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Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich (1977–) is a neo-Nazi, Holocaust denier, and alt-righter. He is the founder of the alt-right website The Right Stuff and the podcast The Daily Shoah (Shoah is a Hebrew word meaning catastrophic destruction, which now usually refers to the Holocaust). With his work, he targets minority groups such as Jews, Black people, immigrants, the LGBT community, and mainstream journalists. He also drew mainstream attention for participating in book burnings (like the original Nazis).[1][2]

Ironically, Peinovich was doxxed by his fellow neo-Nazis in 2017. In the dox, it was revealed that Peinovich's wife is Jewish and that they had a traditional Jewish wedding. Adding to the layers of irony, Peinovich’s wife appeared as a guest on The Daily Shoah and hiding her Jewish ancestry whilst promoting antisemitism.[3][4]

Personal life[edit]

Peinovich is of Norwegian and Serbian descent (again, adding more irony as the latter of his ancestry were persecuted by the Nazis). During his high school and college years, he worked various jobs such as chemically testing pools and delivering pizza. He also worked as a computer programmer and attended then dropped many universities during this time.[5]

Alt-Right advocacy[edit]

Peinovich became known amongst the media for his attendance of a conference organized by Richard Spencer in support of Donald Trump's election as president in 2016. He made a Nazi salute after Spencer’s speech and hailed Spencer and Trump as white saviors. The media picked up on the rally, and the salutes and other racist acts were performed in front of journalists and the media, giving them proof and evidence using footage of the speech and outing the alt-right for what it really was; a neo-Nazi movement. This led to them being widely marginalized in politics and shocking Trump supporters who initially denied that Nazis even existed in the MAGA movement.[6]

Peinovich popularized the triple parentheses (used to identify Jewish people) from his podcast The Right Stuff. This trend spread amongst the alt-right before being used by people in the mainstream (Jews included) in a way to counter its original racist messaging (which worked, as it’s not used exclusively in a racist manner anymore, being very rare in the online alt-right today).[7]