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Scottie Spencer looking like Colin Farrell's crazy anti-Semitic brother.
Hate for hate's sake
Perpetuating prejudice
Hate mongers
—Scottie Spencer, invoking Badger's Law[1][note 1] was a far-right/neo-Nazi/neo-fascist/white nationalist/white supremacist/anti-Semitic propaganda website and "news" organization founded and run by Youngstown, Ohio native Scottie Spencer.[2] The website was slightly similar to the design of David J. Stewart's Jesus Is Savior; however, this site's top priority was focused on promoting anti-Semitism. Smoloko also promoted hatred for Muslims, LGBTQ, feminists, Catholics, and pretty much anyone else who is not a straight WASP male. It was so through the roof and over the top with every negative Jewish cliché and stereotype thrown in that it made the Traditionalist Workers Party and the Ku Klux Klan look rational in comparison. Basically, the content of the articles almost reads as if it were a parody of anti-Semitic websites. In late 2018, the website went offline, likely due to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Smoloko was briefly relaunched in 2020 as Neon Crusader. It was just as bad and ugly as before.[3][4]

Antisemitism and political views[edit]

I worship Jesus and I revere Hitler as Christ’s prophet to punish the jews for their crime of killing Christ and turning the world into a den of thieves.
—Glory B., a perfectly rational person.[5]

Much of Spencer's antisemitism is taken from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a discredited document and forgery alleging a Jewish plot) as well as the Dearborn Independent's The International Jew. Spencer's antisemitism is influenced in no small part by Henry Makow (Makow himself said that Spencer credits him for "his awakening"). According to Makow, Spencer had a slow descent into Jew-bashing in 2008 when his mother and father divorced. He also supports Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Brother Nathanael Kapner, and E. Michael Jones as influences and with unabashed irony claims Jews are "the most racist people in the world".[6][better source needed] He is a sympathizer of Adolf Hitler and agrees that the genocide against Jews was the right decision[7] (though ironically his website happens to support Holocaust denial[8][9]). Islamophobia and anti-Catholicism are also found on his website. According to the site, Muslims are allies with Jews[10] (somebody tell Israel!) and Spencer fears for "Islamization", which is also Jewish for him. He believes that Pope Francis is "a Jewish puppet" and claims that he could be the Antichrist.[11]

Smoloko's sources, in particular, come from either questionable anti-Semitic websites such as Real Jew News or The Daily Stormer, conspiracy theory websites such as, or in some cases legitimate news sources such as The Guardian; they even thought a report by the (intentionally) satirical World Net Daily Report on drug trafficking was legitimate news.[12] In the case of the former two, it is basically them just recycling what's been said already to put a negative spin on Jews and giving lip service to white supremacy and white nationalism, and for the latter, it is basically copypasting and manipulating already established facts by the "mainstream media". The website also deliberately misinterprets quotes from Jewish people or manipulates their quotes by ignoring the other context and not caring about the works they cite to support a straw man argument. The website's articles also tend to contain a lot of confirmation bias when quoting Jews or other figures that the website supports. Any negative quote about Jewish people is presented as if it's factual. The website's articles inevitably culminate in a variation on the refrain of "Jews Did It!".

Moreover, his entire website is a series of disturbing (yet lazy) photoshopped pictures and paranoid schizophrenic "The Jews are evil and are plotting to take over the world with the help of the Antichrist, the Illuminati, and the Zionist government!" rants, which all boil down to the following:

The site promotes other conspiracy theories, as well as several typical Christian fundamentalist ideologies such as anti-Catholicism (at least by their hatred of Pope Francis), anti-feminism and homophobia.[13] It also just so happens to support Russian president Vladimir Putin.[14] The website also pushes 9/11 conspiracy theories alleging that Israel was responsible.[15] The website thinks that ISIS is an Israeli-backed terrorist organization (even though it was an Iranian propaganda story that was debunked by Politifact).[16] The website thinks the death of George S. Patton was caused by the JOOZ.[17]

The website also believes that Brittany Murphy was killed by the "Jewish-controlled" Department of Homeland Security.[18] Another thing the site supports is global warming denialism, applauding the Trump administration for taking down pages related to the subject.[19] The website also believes that Freemasonry and Jewry are part of a worldwide conspiracy.[20] The website claims that the JOOZ! and Freemasons were responsible for bringing slavery to America (citing The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews by the Nation of Islam as so-called evidence which has been debunked by legitimate historians and scholars), the Rothschilds caused the Civil War so the country can be split up and conquered by Britain. Unlike many far-right websites that are Neo-Confederate in nature the website has a pro-Union stance on the Civil War and supports Abraham Lincoln concluding (illogically) that Judah Philip Benjamin and John Wilkes Booth were Freemasons, and the entire American Jew population voted to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy.[21] In a rather strange case, the website supports the Communist regime of Kim Jong-un and North Korea,[22] and believes that Ebola is fake and is used as a ploy for the bankers/Illuminati/West to occupy West Africa[citation needed] as well as claiming that it is the bankers' plan for population reduction.[citation needed] Of course given how Nazi apologetic Smoloko is they support the likes of British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Romanian Legionnaire Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and neo-Nazi Dr. William Luther Pierce. The website also promotes scientific racism (in an article called "Thank White People For") and its definition of white supremacy (to quote Alicia Frischmann) is "simply the recognition of the SCIENCE of race, that the ethno-Europeans are superior in different aspects. The physical aspects, beautiful and fit bodies, and attractiveness. But this remains a superficial interpretation of White Supremacy. The main supremacy is intellectual. In fact hundreds of scientific studies and papers prove that Whites, or ethno-Europeans especially the Nordics have a higher average of IQ".[23] Sigh, if only such higher IQ could have been visited upon the contributors to the site.

Contradictions between authors[edit]

The site often contradicts itself. While all members are crackpots, some of their opinions largely differ. For example, Alicia Frischmann (also known as Alice Fluegel on her GAB account) does not hesitate to call herself a Nazi[24] and Glory B. compares Hitler to Jesus[25], while Henry Makow would actively denounce Nazism, comparing it to Zionism[26][note 2]. While most members promote Holocaust denial[27], Makow insists that Zionists "SACRIFICED" Jews "IN THE HOLOCAUST SO THEY WOULD BUILD ISRAEL."[28] Some members are highly Islamophobic, believing in a Jewish plan to Islamize Europe[29][30] while others oppose Islamophobia, even claiming that there is no such thing as Islamic extremism threatening Israel and the West.[31][32]

Good job for reporting the truth.

Examples of their racist brain-dead crackpottery[edit]

One of the many embarrassingly nonsensical memes posted on the webshite.

The site's founder has written articles that:

  1. Exaggerate or cite certain truths (such as news reports by mainstream media) just to push a negative spin on Jews
  2. Cite anti-Semitic canards that have been proven to be false (i.e. Jewish blood libel) and/or hoaxes (including forgeries such as Our Race Will Rule Undisputed Over The World by anti-Semite Eustace Mullins and forged anti-Semitic "quotes" "said by" George Washington and Benjamin Franklin)
  3. Cherry-pick Jewish and non-Jewish sources in such a way as to appear to support their anti-Semitic views, even if it's actually individuals expressing their personal opinions on Jews or what they believe Judaism and/or Jews are all about. Most of the time, Smoloko has next to no interest in regards to the works that they cite that are far more than just some random Jewish quote.

Alicia Frischmann and Glory B.[edit]

To give you an idea on how insanely brain-dead Smoloko is, look no further than to Alicia Frischmann and Glory B.. Basically, they are even more insane than Scottie Spencer and it might be an understatement to call them crackpots. Here are some examples of articles that show their anti-Semitic crackpottery:

  • BAN the parasitic JEWISH group and save Humanity: An explicitly racist, anti-Semitic tract arguing that Jews should be banned, expelled, or treated as second-class citizens written by the aforementioned Alicia Frischmann.[33]
  • Khazar Mafia runs America: Pushing the nonsensical anti-Semitic theory of a worldwide "Khazar Mafia".[34]
  • Organized Jewry: Destroyers of Western civilization: A poorly-cobbled together propaganda piece accusing Jews of being so-called "destroyers of Western civilization" complete with quotes from Jews that are from works that aren't even so-called "evidence",[note 3] as well as two other Jewish quotes[note 4] that have nothing to with the article or the topic they're talking about. Basically this article is accusing Jews of everything and anything.[35]
  • It's the JEWS stupid!: Another article accusing Jews of being part of a worldwide conspiracy and good old typical Holocaust denial with half-truths thrown in.[36]
  • RABBI confirms JWO in 1952: An article that cites an anti-Semitic forgery called Our Race Will Rule Undisputed Over The World by Eustace Mullins and a non-existent rabbi called "Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich" that even Smoloko partially retracted from.[37]
  • Testimony of a former Jew who converted to Christianity: An interview from Glory B, a Jewish convert to Christianity. That testimony quickly turns into a rant against Jews and Judaism in general.[38]
  • Judaism is Communism: An article pushing the Judeo-Bolshevik myth disregarding the fact Communism is an atheist ideology and the fact that the Jews that were a part of the Russian Revolution pretty much threw their Jewishness out of the window (i.e. non-Jewish Jews).[39]
  • Chemtrails – a Jewish plot to POISON and dumb-down the goyim: An article demonstrating full-scale crank magnetism. Chemtrails, according to Frischmann, are part of the white genocide program.[40]
  • Jews are the reasons the political left is anti-White.: Accusing Jews of making the left "anti-White" (not really) and Bible-thumping regarding the Jews fighting other ancient tribes out to kill them.[41]
  • Did the Jews have John Lennon murdered ?: An article accusing Jews (i.e. the CIA) of killing John Lennon without any evidence whatsoever. The article cites unverified quotes from Lennon as evidence that they killed him. The article has two quotes unrelated to John Lennon, one by Nazi war criminal Julius Streicher which says whoever fights the Jews is fighting the Devil (which of course isn't) and an alleged quote from Harold Rosenthal from a non-existent interview (and probably unverified) Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Trumps All Other Issues.[42]
  • Jew Run Disney Pushes FAGGOT Garbage in Children's Cartoons and Films: Ripping off an article from the equally racist and homophobic Daily Stormer.[43] In fact, The Daily Stormer is a common source of "information" for this site.
  • Germany: Playboy Puts Tranny on the Cover for the First Time: Oh, and pushing "trangenderism is all part of the Jewish plan to destroy and conquer Christianity and the White race" somehow.[44]

On Twitter[edit]

[S]o regardless of some decent jews,[sic] there needs to be laws in place that keep all jews[sic] out of banking,media,government,education[.]

—Scottie Spencer[45]

[Y]ou're incredibly naive if you think the Rothschilds are the only problem. Jews as a whole are a subversive and criminal race[.]

—Scottie Spencer[46]

From pro-Trump to anti-Trump[edit]

After his inauguration, Smoloko News welcomed Donald Trump for a while with the following articles:


Although the website was originally fully supportive of Trump's presidency, that changed when he decided to order the strike against Syria. Then, after Trump prayed at the Western WallWikipedia in Jerusalem, Smoloko was furious and 180'd its stance on a dime:[49]

Trump Makes History as First Sitting President to Pray at the ‘Wailing Wall’

While the Alt Right[sic] clowns (including ourselves, smoloko) were proclaiming Trump as their God Emperor during the elections, I was warning that he would be the most pro-Zionist president in US history, which is saying quite a lot. Although he loudly proclaimed his love for the jewish[sic] people and the jewish[sic] state during the elections, which his mesmerized supporters ignored, he has really shown his true colors since being inaugurated.

However, nothing says “I’m Israel’s little bitch” more than putting on a yarmulke and praying at the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall.


See the main article on this topic: Pizzagate

What do you know? Smoloko supports Pizzagate in the article DHS INSIDER: CIA AND MOSSAD BEHIND DC PEDO RING.[50] In 2014, Smoloko also had an article supporting Cathy O'Brien'sWikipedia false claim she was raped by Hillary Clinton.[51]

Scottie's shady stuff[edit]

In 2016, Scottie Spence was arrested for vandalism. He wrote anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi phrases in chalk at Youngstown, Ohio as well as "ethnic intimidation". Scottie was released after having received a fine and a probation but not before writing an article trying to defend himself for the crime he just committed, arguing that it's "free speech".[52]

Notable writers[edit]

  • Scottie Spencer : the founder of this website.
  • Henry Makow : the only Jew Scottie Spencer likes, because he's a self-hating one. He's also an MRA, a homophobe, a transphobe, and even claimed that feminism is part of the New World Order. He remains arguably the sanest writer of the website, as he isn't as anti-Semitic as the others and even criticized Scottie Spencer's Holocaust denial and love of Hitler.
  • Glory B. : a Jewish convert to Christianity. She tries to evangelize the Jews, yet is a Hitler apologist: she even claimed that Hitler was sent by Jesus to punish the JOOZ™.[53]
  • Nathanael Kapner : another Jewish convert to Christianity. Founder of Real Jew News, where he rants about evil JOOZ.
  • Alicia Frischmann : what happens when Alain Soral undergoes gender reassignment surgery. By far the most insane writer of the website, ranting about how whites are persecuted and how Europe and white Christians are threatened by a Judeo-Islamic conspiracy.[54] She even advocated the destruction of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Also believes in the chemtrails conspiracy theory.[55]
  • Scarlett Jones : usual 9/11 truther, Holocaust denier, and Islamophobe. [56]
  • James Perloff : anti-vaxxer[57][58], creationist, also writes on Henry Makow's website.[59] Writer of Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism, a (badly written) anti-evolution book.

Horrendous design[edit]

Professional web design.
See the main article on this topic: Haig's Law

Smoloko's website design looks hideous with a black background and logo in contrast to a white and blue front, containing a cornucopia of nauseating neon lights as well as tacky hover-over effects, with a bit of porn to top everything off nicely.[60] Aside from the website's bullshit slogan, "Reporting The Truth", their horrendous aesthetics make the Daily Stormer look amazing in comparison. Perhaps the "best" feature of the design is the overprinted text, which is exceptionally annoying to the reader.

Cloppped stock[edit]

Smoloko News attacked Zeus Harvey Weinstein for having sexually assaulted many women, in a stopped clock moment because he is one of da JOOZ™! They're not fond of Fox News nor Ann Coulter.[61][62][63] As said above, they do not like Trump anymore (for "anti-Zionist" reasons, but still), are critical of Saudi Arabia,[64][65][66][67] and are not fond of Ayn Rand.[68]

See also[edit]

External links[edit]

NSFW Warning: The Smoloko News website contains gore[69] and shock porn.[60] Enter at your own risk!, more specifically don't even bother clicking on any of these links as they are not the best places for news


  1. Smoloko (смолоко) is similar to the Russian word for "milk"(молоко), Ukrainian for "gummy", and Serbian for "resin".
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  4. One was an article on Jewish contribution in the comic book industry and the other was an Op-Ed piece for the Los Angeles Times written by Sam Stein in 2008 on Hollywood Jews that's pretty outdated by 2018 standards.


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