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My view is that whites should simply embrace "whiteness," and argue that since whiteness created Western Civilization, whiteness is pretty cool.
Bo Winegard, Executive editor of Aporia.[1]

Aporia Magazine (or Aporia) is a far-right[2] online magazine and podcast that advocates colonialism, eugenics, pro-natalism, human biodiversity pseudoscience, white identity politics, and "anti-woke" talking points.[3][4][5][6] It is similar to the online magazine Quillette, in that its editors try to present themselves as centrist when in reality it serves to legitimize many views shared by the alt-right.[note 1] Aporia touts its self as "The world's only sociobiology magazine", which is factually false if Aporia authors have any pretense to expertise or scholarship[8] since the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology has been publishing since 1976.[9] Aporia focuses on race and intelligence, and on fighting wokeness.[10] The website has defended the racist research of Emil Kirkegaard and Richard Lynn.[11][12]

"Aporia" is a curious title for a magazine, since it causes one to wonder, as the word aporia implies, what is the magazine's contradiction in premises did the founders have in mind? Was it the implicit scholarship ("social science, philosophy") but the promotion of pseudoscience, or was it the claims of the editor(s) of centrism, but the promotion of widening the "Overton Window"?[13]

The Aporia Podcast is an open platform for far-right influencers and white nationalists such as Edward Dutton, Emil Kirkegaard, Bo Winegard and Steve Sailer to promote their extremist views. For example, Sailer spoke for over an hour on the podcast about hereditarianism, white identity politics and "the rise of anti-white attitudes".[5] Winegard has called "diversity" a scam and has commented that the Great Replacement theory is "largely an accurate description of reality".[14] An article in The Guardian in January 2024 noted Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute has connections to Aporia Magazine.[2]

The white nationalist Anatoly Karlin has stated he is writing for Aporia.[15] Karlin is on record as describing black people as "pathologically criminalized" and advocates for a white ethno-state. His involvement with Aporia pretty much sums up the virulent racists it is attracting. Aporia has given a platform to Holocaust deniers namely Lipton Matthews. In May 2024, Emil Kirkegaard began writing for Aporia Magazine[16] and Winegard published an interview with Jared Taylor while both espousing white nationalist viewpoints.[17]

In response to allegations of promoting hate and racism, Aporia responded in 2024, openly admitting they believe racial stereotypes are "reasonably accurate".[18]


Aporia Magazine was founded in 2021 as a podcast called Ideas Sleep Furiously by Matthew Archer, a British writer who has a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.[19] In March 2023 it changed its name to Aporia Magazine.[20]

Authors and speakers of Aporia are in line with the International Society for Intelligence Research and London Conference on Intelligence approach, seeking to promote and control demographic groups they deem to exhibit the characteristics associated with their deluded ideological perspective of "intelligence", which they also correlate to Western Civilization, and Christianity.[21]

The website's ideology lends its self to bioessentialism, and seeks to cross-pollinate this viewpoint with social elitism and the idea of meritocracy. Accordingly Aporia and their staff are far-right or what they mistakenly call alt-center, and share staff with other alt-right websites such as UnHerd, and Quillette.[22] Many of the authors and speakers at Aporia are associated with Emil Kirkegaard's OpenPsych pseudojournals.[note 2] The Openpsych journal has been described as "a central node in a dense network of race scientists who work to provide legitimacy and propaganda for the far-right… Of the top 15 OpenPsych contributors, 11 have written for Mankind Quarterly in the past three years. Of these, nine were also speakers at the London Conference on Intelligence".[23] Attendees and speakers of the London Conference on Intelligence have also written articles for Aporia or spoken on its podcast.[24]

Promotion of black penis size pseudoscience[edit]

The editors of Aporia including Noah Carl and Matthew Archer have an unusual interest in black penis size and have promoted on social media the dubious and pseudoscientific claim that black men have the longest penis sizes and also suggest African countries use larger condoms.[25] In an article for Aporia in October 2023, George Francis argued that "the best estimate of the Black-White difference in penis size really do show Blacks to be better endowed."[26] Francis's claims have no validity and have been debunked, for example, a 2005 peer-reviewed study reported that "there is no scientific background to support the alleged 'oversized' penis in black people".[27] A 2015 systematic review of 15,521 men further found "no indications of differences in racial variability", and it is not possible to draw any conclusions about penis size and race from the available literature.[28] Francis dismisses the latter and relies on a recent meta-analysis of 75 studies (Belladelli et al. 2023). However, given that the samples were so varied across these continents, the confidence intervals are very large for each region. Regardless, the results do not exactly lend support to Francis "big black dick" fantasy. The study reported a mere 0.3 cm average difference in erect penis size between Africa (14.88 cm) and North America (14.58 cm) and in fact reported the largest average erect penis size in Oceania (15.71 cm).[29]

Francis lies by omission and quotes out of context numerous sources to support his pseudoscientific theories about race and penis size. The editors of Aporia evidently did not fact check his article before publication to correct these heavy distortions. Francis for example states: "Oxford biologist John BakerWikipedia (1900-1984) wrote that the Nilotic people, who range from South Sudan to Tanzania, have penises that are 'very long and rather thick'."[30] While true, what Baker went on to state in his book (which Francis omits) is that erect penis size is "about the same size in the two races [Negrids and Europids]."[31] Francis misleadingly claims that "French scientist Paul Topinard (1830-1911) observed during his dissections that Black men had larger penises." However, according Baker (1974), "Topinard had claimed that though the penis of Europeans was smaller than that of Negrids when flaccid, it was larger than theirs when erect."[32] Neither of these sources when read properly, support Francis's claims. Francis relies on the dubious research of a 19th century French army surgeon. According to psychology researcher Scott A. McGreal, Richard Lynn had relied on the same source: "... a book of semi-pornographic 'tall tales' by an anonymous 19th-century French surgeon that makes wildly inconsistent claims about genital sizes in people of different races."[33]

A 2007 peer-reviewed paper in Tropical Journal of Medical Research notes "there is no convincing scientific background to support the ascription of bigger penile dimensions to people of the Black race."[34]

In June 2023, George Francis with Emil Kirkegaard published a paper in Mankind Quarterly based on a prostitute survey about penis size. They surveyed 129 American female sex workers to ask them about the penis and testicle sizes of men they had intercourse with.[35] Francis and Kirkegaard reported this study supports their belief and stereotype black men have longer penis sizes than other races. Aside from the limitations of a small sample size, the anecdotal evidence and the fact MQ's peer-review is questionable at best, both authors concede it is doubtful whether "sex workers’ judgements [about penis size] are accurate." Despite this, the editors of Aporia have promoted this unreliable study on social media, while Kirkegaard when asked about penis size has written he believes racial stereotypes are accurate.[36]

On February 20, 2024 Edward Dutton wrote an article on his website, "No, there's no data linking race and penis size".[37] It is obvious that he had read the RationalWiki expose of Aporia's penis size pseudoscience and is embarrassed about his colleagues views on the subject.


Bo Winegard, Executive editor of Aporia

The staff of Aporia Magazine are proponents of HBD, i.e. hereditarianism and racialism[38]:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Archer, a hereditarian[39] who wants to increase "native fertility" in European countries,[40] dislikes immigration and has strong links to far-right individuals. He has defended the discredited racist research of Emil Kirkegaard and Richard Lynn.[11][12][41] In December 2023, Archer attended a meeting with Edward Dutton.[42]
  • Executive editor: Bo Winegard, a hereditarian known for his pseudoscientific views about race.[43][44] He was Assistant Professor of Psychology at Marietta College until but was fired in March 2020.[45] Winegard has written many controversial articles for Aporia advocating "race realism" and white identity politics.[3][4][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56] In November 2023, he wrote a dialogue for Aporia supporting "white identity politics", is sympathetic to a "free association" segregation of races and wants to preserve "white civilisation".[46] Winegard is also a writer for Quillette.[57]

Magazine writers[edit]

Aporia is an explosive publication go and read it. I will be promoting it aggressively. It is the only publication that counters the scientific lies of leftism with an explicit focus on HBD.
—Holocaust denier Lipton Matthews, a writer for Aporia Magazine[78]

Eugenicists and far-right influencers who have written articles for Aporia, include:

  • Jonathan Anomaly, a eugenicist who has written articles for Quillette and co-authored papers with Bo Winegard.[79][80] For Aporia, he has co-authored an article with Diana Fleischman and Ives Parr defending embryo selection.[81] Anomaly was a speaker at the far-right Natal Conference in 2023.[74][75]
  • Joseph Bronski, a pseudonym of a HBD pseudoscientist who writes papers for OpenPsych.[82][83] He wrote an article for Aporia claiming geniuses in society have disappeared.[84] He is certainly no genius himself.
  • Graham Cunningham, an anti-woke activist[85] and freelance writer who writes for right-wing publications such as Manhattan Institute's City Journal, The American Conservative, The Critic and The Spectator.[86][87][88][89] One of his articles is titled "The West’s war on white men".[90] He has written an article for Aporia on conservatism.[91]
  • Curtis Dunkel, a HBD pseudoscientist who writes papers for OpenPsych.[92] Dunkel with Emil Kirkegaard and Michael A. Woodley of Menie, spoke at the London Conference on Intelligence in 2016.[2] Dunkel’s paper was "Sex Differences in Brain Size Do Translate into Difference in General Intelligence" which suggests women are less intelligent than men by an equivalent of 4 IQ points on average.[2] Dunkel is listed online as a psychologist at Western Illinois University but they clarified in 2024, "Curtis Dunkel is no longer an employee at WIU".[2][93] He has also written a paper for Mankind Quarterly.[94] For Aporia he has written an article "Does IQ alone explain Jewish success?".[95]
  • Edward Dutton, a white supremacist, anti-vegan and transphobe who writes articles for the white nationalist sites VDARE and The Unz Review.[96][97] He is regular speaker on neo-Nazi Mark Collett's podcast Patriotic Weekly Review.[98][99] He has written articles for OpenPsych and has a long history of collaborating with white nationalist Richard Spencer.[100] In 2021, the Anti-Defamation League noted that "Richard Spencer currently co-hosts a podcast, called Radix Live, with Edward Dutton that often features explicit racist rhetoric and furthers antisemitic conspiracies".[101] Dutton was investigated by the University of Oulu and found guilty of scientific misconduct due to plagiarism.[102] PZ Myers has described Dutton as a racist fraud.[103] For Aporia, Dutton wrote an article on the Flynn Effect citing discredited research of Michael A. Woodley of Menie.[104]
  • George Francis, a HBD pseudoscientist, interracial porn addict and close friend of white nationalist Emil Kirkegaard who is obsessed with researching black men's penis size.[105] Francis has written papers for OpenPsych.[106] For Aporia, he has written an article arguing that black men have the biggest penis size (based on a useless sex worker survey he conducted) and Africa needs to manufacturer larger condoms.[107]
  • Peter Frost, a far-right anthropologist and HBD pseudoscientist[108] who was interviewed by the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance.[109] Frost has authored articles for the alt-right website The Unz Review[110] and papers for OpenPsych.[111] For Aporia, he has written articles defending the existence of biological races.[112][113][114]
  • Hannah Gal, an anti-woke journalist who is a die-hard Jordan Peterson fan.[115][116][117] She writes for right-wing publications Quillette, The Critic, The Spectator and UnHerd.[118][119] Hannah is supposedly a vegan but has never criticized Peterson's carnivore diet.[120] Nor does she seem to care that the staff of Aporia are anti-vegan. For example, both Diana Fleischman and Bo Winegard have criticized veganism and described vegans as the most hated group of people on the planet with drug addicts.[73]
  • Eirik Garnas, an anti-feminist, nutritionist and paleo diet advocate.[121] On his own website he has written an article "Reality check: Men and women are different", arguing men and women are not equal.[122] He also argues that game meat is "one of the healthiest things you can eat".[123] His article for Aporia "Feminism run amok", claims "I’m struck by how feminism is driving us away from the attitudes, choices and situations that are most conducive to health and happiness in life".[124]
  • John Mac Ghlionn, an anti-vegan activist and Big Pharma conspiracy theorist.[125] He has written articles claiming that veganism is bad for brain health.[126] He has co-authored articles with Raw Egg Nationalist for the Claremont InstituteWikipedia.[127] One of these articles it titled "The End of Europe" which claims the "West is overrun with migrants".[128] Ghlionn also writes for The European Conservative and The Spectator.[129][130] He dislikes transgenderism and like other Aporia writers spends his time complaining about wokeness.[131][132] He is also a writer for the Brownstone Institute, an organization that has been criticized for spreading misinformation against vaccines.[133][134]
  • Emil Kirkegaard, far-right pseudointellectual, outspoken eugenicist who owns OpenPsych and is most infamous for his support of legalising child pornography. He began writing for Aporia in May 2024.[135]
  • Lipton Matthews, a hereditarian and Holocaust denier who writes for alt-right and white nationalist websites such as American Renaissance, Counter-Currents, Occidental Observer and The Unz Review.[136][137][138][139] For Aporia, he has written an article "Myths about Black History".[140] Matthews is supportive of holocaust denial and has promoted the research of neo-Nazi Thomas Dalton.[139][141][142]
  • Ives Parr, a eugenicist who supports embryo selection and has criticized trans rights.[81][143] Also a hereditarian and an Arthur Jensen fan.[144] He has written an article for Aporia titled "Hereditarian Hypotheses Aren't More Harmful".[145] Parr posts on the Effective Altruism Forum where he was accused of promoting white supremacist ideology.[146]
  • Davide Piffer, a racist parapsychologist crank who claims to have psychic powers. He is the co-founder of OpenPsych with Emil Kirkegaard.[147][148] He has described black African immigrants in Italy as "gorillas".[149] He wrote an article for Aporia, arguing that Italy's "cultural richness is more than just a matter of historical chance".[150]
  • John Oliver Allen Rayner-Hilles (J. Rayner-Hilles), a computer programmer, occultist and white nationalist who has co-authored a book with Edward Dutton, The Past Is a Future Country in 2022.[151][152] The book was not taken seriously in the academic world. Only HBD pseudoscientists have endorsed the book such as Emil Kirkegaard and Gerhard Meisenberg for the Mankind Quarterly.[153][154] Rayner-Hilles has also co-authored a paper with Dutton in the Mankind Quarterly on the "demonic sexual fantasies" of witches.[155] Rayner-Hilles also goes by the name occultus73.[156] He has a degree in Information Technology from Greenwich University and is an associate member of the British Computer Society. He has been described as working behind the scenes on Dutton's internet channel The Jolly Heretic.[157]
  • James Thompson, a psychologist and HBD pseudoscientist who holds sexist and racist opinions. Thompson has written that "if women are really important for business success, surely this would show from the very beginning, when companies are being formed" and and "if women were crucial they would innovate and overturn established male businesses with their fresher management techniques".[158] He is a regular columnist on the The Unz Review.[159] One of Thompson's articles for Aporia is titled "Why are black children 11 times more likely to be strip-searched?".[160][161] In another article for Aporia he argued that intelligence research is more important than combating climate change or curing cancer.[162][163]
  • Russell T. Warne, a psychologist and hereditarian who has defended race realism pseudoscience.[164] Between 2011 and 2022, he taught at Utah Valley University.[165] Warne has written for the Mankind Quarterly.[166] His race and intelligence research is popular with white nationalists. For example, Emil Kirkegaard has claimed to have verified his research with John Fuerst in the Mankind Quarterly and has uploaded a paper by Warne to his own website.[167][168][169] In regard to Warne's involvement with the Mankind Quarterly, historian John P. Jr. Jackson has commented that "Dr. Warne is either unable to recognize a racist journal when he sees one or, worse, he sees it and just doesn’t care. In either case, he has lent his name, his university’s name, and his discipline’s name to a disreputable journal of shoddy scholarship".[170] In 2022, Warne resigned from Utah Valley University and on his website has described issues he had with the university.[171] For Aporia, Warne has written articles on "The Rise and Fall of Social Psychology" and "The West's Fertility Crisis".[172][173] He also writes for Quillette.[174] His 2020 book In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths About Human Intelligence has been promoted by the International Society for Intelligence Research.[175] Warne is on the editorial board of the Intelligence journal.[176]
  • Elizabeth WeissWikipedia, crank anthropologist and former wife of J. Philippe Rushton who has complained about an "alliance between Native American tribes and woke anthropologists".[177]
  • Ben Winegard, a critic of Black Lives Matter who has written for Quillette with his brother.[178] Winegard has written an article for Aporia criticizing psychotherapy.[179]


Bo Winegard interviewing white supremacist Steve Sailer for Aporia

As with the writers, Aporia's podcast speakers have included plenty of racists and unpleasant individuals:

  • Jonathan Anomaly[180]
  • J. Michael Bailey[181][182], a controversial professor of psychology who has a history of writing offensive comments about bisexual, homosexual and transgender people.[183] He has commented that "evolutionarily, homosexuality is a big mistake" and claimed that bisexual men do not exist as all men are either "gay, straight, or lying".[183] Bailey was a member of white supremacist Steve Sailer's Human Biodiversity Institute.[184]
  • Nigel BiggarWikipedia[185], a controversial Anglican priest, theologian and writer who has been described as an apologist for British colonialism.[186][187] He is best known for his book Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning, published in 2023. The book has been criticized for re-writing history to defend Western values.[188] It was positively reviewed by white nationalist websites such as the Occidental Observer who commented that "Professor Biggar takes on his opponents, recognizing the main weapon of the post-modern academic is to attempt to debase the White global legacy".[189] Biggar writes for Quillette and UnHerd.[190][191] In 2023, Biggar was chairman of the board of the Free Speech Union.[192] He was a speaker on Edward Dutton's podcast.[193]
  • Gregory ClarkWikipedia (Greg Clark)[194], a controversial economic historian who advocates eugenics and hereditarianism. Aporia describes Clark as "one of the world's most important hereditarian scholars".[194] Clark has written for Quillette.[195] He dismisses cultural, economic and social dimensions of inheritance and has been accused of misusing evolution.[196] An article in 2014 noted that Clark "says African Americans’ long, difficult struggle hasn’t been caused by discrimination. Because French Canadians also have struggled to progress, and have not faced racism, discrimination can’t be the reason African Americans have had trouble. Therefore, it must be a problem of genes".[196] In 2021, Clark was a scheduled speaker at the Adam Smith Business School in Glasgow but the event was postponed amid pressure from student groups.[197][198] Clark's eugenics research is cited on Emil Kirkegaard's website.[199]
  • Nathan Cofnas[200][201]
  • Malcolm Collins, a eugenicist and pro-natalist who attended the far-right Natal Conference in 2023.[74][75][202]
  • Simone Collins[203]
  • Edward Dutton[204]
  • Matthew GoodwinWikipedia (Matt Goodwin)[205], an anti-woke activist who dislikes immigration.[44][206][207] Goodwin writes for right-wing publications such as Quillette, The Spectator and UnHerd and has been featured on GB News.[208][206][207][209] According to Goodwin, "It's not racist to want to control your country's borders. And if you think it is then you're calling 85% of voters racist. Maintaining the broken status quo means more incentives to come, more gangs, more lost lives, more anxiety, more division, more populism. Somebody needs to Take Back Control of our borders -- fast."[210] Goodwin is on the advisory panel of the Free Speech Union.[211]
  • Richard Haier[212]
  • Richard Hanania[213][214]
  • Stephen HsuWikipedia (Steve Hsu)[215], a controversial physicist and eugenicist[93][216] who has been accused of making racist and sexist comments.[217] Hsu had appeared on white supremacist Stefan Molyneux's podcast in 2017.[218] In July 2020, Hsu resigned as senior vice president of research and innovation at Michigan State University after hundreds of academics and Michigan State professors signed a petition requesting for his removal.[217][219][220]
  • Garett Jones[221], an economist known for his anti-immigration book, The Culture Transplant: How Migrants Make the Economies They Move To a Lot Like the Ones They Left. Jones is associated with the Manhattan Institute and was also interviewed by Richard Hanania.[222][223][224]
  • Alex Kaschuta[225], an anti-vegan and transphobe who has commented that trans children is "pedophilia with extra steps".[226] Kaschuta is the host of The Subversive Podcast which has featured eugenicist and pro-natalists such as Simone and Malcolm Collins, far-right anti-vegan activist Raw Egg Nationalist and white supremacists such as Anatoly Karlin and Steve Sailer.[227][228][229][230]
  • Razib Khan[231][232], an advocate of hereditarianism who attended the International Society for Intelligence Research conference in 2023.[233]
  • Emil Kirkegaard[234]
  • Zac Kriegman[235], a former director of data science at Thomson Reuters who alleges he was fired for questioning Black Lives Matter.
  • Dimitri van der Linden[236][237]
  • Heather Mac Donald[238] a Fellow of the Manhattan Institute.
  • Charles Murray, a political scientist best known for co-authoring The Bell Curve. Murray has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist and "one of the most influential social scientists in America, using racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the Black and Latino communities, women and the poor."[239] He appeared on the Aporia podcast with Helmuth Nyborg, titled "Are Multicultural Societies Doomed?".[240]
  • Helmuth Nyborg, a retired developmental psychologist who supports HBD pseudoscience and attends neo-Nazi and white nationalist events. Nyborg was interviewed by white supremacist Stefan Molyneux in 2016.[241] Nyborg was a speaker at the Scandza Forum (Guide to Kulchu) in 2019 and attended the event in 2023 with Edward Dutton and Emil Kirkegaard.[242][243] Nyborg was personally interviewed by Aporia[244] and appeared on the podcast with Charles Murray.[240]
  • Jonatan Pallesen, a Danish data scientist and hereditarian who has commented that "black men have gotten less criminal, but are still vastly more criminal than Whites".[245] Pallesen co-authored an anti-Semitic paper with Emil Kirkegaard which was heavily criticized. He later admitted the paper was "flawed in its methods and conclusions".[246][247]
  • Christopher Rufo[248][249][250][251]
  • Steve Sailer[252][253]
  • Gavan Tredoux[254], a eugenicist who has written biographies of Francis Galton and JBS Haldane.[255]
  • Russell T. Warne[256]
  • Amy WaxWikipedia[257], a controversial law professor who has has a history of making racist and white supremacist statements.[258] Wax has publicly stated that "on average, Blacks have lower cognitive ability than whites" and the country is "better off with fewer Asians" as long as they tend to vote for Democrats.[259] Wax invited white supremacist Jared Taylor to speak to her students.[260] Wax has stated, "Let us be candid. Europe and the first world, to which the United States belongs, remain mostly white, for now; and the third world, although mixed, contains a lot of non-white people. Embracing cultural distance, cultural-distance nationalism, means, in effect, taking the position that our country will be better off with more whites and fewer non-whites."[261] Penn Law School's dean, Theodore Ruger, called Wax's statements about Asians "racist", "white supremacist", and "diametrically opposed to the policies and ethos of this institution".[262] In 2023, Penn Law initiated disciplinary proceedings against Wax.[262]
  • Simon Webb[263], a racist YouTuber who operates the channel "History Debunked" and has spoken at events for the Traditional Britain Group.[264] Webb dislikes multiculturalism and argues it is not part of Britain's history.[265] He is not happy with Black Lives Matter and dislikes interracial relationships.[266][267] Videos on his channel include "The BBC are obsessed with the idea of black men and white women, preferably blondes" and two videos defending Sam Melia of the neo-Nazi group Patriotic Alternative who was convicted in January 2024 for distributing material intending to stir up racial hatred.[267][268][269][270] Webb was interviewed by white nationalist Edward Dutton in November 2023.[271]
  • Adrian WooldridgeWikipedia[272], a columnist who was also interviewed by the Manhattan Institute.[273] Wooldridge has described Christopher Rufo as an "Anti-Woke Warrior".[274]
  • Toby Young[275]

Podcast services[edit]

The Aporia podcast is featured on:

In March 2024, the Aporia podcast was suspended from Castbox, Everand and Player FMWikipedia, presumably for violating their terms of service on discrimination and hate speech.[284][285][286]

Far-right supporters[edit]

Aporia is supported by various far-right individuals and websites:

  • Anatoly Karlin, a white nationalist, anti-vegan and eugenicist who, in 2016, shared a podium with Richard Spencer to espouse his alt-right ideology. Karlin promotes the Aporia Magazine on his Substack[287] and has left comments in support on their blog.[288] Karlin also belongs to the same HBD and eugenics circle as Aporia's staff including Bo Winegard and Diana Fleischman.
  • Monitoring Bias, a far-right Twitter account which primarily tweets anti-black racism and race and intelligence pseudoscience.[289]
  • VDARE, a white nationalist website that posts interviews from Aporia Magazine.[290]

Nathan Cofnas vs. Eric Kaufmann[edit]

In July 2024, Aporia is hosting a live debate between Nathan Cofnas and Eric KaufmannWikipedia "on the necessary conditions for ending the woke revolution."[291]

Among those attending are white nationalists including Anatoly Karlin[292] and ex-British National Party activist Claire Khaw,[293] who controversially supports infanticide for babies with disabilities and took photos of herself next to Nazi flags.[294][295][296]

Connections to ISIR[edit]

In 2023, Matthew Archer and other Aporia staff attended the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR) conference in Berkeley, California.[233][297] Archer interviewed Edward Dutton, Razib Khan, Andrew Conway, Rex Jung, Gavan Tredoux and Sam Thyssen.[233] Aporia's staff support the research of Bryan Pesta and Emily Willoughby.[298][299]

On RationalWiki[edit]

The editors of Aporia on 9 June 2024[300] published an article and video supporting their writer Emil Kirkegaard, a white supremacist who has written in support of legalizing child pornography.[301] The article attacks RationalWiki as a "radical left website sabotaging research".[300]

In the video, Kirkegaard criticized RationalWiki while walking on a beach in Spain. He complained that his article describes him as a "climate change denier" and activist for legalising incest despite these descriptions are factually sourced to his own writings. For example, Kirkegaard wrote in a blog post: "In my fight against the Danish sexual morality, the time has come for incest... I just don't think there's good reason why incest between two people should be banned." In another blog post on his website, he also wrote "incest does no harm nowadays and should therefore not be illegal. This I have written about before."[302] According, however, to Aporia, quoting someone's own words is somehow "lies".Do You Believe That?

In July 2024, a German newspaper noted that Kirkegaard holds disturbing views about child rape and pedophilia:

Here is a link to another topic that Kirkegaard was dedicated to: pedophilia. In the 2010s he put forward the thesis that pedophilia cannot be combated, so we have to find a way to deal with it. Accordingly, he supports the legalization of child pornography because it “would reduce the number of rapes.” In a blog entry from 2012, he also fantasized about how it could be a “compromise” if pedophiles drugged children so that they would not even notice a rape. It is all the more astonishing that he was apparently a welcome guest in German right-wing extremist circles.[303]

The staff from Aporia have not commented about his offensive child rape posts or views on incest.

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