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—Scottie Spencer, invoking Badger's Law[1] is an alt-right/Neo-Nazi/anti-Semitic website and "news" organization founded and run by Youngstown, Ohio native Scottie Spencer[2]. The website is slightly similar to the design of David J. Stewart's Jesus Is Savior; however, this site is mainly focused on promoting anti-Semitism. It's so through the roof and over the top with every negative Jewish cliche and stereotype thrown in that it makes the Traditionalist Workers Party and the Ku Klux Klan look rational in comparison. It is primarily just propaganda. Basically, the content of the articles almost reads as if it were a parody of anti-Semitic websites. Spencer's hatred toward Jews is far from unnoticed. Much of his anti-Semitism is taken from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a discredited document and forgery alleging a Jewish plot) as well as the Dearborn Independent's "The International Jew", both of which are the basis of Smoloko's hostility towards Jews. He is a sympathizer of Adolf Hitler and says that the genocide against Jews was "the right decision" (his website happens to support Holocaust denial). Islamophobia and anti-Catholicism are also found on his website; he declares Muslims as Jews and fears for "Islamization", which is also Jewish for him, believes that Pope Francis is "a Jewish puppet" and claims he could be the Antichrist.[3] Smoloko's sources in particular, come from either questionable anti-Semitic websites such as Real Jew News or The Daily Stormer, conspiracy theory websites such as, or in some cases legitimate news sources such as The Guardian. In the case of the former two, it is basically them being just useful idiots by recycling propaganda and doing lip service for white supremacy and white nationalism, and for the latter, it is basically copypasting and manipulating already established facts by the "mainstream media". The website also deliberately misinterprets quotes from Jewish people or manipulates their quotes by removing their larger context to make them seem more sinister than they actually were. The website's articles also tend to contain a lot of confirmation bias when quoting Jews or other figures that the website supports. Any negative quote about Jewish people is presented as if it's factual.

Moreover, his entire web site is a series of disturbing (yet lazy) photoshopped pictures and paranoid schizophrenic "The Jews are evil and are plotting to take over the world with the help of the Antichrist, the Illuminati, and the Zionist government!" rants, which all boil down to the following:

The site promotes other conspiracy theories, as well as several typical Christian fundamentalist ideologies such as anti-Catholicism, anti-feminism, homophobia,[4] and full support for Donald Trump's presidency (or at least until he decided to order the strike against Syria). It also just so happens to support Russian president Vladimir Putin. The website also pushes 9/11 conspiracy theories alleging that Israel was responsible.

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Warning: The Smoloko News website contains gore. Enter at your own risk!, more specifically don't even bother clicking on any of these links as they are not the best places for news