.
  • Redwatch(link): An international neo-Nazi, white-supremacist group; notorious for gathering and sharing personal information (such as names, home addresses, frequented places, threat assessment in physical fights etc.) of people who actively act in favor of something they don't like - they get away with it because most of their sites are hosted in countries that are not their designated targets (for example, the Polish version of RW Redwatch is hosted in the United States).[32]
  • Renegade Tribune(link): Anti-Semitic, white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, Nordic paganism conspiracy-mongering news website.
  • Rightpedia(link): A fork of Metapedia operated by former Metapedia users and hosted by GoDaddy.
  • Riksavisen(link): Norwegian website with a special emphasis on Christianity and hating the Jews (though unlike most anti-Semitic webshites this one actually hates the Nazis because of the whole "Socialism" part)
  • The Right Stuff(link): Obnoxious neo-nazi internet tough guys with a strong belief in "racial realism" and as expected, hatred of Jews. Has strong ties with 8chan and 4chan's neo-nazi /pol/ board, and many of said internet tough guys are also active on YouTube's neo-Nazi community. They were also responsible for coming up with the (((triple parentheses))) used by anti-Semites online.
  • The Roper Report(link): Blog run by Neo-Nazi white nationalist Billy Roper.


  • saboteur365(link): Misogynistic, racist, antisemitic website run by blogger "Paladin Justice" with a special emphasis on "race realism" and opposing "Cultural Marxism".
  • Serp Kerp(link): Member of the NazBol (National Bolsheviks) gang.
  • Sherry Shriner(link): Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist website that believes in the Christian Identity idea of Jews as Edomites and the Sons of Cain. Also deals with your typical NWO/Illuminati Satanic conspiracies.
  • Skadi(link): A "Germanic Online Community."
  • The Slitty Eye(link): Obnoxious Asian 'human biodiversity' advocate, served with cheap shots at feminists.
World winning webshite design proves Haig's Law again.
  • Smoloko News(link): Anti-Semitic (as well as homophobic, Islamophobic, antifeminist, pseudohistorical, pseudo-Christian Fundamentalist, conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denialist and Nazi apologist) site that blames everything on the Jews. They're also big advocates of the separation of synagogue and state.
  • Southern Future(link): Neo-Confederate website
  • southernpovertylawdcenter.com(link): racist blog mostly targeting the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights charity.
  • Southern Nationalist Network(link): Southern nationalist website
  • Stormfront(link): The quintessential white nationalist online sinkhole.
  • Stuff Black People Don't Like(link): Author "Paul Kersey" (cute, huh?) runs this site, dedicated to bemoaning the rise of what he deems "Black-Run America".
  • Stuff Eurasian Males Like(link): Being the son of a white male/Asian female interracial couple is like being Joseph Merrick. Such couples oughtta be ashamed to have conceived!
  • Styxhexenhammer666 (Tarl Warwick)(link): Militant atheist who jumped aboard the antifeminist bandwagon. Lives in Sanders Country and has made countless videos about the occult. Supported Trump in the 2016 election and became somewhat of an apologist for him, much like Sargon of Akkad. Also a holocaust denier and anti-immigration activist.


  • Tara McCarthy(link): British white nationalist who hosts the Reality Calls show and co-hosts Virtue of the West with author Brittany Pettibone. Has held interviews with Rocking MrE, Jared Taylor, Black Pigeon Speaks, and Jordan Peterson.
  • Tightrope Records(link): A website selling junk and trinkets to racists and white supremacists. Formerly ran a shitty forum filled to the brim with pseudoscience and racism, including creationism, anti-Semitism and holocaust denial. Their classy slogan is "It's not illegal to be white... yet".
  • The Barnes Review(link): neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, Holocaust denial "historical revisionist" website founded by Willis Carto that posts headlines such as "Adolf Hitler - An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize" and "Reconquista - Mexico's Dream of 'Retaking' the Southwest" as well as selling books such as Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as well as claiming that Jews may be the modern day ancestors of Neanderthals.
  • ThuleanPerspective(link): Home to Varg Vikernes, a neo-Nazi who was convicted in 1993 for arson and murder.
  • Tommy Robinson(link): Official website of Islamophobe Tommy Robinson
  • Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan(link): Website of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Traditionalist Worker Party(link): The political wing of the Traditionalist Youth Network founded by Matthew Heimbach that's neo-Nazi all but in name with its Nazi-sounding Faith, Folk, Family slogan, and its 25 Points program mentioning National Socialism.
  • The Truthseeker(link): A UK-based website that promotes crank anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
  • Traditionalist Youth Network(link): Matthew Heimbach's campus organization.


  • The Ugly Truth(link): Rabidly anti-Semitic site.
  • UKIP(link): The UK Independence Party. Their racist policies make the UK's own conservative party look too "left wing" by comparison. Recently, Count Dankula, Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopoulos joined it.
  • Unity of Nobility(link): Provides "De-Kosherized News & Research Material".
  • The Unz Review(link):
  • USSA News(link): General far-right site originally affiliated with the Tea Party movement.[33] It promotes Holocaust denialism[34] and openly supports Adolf Hitler, calling upon other white supremacists to read more of his philosophy[35] and lionizing him for opposing the so-called Kalergi Plan.[36]


  • Vanguard News Network(link): News wing of VNNforum.
  • VNNforum(link):: A website whose motto literally is "No Jews, Just Right".
  • VDARE(link): Peter Brimelow's more-than-just-borderline-racist ‘editorial collective’ and one-stop “let's hate on the blacks, Mexicans, and Jews” webshite.


  • War on the Horizon(link): Website run by militant black supremacist (and former DHS employee) Ayo Kimathi.
  • The West's Darkest Hour(link): Dedicated to rehabilitating the image of Hitler and Nazism.
  • Where the Strongest Evidence Leads(link):
  • WhiteDate.net(link) An alt-right "dating site". The dating advice for women gets pretty bad[37].
  • White GeNOcide Project(link): Website pushing the good ol' white genocide propaganda.
  • White Nations(link): White nationalist, Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic Stormfront wannabe that thinks The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is real and the Jews are covering it up.
  • White News Now(link): White nationalist news website
  • The White Republican(link): Self-proclaimed White nationalist Republican Party supporter.
  • The White Resister/The Daily Archive(link): Neo-Nazi website with a special emphasis on psuedohistory, historical revisonism (i.e. Holocaust denial) and merchandise.
  • Who Controls America?(link): If you guessed "The JOOOOOOOOS!", you're right.
  • Wife with a Purpose(link): Offical blog of alt-right Mormon Ayla Stewart.
  • Wong Chow Mein(link): Asian dude in bed with the 'anti-leftist' crowd. Also appears to have major self-esteem issues.


  • Xenophobe.net(link): As you can imagine by its name it is a hate site.




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