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I unironically hate furries. they're disgusting porn addicts, they're annoying and they groom children. if i were president i'd establish FEMA camps to have them all rounded up and ground up into dog food and they'd probably like it.
—Simon being his normal self on Twitter[1]

Benjamin Robert "Ben" Simon (May 12, 1997–), better known by his online alias Ruben Sim, is a former Roblox Forum troll[note 1] and YouTuber. Simon holds something of an everlasting grudge against Roblox ever since they banned his account in 2014. He was sued by the company in 2021 and ultimately ordered by a court not to visit the website or go near Roblox's offices (though he seems to have continued making videos about them). Simon was perhaps best known for exposing predators on the Roblox platform, though he's since faced criticism for conflating being a member of certain communities (especially furries) with predatory behavior. By his own retelling in a 2023 Kiwi Farms post, these comments against furries and LGBT people have been part of an effort to purge his fanbase of anyone he perceives as "sexual degenerates and hyper-sensitive social justice warriors" since about 2020–2021.

Roblox lawsuit[edit]

On 23 November 2021, Roblox filed a $1.65 million lawsuit against Simon for "posting false and misleading terrorist threats", breach of user contract, and "cyber-bullying and harassing Roblox employees and executives".[4] In the lawsuit, Roblox claimed they had banned his account for allegedly: "engaging in sexual conversation with users, discussing sex acts, engaging in sexual harassment, singling out users and groups for ridicule or abuse, attempting to upload a nude image of himself with only a lampshade covering his genitals, using racial and homophobic slurs, creating and using inappropriate accounts with sexual names, attempting to upload a sex game, attempting to upload images of Adolf Hitler, ... using prolific profanity; and cyber-bullying and harassing Roblox employees and executives, including through libelous personal accusations." They alleged that he repeatedly evaded bans.[5]

The lawsuit concluded on 16 January 2022; Simon was court-ordered to pay $150,000 in damages and stay away from Roblox's website and real-life offices.[6] Simon created a GoFundMe to cover his legal costs.

Personal beliefs[edit]

LGBT community[edit]

Simon has liked tweets from the all-around bigot Matt Walsh on the subject of transphobia,[7] and also follows several notable anti-LGBT personalities, including the alt-right comic artist Hans Kristian Graebener (a.k.a. StoneToss), former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and anti-trans activist Katie Herzog.[8]

Furry fandom[edit]

f*rries/coomers blocked on sight
—One of Simon's Twitter bios

Simon venomously hates the furry fandom, so much so that they are virtually all he ever talks about. In December 2022, he changed his Twitter bio to include the line "f*rries/coomers blocked on sight".

During that time, Simon posted a bunch of anti-furry tweets, including one stating that if he were president, he would establish FEMA camps to round up furries and have them "ground up into dog food". He also created a poll receiving a majority of support from his fanbase where he asked if hospitals should deny furries access to medical care, with the implication that anyone disagreeing must support zoophiles.[9] In another poll, he asked whether his followers would rather be sued for $1.6 million or be a furry, in reference to his 2021 Roblox lawsuit.[10]

Even with the predictable backlash from the furry fandom, it got to the point that even some of his own fans would criticize Simon for his actions as he had created a hoax that Arizona was planning to make it illegal to be a furry.[11][12]

In multiple cases, Simon directly linked to tweets made by people he didn't like[13][14][15] (often those who are openly supportive of furries), knowing full-well that his personal army fans would go over to their profile and harass them,[16] oftentimes to such an extent that anyone affected leaves the site entirely. He also allegedly doxxed people in the fandom[citation needed] and sent an abusive email attaching an animal abuse video in response to someone writing a complaint to him via email about his actions towards the developer of Roblox game Thunder Scientific Corporation.[17]

Unsurprisingly, he also showed support for an Oklahoma bill proposed by Justin HumphreyWikipedia which aims to ban furries from attending public schools,[18] urging his followers in Oklahoma to back the bill as it would "protect the children", despite students being specifically named and targeted by the bill under proposal.[19]

Kiwi Farms[edit]

In December 2023, he announced that he had joined Kiwi Farms,[20] seemingly to share his efforts to improve the Roblox moderation system. However, he also threw in an ask-me-anything, which led to a couple sort-of political asides. In one, he stated: "Kiwifarms has been an invaluable resource in uncovering and combating child molestation, grooming, animal abuse, sex pests, domestic violence, parental neglect, and political hysteria."[21] Left out of his post was any direct description of the site's facilitation of doxing and harassment,[22][23][24][25] a characterization which Sim appears to dismiss as merely "a disinfo campaign".[21] Later in the same post, he said: "I've spent the last 2-3 years culling my fanbase of sexual degenerates and hyper-sensitive social justice warriors. All of the anti-furry posting I've been doing is designed to keep these types of people from working their way into my support base."[21]

Other attention grabs[edit]

Fake car crash[edit]

Imagine being so desperate for clout that you fake a car crash by taking some random pic on rrddit[sic]
—@ImagesHumanity on Twitter

In March 2023, Simon posted an image of a wrecked car on his Twitter account, claiming he had lost traction and slid into a curb.[26] The image was actually from a 2 year old Reddit post and was lifted with no alterations.[27]

BDSM porn[edit]

Simon, when he was 16, created and published torture BDSM[28][note 2] porn of an (at the time) 13-year-old's nude Roblox avatar,[29][30] then repeatedly advertised it on the official Roblox Forum.[31][32] He repeatedly sent mentions to her in the replies to the porn post for up to 2–3 years afterward.[29] In 2014, he uploaded a now-unavailable video to "expose" her "trying to create a following and deceiving people".[33][34][35] At the time, he compared the situation to Gamergate (which doesn't at all help his case); he stated: "If you let these kinds of people slip by then everyone will think they can do it. Same reason why Zoe Quinn is getting all the attention from the chans."[36] This particular "dispute" started because she wouldn't draw his Roblox avatar for free.

And then he wondered why Roblox would rather kick him out than continue being associated with this kind of shit.

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