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Tom Montalk a.k.a. Thomas Minderle[1] (real name Thomas Cox) runs, his personal conspirituality website. He's written articles on all manner of fringe topics, mainly spirituality and aliens and conspiracy theories. Montalk's thought is in large part centered in a mix of the Cassiopaean material and the Ra Material, with various other popular New Age and conspiracist themes thrown into the mix. He's big on alien abduction and disclosure and related matters, and views The MatrixWikipedia as semi-metaphorically real – our reality is apparently full of weird glitches, strange things, and timeline shifts of often alien origin, the nature and often even existence of which mainstream people are oblivious to.

In the early 2000s, he had a falling out with an increasingly paranoid and controlling Laura Knight-Jadczyk and by extension her online community, and has ever since promoted a message which in large part seems like an extension of LKJ's earlier one.[2][3] Basically, his message is what you get if you keep adding an awful lot of teachings into a blender, trying to see some good in as many of them as possible without the contradictions outright smacking you in the face – instead of deciding, like LKJ, that almost everyone else is very wrong, and turning a more insular and elitist derivative of all kinds of teachings into a cult (which in 2009 became the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind).

Around a decade later, by 2014 Bernhard Guenther (who runs another conspirituality website, and his online following had more definitely parted ways with the Cassiopaea community, in another little split. Montalk and Guenther are friends and agree on a lot of topics, including that QAnon really is a force for awakening.[4]

A Cassiopaean schism[edit]

In what was effectively a first main schism in the small world of 'Cassiopaean' spirituality in the early 2000s, Montalk had his falling out with an increasingly paranoid and controlling Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the Quantum Future School of Ascension that she and her husband ran back then,[2][3] promising great results to those who participated with 'dedication and sincerely'.

Montalk's view of the matter is that LKJ, formerly a channeler of rare quality, became spiritually corrupted, her personality changing for the worse, in part as a result of her being stalked and harassed online by a nasty group of trolls led by the occultist charlatan Vincent Bridges. Montalk distinguishes between LKJ before and after those developments, and thinks her channeled work was great before that turning point, but its good qualities snuffed out afterwards through the machinations of the Matrix against things that threaten it – also including an immense psychic attack by alien forces. In turn, LKJ views Montalk as dangerous and disturbed, and also as parroting Vincent Bridges[5] – something she has also claimed about others who have come to view her as paranoid, or even dared to suggest that there's something cultic about her community.

A question which often comes up for both Montalk and LKJ is, who is an 'agent' of the Matrix? There's a great many ways in which a person can supposedly end up playing such a role – main categories including lacking a spirit, being spiritually 'asleep', and being driven by any agenda at odds with properly serving others – and every side in a conflict where people use these metaphysical frameworks are able (if they wish) to explain how it is the other side. On LKJ's side of this particular divide, an August 2003 Cassiopaea channeling session established the narrative that Montalk and company are some kind of agents,[6] sent in like various other problematic individuals as part of a general, shadowy striving by the powers that be to corrupt or otherwise "cultify" the Cassiopaea group. This is, to make it look really bad or even dangerous even though it's of course nothing like a dangerous cult, so that they can then strike and shut it all down in response to the engineered "threat".

LKJ's explanation was accepted by her community. Meanwhile, Montalk's explanation of what had gone wrong with the "Cassiopaean Experiment" has over the years appealed to individuals who feel at odds with or are thrown out of that group, but who value the Cassiopaean material, or are heavily into both conspiracy theory and the Ra Material.[note 1] Inside the Cassiopaea community, meanwhile, both the older Cassiopaean material and the Ra Material are studied, but the latest of LKJ's ideas and attitudes always take precedence, and her work over time is seen as part of her becoming the mystical "you in the future" which the Cassiopaeans have claimed to be – while the fate of the world uniquely depends on her person and continued presence on Earth.

Actually, LKJ could have a point in dismissing Montalk's claim that she was so very different before 2003 and suddenly lost her old understanding – after all, she'd be much more aware than him of her own long-term thinking and basic desires. Maybe Montalk read the lofty things he wanted to be true into the great room for interpretation in LKJ's earlier works, but could no longer project that gloss of a divine intervention into Earthly affairs onto her person when she turned out a little nastier than he had thought she was. It's clear that LKJ did change attitude and focus over time, but Montalk probably rationalized that the contrast between the old and the new person really was of supernatural proportions.

New Age or anti-New Age?[edit]

Montalk doesn't view himself as a New Ager, though by conventional standards he is one – similarly to those who share his views, Laura Knight-Jadczyk's views, and various others with an outlook more conspiracist and metaphysically complex than the stereotypical world of mass-produced feel-good teachings. Rejecting the crass commercialism and intellectual vapidness of the love-and-light New Age stereotype, as a matter of choice of identity such people view themselves as different from the New Age, despite all remaining similarities.

Such people basically affirm, "I know these New Agers suck, but I'm not like them – I have much better discernment!", while engaging with the same quantum woo, similar ideas of spiritual reality changes soon to come,[note 2] and preferring their channeling, metaphysical, and conspiracy-clue word salads to be a little bit differently flavored – a little spicier perhaps.

Moderate conspiracist paranoia[edit]

Montalk advocates a balance between dismissing the most far-out conspiracy thinking and being totally freaked out by it.[7] For example, while hyper-dimensional supernatural aliens are apparently bombarding the brains of humanity with subliminal messages, hypnotic suggestions, and all manner of other things designed to restrict their thoughts and activities – and not only during waking life, but also during every hour of sleep, possibly explaining why you have low self-esteem – this is best responded to by simultaneously believing it to be true and not really treating it as such a big deal. After all, if you make too much of a deal out of it, then they will thereby surely succeed in driving you mentally and emotionally off-balance, maybe even prompting you to recklessly wreck your life, which makes for a lousy way to resist it all.

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  1. By contrast, the community around L/L Research, the organization which channeled and publishes the Ra Material or Law of One, has generally not been so keen on conspiracy theory.
  2. There were the popular 2012 ascension or apocalypse ideas, and the Ra Material idea of the 'harvest', quantum 'reality shift' ideas such as the Cassiopaean idea of 'The Wave', and various variations on the same theme. After 2012, ideas of 'timeline splits' and timeline travel became popular to explain how reality diverged from the failed predictions, and how all the dramatic stuff was just delayed a little.


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