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Olav Torheim

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Olav Torheim (born 25 August 1979) is a Norwegian neo-Nazi activist from the small town of Volda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway. He has been one of the few active members of the Norwegian neo-Nazi movement since the turn of the century. While openly identifying with the "identitarian" brand of the traditional neo-Nazi movement, he is also a proponent of Islamophobia and "counterjihad," the ideologies notoriously promoted by Anders Behring Breivik.

Torheim originally came to some modest prominence for his nationalist language politics; a proponent of an exceedingly obscure purist language ideology called "High Norwegian," he led a faction of around three people who split from the rest of this tiny language movement due to their pro-fascist, anti-immigration and ultraconservative Christian views. Torheim has published his own magazine called Målmannen (literally, "The Language Man") for several years. The magazine was ostensibly devoted to "High Norwegian" language politics, but much of its content consisted of anti-immigrant screeds and "enthusiatic reporting from neo-Nazi marches" in Germany, Sweden and elsewhere in which Torheim himself took an active part as a participant and organizer.[1][2] In later years Torheim has identified himself as "identitarian," a term that has recently become popular among Nazi and fascist groups (one of the best known examples of the "identitarian" brand of Neo-Nazism is the website Metapedia). Torheim was the subject of a detailed critical exposé on the popular left-wing website Radikal Portal in 2014,[3] and the Norwegian Humanist Association's journal Humanist has also published articles about Torheim's role as an organizer within the neo-Nazi movement.[1][2] Norwegian newspapers have also previously written about Torheim's role in the neo-Nazi movement.[4] Torheim has been busy filing complaints against newspapers who wrote critically about him, to little avail.[5]


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