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While "sex" typically describes chromosomes, genitalia, and other biological markers of biological sex, "gender" denotes the non-biological aspects, such as cultural and religious attitudes and self-identity. Like many things in life, gender ain't so black and white, and the matter is much more complicated than it appears.

For some people, their gender is different from the one they were assigned at birth. These people are called transgender, and the term encompasses many different identities and manifestations, such as trans men and trans women, people who identify as something beyond "male" or "female", people who identify with no gender, and many more.

Many of the webshites in this collection espouse transphobia, a broad term describing bigotry against transgender people, while a couple support some of the nastier forms of radical feminism. Several of them promote the crossover of the two, trans-exclusionary radical feminism.

Generic transphobes[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Transphobia

Political conservatives and other transphobes who don't fit into the other sections.



  • Matt Walsh(link): Previously a mere Christian fundamentalist blogger, now given a Daily Wire platform. Also takes to Twitter daily to continue his everlasting crusade against trans people. In the past, he focused more on anti-gay and antifeminist rhetoric.


See the main article on this topic: Trans-exclusionary radical feminism


  • /r/ask_detransition(link): A front group run by r/detrans to let outsiders that got banned there due to "abuse of flair"[note 1] to ask them stupid questions.
  • /r/detrans(link): A cesspool of TERFs and trans people in denial hidden under the cover of "detransition support" who are trying to practice conversion therapy on themselves due to internalized transphobia.[1] Posters like to troll and say that basically everything can lead to your detransition. Full of false, misleading and outright dangerous misinformation. A lot of posts and comments are sent by transphobic trolls to confuse transgender lurkers. They pissed at us. Interestingly, a splitter subreddit called /r/actual_detrans exists which banned TERF ideology.
  • /r/FemaleDatingStrategy(link): A community supposedly for women to ask other women for dating advice. In actuality; not only is it a TERF breeding ground, but it also encourages Political lesbianism and imposing unrealistic and dangerous standards for men. It's frequently targeted by MGTOWrs and MRAs because of the nature of the subreddit, so they insist that any criticism of them is actually an MRA harassment campaign.
  • /r/feminisms(link): Not to be confused with /r/feminism, this subreddit looks pretty nice until you dig.[2]
  • /r/GenderCritical(link): The phrase "gender critical" is, by itself, a TERF shibboleth. It does not fail to deliver. Thankfully banned as of July 2020.
  • /r/Scrambled_Eggs_irl(link): Run by moderators of r/detrans, this shite version of r/egg_irl is effectively a brainwashing machine that attempts to convert those resistant to drink the Kool-Aid. Warning: your brain will be fried before you can blink your eye.
  • /r/TumblrInAction(link): Twice the size as /r/trans, It was a subreddit made to mock so-called "SJWs", but it inevitably turned into a circlejerk of le so brave redditors standing up to teh transies. It ended up being banned on June 21, 2022, along with its younger brother SocialJusticeInAction.


  • The 11th Hour Blog(link): A news webshite run by Jennifer Bilek that creates conspiracy theories about the supposed intersection of transgender, capitalism, technology and transhumanism. Creator approves of David Icke and has gained an audience among neo-Nazis and TERFs alike.[3][4][5] Bilek is a former member of Deep Green Resistance,Wikipedia which might help explain the aversion to technology and transhumanism.
  • 4thWaveNow(link): Supposedly a community of people who question the medical transition of gender-atypical youth, like there is no scientific evidence and ethics for treatment for gender dysphoria in children. They are known as the masters in the field of deception.
  • 4W.pub(link): typical transphobic, libfem-bashing terf site. The editor-in-chief, M. K. Fain, is also the admin of Spinster.xyz.
  • An American Conversation Podcast(link): TERF podcast hosted by Rose Medina MSSW, Leland Heflin, Sandra Currie and Halona Patrick Shaw LCSW that interviews gender-criticals, spams transphobia on dozens of platforms and advertises Genspect conversion therapy in a series of propaganda videos titled "Parents in Despair."
  • You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you(link): Cathy Brennan's trans-harassment machine. Transphobic radical political lesbian feminist and all-around drama llama with a thing for harassing trans bloggers.
  • Bayswater Support Group(link): Apparently a support group for parents of transgender youth in London, in reality it tries to give them guidance how to stop their children from transitioning[note 2].
  • Clefairy.net(link): Probably a transgender woman in denial, this is a rare example of a detransitioned TERF who was assigned male at birth that got really popular on r/detrans.[6]
  • Destroy Your Binder(link): As it was to be expected from the title of the website, an AFAB person lets their hate and transphobic bullshit flow out onto this webshite.
  • Detrans Voices(link): A website that shares detransition stories, no matter how transphobic they are. Also contains links to several transphobic websites.
  • Fair Play For Women(link): A trans-bashing terf website that once published an article praising far-right journalist Lauren Southern while strawmanning trans protection laws[7]. Horseshoe theory, anyone?
  • Feminist Current(link): Founded and operated by Meghan Murphy, Feminist Current is more of a rip tide, actually. Conserve your energy and swim cross-current to get out. Go quietly so as not to attract the sharks.
  • Gender: A Wider Lens(link): A transphobic podcast hosted by two TERF cranks, Sasha Ayad and Stella O'MalleyWikipedia. It's supported by an another webshite from this list called Genspect.
  • Gender Critical Support Board(link): An online forum for transphobic parents or, in the best case, misinformed transgender youth who are seeking reparative therapy for their trans children. In addition, it runs a wiki[8].
  • Gender Dysphoria Alliance(link): An alliance that pushes pseudoscientific "evidence" in order to piss on current internationally-recognized standards.
  • Gender Dysphoria Working Group(link): A group of cranks who bullshit their way to outlaw gender-affirming transgender care for people under 18.
  • Gender Health Query(link): Anti-trans site claiming to be "supportive" of dysphoric youth... by promoting transphobic sites and individuals.
  • Gender is Poison(link): TERF site that once suggested that gender-critical/transphobic feminists should ally themselves with Christian conservatives against trans people.
  • Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network(link): A group that attempts to hide their bigotry towards transgender youth by not providing them gender-affirming care while supposedly "fighting for better transgender-affirming care".
  • Gender Critical Dad(link): A rare example of a male TERF.
  • Gender Dysphoria Support Network(link): An international group that seeks to provide parents support in finding conversion therapy for their minors.
  • Gender Exploratory Therapy Association(link): A webshite strawmanning arguments for gender-affirming care in order to make it seem like blind unquestioning rush for hormones and surgery and push conversion therapy disguised as "exploratory therapy" instead[9] Looks professional, until you dig slightly deeper and see its meaty insides[10].
  • Genspect(link): Advertising themselves as "a rational approach to gender"Do You Believe That?, it's an another organization pushing conversion therapy toward vulnerable minors. They also claim to run a semi-secret forum for parents[11].
  • Graham Linehan: Irish comedian. Was known on Twitter for his transphobic comments. Prior to his Twitter suspension, he was sued by several trans women for his transphobia. He was been banished to his Substack blog for a while before Elon Musk brought him back to Twitter. Also runs a completely dead Mastodon instance called Glindr.
  • Inspired Teen Therapy(link): A webshite operated by a TERF therapist Sasha Ayad that sells reparative therapy disguised as "explorative therapy".
  • Isaac Uncooked(link): A YouTube channel of an MtFtM detransitioner who regrets his transition and now uses his experience to hate on gender therapists[12] and trans people. He was starred on webshites of Our Duty[13] and Ovarit[14]. He even went as far as spreading misinformation about transgender medicine, while all along using the TERF lingo.[15]
  • It's A Fetish(link): An archive of banned Reddit communities. No comment needed.
  • J.K. Rowling(link): Author of the Harry Potter books. Defended Maya Forstater after she was fired for her transphobia, and only further slipped down the TERF rabbit hole after.
  • Kirjo(link): An extremely vile Finnish website hating on trans people.
  • Lesbians United(link): An organization that hates on trans youth pretending to be "fighting" for lesbian rights.
  • Lily Maynard(link): A personal webshite that welcomes its users with primitive "I don't believe in the gender fairy" banner.
  • The Liz Library(link): Anti-Gardner and anti-Kinsey, Reisman-quoting, parental alienation and false memory denier, holistic lawyer Elizabeth Kates from Florida. Is also TERF (to the point she calls transgender women "extreme transvestites", and she's not a fan of the other kind of transvestites either), SWERF, anti-surrogacy and egg donation, anti-psychology (to the point she quotes from Scientology's "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" front group) and doesn't believe men, in whatever situation, can ever be truly good, nurturing parents (due to "not being invested in parenting" or some such, which is basically a code word for not being born with wombs and breasts). For some reason she is pro-Donald Trump (to the point that, on January 9, 2021, she had a large banner on her webshite stating "Biden did not win. We stand for Trump and justice") and posts global warming denial material. As a SWERF and false memory denier, she claims that people who defend sex workers and are against false memories (like in this case Debbie Nathan) deserve to be raped.
  • Lupron Victims Hub(link): A webshite spreading misinformation about puberty blockers that perfectly adheres to Haig's Law. It's a good thing that it's nearly unreadable.
  • Magdalen Berns(link): A British lesbian TERF who frequently misgendered the trans women she criticized in her videos (like Riley Dennis, whom she would refer to as "he") and also made a video called "There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis!" Berns passed away in 2019.
  • Melanie Murphy(link): Irish lifestyle vlogger. Has made videos where she has collaborated with Arielle Scarcella and Jaclyn Glenn. On Twitter, she defended Arielle Scarcella's transphobia in response to the backlash the LGBTQ+ community was throwing towards her response to neonfiona.
  • NeuroSGS(link): A pseudoscientist who interprets studies on trans people's brains to her liking in order to push the TERF narrative.
  • The New Thoughtcrime(link): An anti-trans resource that strawmans arguments used in transgender communities in order to paint it as a "manipulative" group.
  • Our Duty(link): It is our duty to increase suicides of young transgender people.
  • Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans(link): Also known as PITT(y), this newsletter is pure propaganda dedicated to TERF parents of transgender children that shoehorns transphobia anywhere it can fit.
  • Partners for Ethical Care(link): Pushing the pseudoscientific ideology of conversion therapy in place of evidence-based gender-affirming care. Fortunately, a disclaimer on the bottom of the web page warns smarter readers not to fall for their bullshit.
  • Peak Trans(link) and YouTube(link): A webshite ran by a TERF Maria MacLachlan that doesn't even attempt to cover up her hatred of transgender people.
  • Pique Resilience Project(link): A bunch of transphobic detransitioned FtMtF people who share their stories and "information" on detransition.
  • Post Trans(link): Detransition stories of female detransitioners. Not all that bad compared to most webshites here, but several stories seem to push TERF propaganda.
  • Radical Wind(link): Because if Cathy Brennan was too sane for you, you are therefore redirected here. She believes liberal feminism and sex-positivity to be conspiracy theories. Is also very, very transphobic.
  • Real Talk Therapy(link): A webshite of Stephanie Winn, an Oregon-based practitioner of conversion therapy. She claims to work with (in fact, actually brainwash) "detransitioners" and believes in ROGD bullshit. She also tries to circumvent conversion therapy ban through only working with parents of "ROGD" youth, skipping work with the minor entirely. Don't give her a cent.
  • A Room of Our Own(link): Radical feminist blogger cherry picks crimes by transwomen in order to portray all transgender people as criminals.
  • Sarah Ditum(link): An English journalist/concern troll and terf who pulls the usual schtick of fighting sexism, while bashing trans people [17]. Also more or less came to the defence of Leelah Alcorn's transphobic parents [18].
  • Sasha Ayad's YouTube(link): A TERF, practitioner of conversion therapy and the author's of the "Inspired Teen Therapy" webshite YouTube channel designed to give bad advice to transphobic parents.
  • Save Women's Sports(link): A group of cis women who whine about the transgender swimmer Lia Thomas about beating female swimming records.
  • Sex Change Regret(link): A conservative white Christian male Walt Heyer lived as a transgender woman for 8 years and believes that since he regretted gender transition, everyone will regret it.
  • Singal-Minded(link): Run by Jesse Singal, it is a newsletter that supposedly covers "instances in which science and social-justice-advocacy get in fights", but in reality is just a blog pushing transphobic ideas like Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and supporting Abigail Shrier.
  • Spinster.xyz(link): Twitter for TERFs; it is a MastodonWikipedia node, though many other Mastodon nodes block them for being insufferable. Founded by TERF Mary Kate Fain after being fired from her job as a software engineer for writing transphobic blog posts[19]. Consequently, she's also a friend of Meghan Murphy of Feminist Current. The website federates with Gab (a far-right antisemitic webshite that also forked from Mastodon) and as a result there is opportunity for cross-pollination. Interestingly, one of their founding admins (Alex Gleason, who was or is apparently Fain's partner) has even worked in a contracting position for Gab before.[20][21]
  • Stats for Gender(link): Another webshite ran by Genspect cherry picking bad studies in order to propagate their transphobic narrative. Thankfully it's blocked by Malwarebytes Premium.
  • Story Ending Never(link): A white racist lesbian atheist radfem with lots of sexist generalizations about those violent stupid animals of the male persuasion. Also hates women of color and strongly believes that only white women are being oppressed.
  • Transgender Reality: A blog that is ran by a radfem who believes that transgender people are being "recruited and coached" into becoming transgender. It's as full of shit as it sounds.
  • Transgender Trend(link): A website for UK parents that claims to simply "questioning the transgender narrative" in regards to children. Since then, its slogan has changed to "No child is born in the wrong body." While not quite as feminist oriented as others, it does give support to at least one TERF-y individual.[22]
  • Transgression Film Studios(link): A quack G. Eugene Pichler believes that being transgender is apparently an addiction. It is also one of longest running webshites on this list, being active since October 1998.[23]
  • TReVoices(link): A crazy transphobic trans male has created a website adhering to Haig's Law advocates to ban gender transition to anyone under 18. One of most bigoted webshites of all time.
  • TT Exulansic(link): A "gender atheist", she claims to have a BA in gender studies and to be a speech-language pathologist[24] that harasses trans people and spread misinformation about everything gender-related.
  • Trust Your Perceptions(link): A man-hating radical lesbian separatist feminist site that believe that semen suppresses women's "natural" ability to reproduce via parthenogenesis.
  • Wider Lens Consulting(link): A website selling webinars on how to be a controlling, manipulative, transphobic parent under the guise of "exploring identity, embracing diversity"[26]. A perfect example of TERF irony.
  • Women Are Human(link): Typical trans-bashing, cherry-picking hate"news" site for terfs.
  • Youth Trans Critical Professonals(link): No longer publicly available[27], this webshite was popular back in the day.


See the main article on this topic: Transmedicalism
  • Kalvin Garrah(link): Transmedicalist who engages in frequent gatekeeping of the trans community and has sent his fanbase to harass non-binary and non-passing trans people.
  • Mogaipedia(link): Wiki that supposedly exists to make fun of MOGAI and xenogenders. However, it frequently engages in broader transmedicalist talking points, and even claims that not being transmedicalist is an invention of MOGAI.
  • /r/truscum(link): A subreddit that is intended for transmedicalists.

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  2. Well, in the best case, if they "desist" to their parents, they will simply go back in closet and wait until they are adults to continue their transition.


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