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Truth News Australia

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Total Non-Stop Action Truth News Australia (TNA) is an independent Australian media outlet dedicated to preaching libertarianism and a wide variety of conspiracy theories. It's mostly run by conspiracy theorist Hereward Fenton.

According to Fenton, TNA go "beyond the spin" of Australia's mainstream media and speak the truth, like all conspiracy theorists who have been down the rabbit hole. They mainly preach central banking hysteria, 911 Truth, New World Order conspiracy theories, and are skeptical of vaccinations and argue for the existence of chemtrails used to kill off the useless eaters. So basically, one could argue that TNA are Australia's equivalent to Infowars, with perhaps a smaller following. Unlike many American truthers, TNA do not believe Sandy Hook was a false flag,[1] preferring to argue that Australia could be the capital of the New World Order[2] (rather than conspiracy theorists' usual targets, the United States, Rome or Israel).

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