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Sophia (Youtube alias: Corbis, formerly LtCorbis and soph) (23 September 2004–) is a unique example of why children should not be exposed to far-right internet circles. She was an American YouTuber with 970,000 subscribers as of May 20, 2019.[1] She has been criticised for videos promoting alt-right themes.[2] She claims her content is ironic, and meant as satirical commentary.[3] Despite this, she has been described as a gatekeeper for the online right, and accused of creating anti-black, Islamophobic, anti-semitic, and sexist content.[2][3][4]

After repeatedly violating YouTube's community guidelines for making racist and anti-LGBTQ videos, Soph was banned from the platform in 2019.[5][6] Since her YouTube ban, she has moved to SubscribeStar, BitChute, a Dennis Prager affiliated website (the two appear to have since had a falling out), and Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos' pay-to-watch Censored TV website (left in 2023). As of 2023, she is still active on a way smaller scale on SubscribeStar, and has also returned to YouTube under the name Corbis, though she rarely uploads videos there.


Sophia started on YouTube in 2015 when she was 11 years old. She cites PewDiePie as an influence for why she started making Youtube videos. When starting out, she made Call of DutyWikipedia and Counter-StrikeWikipedia gameplay commentary videos narrated in an expletive-heavy style.[7] In her early content she aims abuse at the U.S. school system and "the cult of mums".[8] In 2017 her channel had 750,000 subscribers.[9]

In May 2019, Soph published a video "Be Not Afraid",[note 1] following this, Joseph Bernstein of BuzzFeed NewsWikipedia wrote an article on Soph titled "YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl".[2] Reaction to this was mixed, with conservative commentators claiming it was a hit piece,[10] and others such as the Washington Examiner writing that it was right to highlight the radicalization of child Youtubers.[11]

YouTube removed several of Soph's videos and temporarily restricted her channel from uploading.[12] Despite this, her channel gained over 100,000 subscribers in 2 weeks as she gained popularity with the right wing fringe and appeared as a guest on Infowars.[12][13][14]

On August 1, 2019, YouTube terminated her account, citing violations of its hate speech policy.[15]

"Genocide the Muslims"[edit]

On April 2nd, 2019, another YouTuber called NFKRZ leaked the private logs of a Discord channel Soph was active in and posted screenshots of her directly making horrific mass murder and genocidal speeches against all Muslims (NFKRZ also released a video on his YouTube channel analysing the leaks and providing further context[16]).[17][18] These screenshots were posted onto Twitter where they went viral.[17] Her exact words were (in all caps of all things):

"Fuck Muslims[,] [f]uck them all[,] I wish an atomic bomb would drop on the Middle East already[,] I fucking hate those sandniggers with all my might[,]...I wish there would be a Hitler for Muslims[,] [g]as them all".[17] Archived versions of this quote can be seen here on the WayBackMachine and on (as well as in the reference cited).

The reference to Hitler is particularly ironic, given that over 5 million Muslim volunteers fought with the Allies against the Nazis during WWII, with about 1.5 million killed in action.[19]

She was confronted by Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Destiny, on April 7th, 2019 about her comments (which were again read out to her verbatim which she didn't deny saying) to which she claimed her speeches were only "hyperbolic": Destiny then asked her "[s]o you aren't defending what you're saying?" to which Soph clarified that "I am defending what I'm saying"; spotting the contradiction Destiny again asks "[s]o you do agree with the things you said", to which Soph deliberately obfuscates and says "".[20]

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