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We are true Conservatives unlike Nigel Farage who is the equivalent to Benedict Arnold,Wikipedia he is British not English.
—Graham Moore, founder of the English Constitution Party[1]

The English Constitution Party is a very minor English nationalist political party[2] and private limited company[3] founded in November 2021 by party leader Graham "Daddy Dragon"[4] Moore (January 1964–)[5] and treasurer Valarie Philips[6] as a one man split from the English Democrats with the stated aim of “self-determination of the English” from “British imperial, colonialist rule”[7] and the ingenious slogan to "Make England Great Again" (MEGA). Moore's campaign for English independence is seemingly based on conspiracy theory and a misunderstanding of English common law which suggests it to be another Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument scheme.[8] People associated with the party have recently engaged in migrant hunts and anti-immigrant protests, while Moore has been engaged in increasingly antisemitic rhetoric,[9] starting the countdown to the inevitable proclamation of support for The Great Replacement conspiracy theory.

Moore or less[edit]

Under the pseudonym Daddy Dragon, Moore hosts a podcast called The Full English, originally on YouTube until it was banned, it now continues on Rumble and has been his main source of income since he was sacked from his job as a project supervisor at a housing association.[1]

Moore came to prominence in 2020 after taking his former employer the Southern Housing GroupWikipedia to industrial tribunal for wrongful dismissal. He had been fired for not declaring his intention to stand as the English Democrats candidate for Bexleyheath and CrayfordWikipedia in the 2019 United Kingdom general election and for expressing views on English nationalism which other staff found distressing. Moore claimed discrimination against his indigenous Englishman race, and philosophical beliefs in English self-determination, but Judge Fiona Louise McLaren disagreed, finding his claims had no merit.[1]

Party time[edit]

Our manifesto is the English Bill of Rights,Wikipedia the Magna Carta, the Act of Settlement,Wikipedia so what we've got [are] constitutional Acts of Parliament which [are] acknowledged in law, so we therefore stand for liberty and freedom
—Graham Moore[10]

Moore established the party in November 2023, began accepting members in February 2024, and claimed to have “hundreds” signed up by the time of their inaugural "Walk in York" march for English independence in August.[11][12] At the gathering Moore explained:

The principle is that the British parliament in Westminster gets shut down, void the Acts of Union, and deploy the English parliament back in York.[13]

English Common Law,Wikipedia according to Moore, grants people right’s which have been taken away by the UK government, such as a right to remain silent or demand a right to a jury. Oh and of course levying income tax and VAT is illegal.[14] The voiding of the Acts of Union,Wikipedia Moore claims, would see these rights returned to the people.[12]

As such, the party submitted a "short, written application only to intervene in support of the Scottish people's right to self determination," to the Supreme Court of the United KingdomWikipedia as part of the push for a proposed second Scottish independence referendum.Wikipedia[15]

Also, obligatorily for a party that got its start during the COVID-19 pandemic, "I am not anti-vaccine, I am anti-coercion," Moore maintained. "I am about free choice, which is what the English law supports."[10]

Moore stood as the party candidate in the 2022 Southend West by-electionWikipedia coming in 8th with 86 votes (0.6%).[16]

In February 2023, party members joined the Patriotic Alternative anti-immigrant protest outside the Holiday Inn Express in Manvers, Rotherham, which housed around 130 asylum seekers.[17] More voiced his support, stating:

Our English Channel has not been defended against an invasion. You got people sleeping on park benches in this country. And these people are coming across in dinghies being put up in four and five star hotels being fed three times a day and getting a bed for the night and they’re still complaining.[13]

Clashes with counter-protestors resulted in two arrests.[18]

Moore drew some attention by calling for a protest against the Coronation of Charles III to which supporters were encouraged to bring rape alarms and eggs.[9]


  • Alan "Active Patriot UK" Leggett — anti-immigration activist[7]
  • Amanda "Yorkshire Rose" Smith — Britain's most prolific "migrant hunter"[19][20]


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