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The British "Freedom" Party was a minor right-wing British nationalist political party.[1] It was once touted by some as a successor to the floundering BNP.

The party was registered in 2010 with Paul Weston as leader, George Whale as nominating officer and Richard Bateman as treasurer.[2]

British Freedom formed close relations with the English Defence League, and in April 2012 it was announced that the EDL's founder Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) would become the party's deputy leader.[3] Lennon stepped down the following October, with plans for the EDL to stand candidates in elections itself.[4][5]

It fielded 6 candidates in the 2012 local elections in England, 5 in Liverpool.[1]

The party appears to be defunct as of March 2013.[6] The party was de-registered by the Electoral Commission after failing to register.[7]

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