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Earth angels are supposedly people who are angels that are sent to Earth to learn about and guide humans. They are supposedly spirit guides.[note 1]

The concept is totally not a repeat of the concept of indigo children. Doreen Virtue has a website on this.[1]

Any connection to the 1954 hit single by the Penguins is presumably coincidental.[2]

One size fits all[edit]

The Barnum effect is out in full force, as the traits of so-called Earth angels match what a lot of people would say about themselves.

Some of the "signs" of being an Earth angel sound a lot like signs of autism, ADHD/ADD, depression, or just being a sensitive introvert. Believing "this is a sign of being an angel" might be more comforting than believing "this is a disability." While it's nice to see the positives in people with disabilities, disability denialism helps nobody. You can acknowledge that disabled people have good traits while still getting them appropriate support.

And some of these signs sound like a checklist of reasons you should see a doctor. Being terrified of crowds, experiencing memory loss, losing the ability to write properly, and having hallucinations are all signs that you may need psychological help.

How to tell if you're an Earth angel?[edit]

According to the website[3]

foreverconscious.comRationalWiki response
Not feeling called to do any one thing Oh, what a rare feeling. Sometimes it's called "boredom" or "contentment."

Not feeling the need to get married or have childrenThis is totally not something a lot of people feel. And we must have invented words like "asexual" and "Asexuality#Aromantic aromantic" for no reason.

Likely to be bisexual Around 1 in 6 young people are bisexual.[4] On the bright side, at least this website isn't biphobic.

Feeling a longing to return homeUh… Could be the rather unexceptional feeling of nostalgia, social alienationWikipedia, or, if it's really bad, feeling suicidal. Consult a doctor or therapist if you're having a really hard time.

Being interested in philosophy, alternative methods of healing and the metaphysicalSo people who are gullible enough to believe in alternative medicine? They are clearly great guides for humans!

An Earth angel's life may undergo many radical changes and may move around a lotThis is totally not something a lot of people experience.

Having an intense and deep personalityThis is definitely not something a lot of people would describe themselves as.

Seeming wise beyond your years and often carrying a very worldly energyA lot of people would describe themselves this way, but you don't see Earth angels running around a lot, do you?

Even strangers tend to vent to you their problems and frustrations and you delight in being able to help themPeople naturally like to vent their problems to anyone willing to listen. Also, people naturally want to help each other. You don't need any mystical New Age woo to explain that.

Being highly intuitive and often foreseeing events before they occur A lot of people are considered highly intuitive, and according to the laws of chance, predicting an event at least once is very likely.

"Spacing out” or having vivid dreams or daydreams, lucid dreaming or astral projectingEveryone spaces out, has vivid dreams/daydreams, and people do get the occasional lucid dream (especially if they practice at it).

Feeling protective of children, nature and other vulnerable beings and also attracting them as wellMost people naturally protect vulnerable beings; ever seen all the stories of people helping children?

Your emotions feel deep and heavy at times and can fluctuate from positive to negative; you have an understanding of both the light and dark emotionsOh, wow, moodiness. So unique. Basically everyone goes through this.

You try to align yourself with societal expectations but you have a very hard time doing so, or the pursuit of these things can leave you feeling emptyNo one fits in completely. This isn't unique. See social alienation above.

Having an innate understanding of the potential and magic of the UniverseSomeone credulous enough to believe in magic? Clearly, Earth angels are great spirit guides.

According to[5]

thesecrettruthabout.comRationalWiki response
Having many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else.Does this mean the rest of us don't? Everyone has emotional ups and downs, everyone feels sore sometimes, and everyone has lost friends, family and jobs at least once! But never mind that, or suspension of disbelief will be really hard.Facepalm And frequent "strange aches and pains" are usually a sign of stress, so try seeing a doctor or making some stress-reducing lifestyle changes.[6]

Having a serious medical situation in recent years that left you feeling helpless and powerlessWe're pretty sure a lot of people would feel helpless and powerless if they found out that they had a serious medical condition.

Feeling ungrounded and spinning out of control at times but not at other times This is so rare that maybe only 99.9% of the population might experience it.

Having periods of time continually seeing repeating numbers, whether on digital clocks, license plates, or other arenas.Pattern recognition and confirmation bias much?

Having anxiety, panic, or what feels like depressionAnxiety, panic, and depression are not uncommon. That's a sign that you need to see a doctor, not a sign that you're inhuman.

Recently moved to a new geographical locationMoving is extremely common. And if being an Earth angel is supposedly an inherent trait, then why would something being "recent" be necessary?

It is difficult to be in crowds, large stores, and the like.Relax and stop looking to New Age woo to explain your problems! If you have serious issues with crowds, it may be a sign of a psychological disorder like anxiety or sensory processing difficulties.

Having seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through the body.GET. OFF. LSD. (or any drugs) Alternatively, go tell a doctor exactly what you're experiencing and ask for a mental health screening.

Continually misspelling words or superimposing sentences and spelling when attempting to write something, even though you may have been a master at grammar and spelling for most of your lifeIf you are a master of spelling and grammar, why are you making so many mistakes? Also, what does this have to do with being an angel?

Having periods waking up at exactly the same time every nightMore pattern recognition and confirmation bias. It's not too unusual to briefly wake up between sleep cycles.

Having times in your life where you felt "no sense of place"Everyone has been to a place where they felt they didn't belong.

Continually having short-term memory loss and at times not remembering things that occurred only yesterday or even a moment beforeGo see a doctor instead of believing pseudoscience.

According to[7]

powerofpositivity.comRationalWiki response
Being highly sensitiveUp to 20% of the population is highly sensitive.[8]

Loving alone timeIntroversion is a pretty common personality trait.

Caring deeply for othersEver seen all the people working for charity?

Feeling called to a particular purposeNote this is contradictory to an above statement that Earth angels don't feel called to a particular purpose, suggesting that they pulled the concept of Earth angels out of a trash can.

Having a strong intuitionA lot of people are considered highly intuitive.

Proof that Earth angels actually exist[edit]



  1. Alternatively, they are humans whose souls have ascended to a higher level or something.