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Kacper Postawski

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Kacper Maciej Postawski has been the front-man for various scam products, most recently a relaunch of the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) cure-all in 2016[1]. However MMS is not his first "water purifier" product: he previously sold "Adya Clarity"[2], a substance which has the approval of Fenestra Research Labs[3].

In addition to having the cure for "97%"[4] of the diseases afflicting humanity, (via MMS), Kacper has the solution to the world's energy problems via free energy devices”[5], of course suppressed "quantum" technologies are involved.[6][7]

Kacper Postawski recommends hair-testing to determine ones mineral content[8].
Quack-Buster Stephen Barrett describes hair-analysis as "a cardinal sign of quackery".[9]

In the naughties Kacper promoted self-help books such as "A Thousand Fingers Pointing At The Moon",[10] and perhaps his only effective product: a book on how to cure insomnia,[11] as reading it would put anyone to sleep.

The demographic of his target-market are New Agey, paranoid[12], magical-thinkers.
Apparently that sector of society is big enough to keep Kacper Postawski in business.

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