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I'm new to RationalWiki.

An American Conversation Podcast is clearly worth a RationalWiki article. These muppets have had every TERF from here to Neptune on their show.

Wwned and co-hosted by social worker Rose Medina MSW / Rose Medina MSSW and Hollywood actor Leland Heflin, featuring regular appearances by Sandra Currie, Halona Shaw LCSW and Deborah Corday. The primary focus is interviewing TERFs and anti-transgender activists. They also plug Genspect's transphobic misinformation campaign in a 5-part series of videos titled "Parents Despair."

Previous guests of the show include notorious bigot Graham Linehan, Kara Dansky, Marian Rutigliano, Natasha Chart and Lierre Keith from the anti-trans group Women's Liberation Front, multiple members of anti-trans group LGB Alliance including Graham Linehan's sidekick Arty Morty, debunked transphobic sexologist Ray Blanchard, multiple members of the transphobic environmentalist group Deep Green Resistance, Reduxx co-founder Genevieve Gluck, transphobic "Giggle" developer Sall Grover, transphobic trans man grifter Buck Angel and TERF trans woman Debbie Hayton, transphobic journalist Lisa Selin Davis, "Keep Prisons Single Sex" campaigner Heather Mason, anti-trans sports campaigner Linda Blade, transphobic author Phyllis Chesler, transphobic author Simon Edge, Center for Bioethics and Culture founder and Reduxx author Kallie Fell, cryptoterf and anti-Islam activist Yasmine Mohammed, Graham Linehan follower Elaine Miller, Gender Dissent founder Felicia Rembrandt, Speak Up For Women founders Katrina Biggs and Suzanne Levy, transphobic activist Rosa Alvarez, transphobic writer Cherry Smiley, Women's Liberation Front supporter and transphobic author Eleanor Cowan, and transphobic biologist Colin Wright.

Worth noting - occasionally guests aren't visibly involved in anti-transgender activism.

Please read my Medium article about the lowlife TERF garbage that runs An American Conversation Podcast:

I'd like An American Conversation Podcast to have a RationalWiki page. My previous draft was deleted. — Unsigned, by: Darohan85 / talk / contribs

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Okay thank you. I will do that. — Unsigned, by: Darohan85 / talk / contribs

It's here. Draft:An American Conversation Podcast‎. GeeJayKWhere all evil dwells Where every lie is true 22:13, 13 March 2023 (UTC)

Yes. I submitted that as an article. Admin deleted it. — Unsigned, by: Darohan85 / talk / contribs

I moved the article to the draft space so it could be improved. Please click on the "help" link above and learn how to contribute here properly.
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There was an older version of your draft which was deleted during the big draft pruning earlier this year, I posted a copy on Draft talk:An American Conversation Podcast‎ so you can use it. --ApooftGnegiol (talk) 01:06, 14 March 2023 (UTC)

Oh no!! I was trying to make a new article but I messed up the Redlink draftspace page instead! I didn't mean to sorryDarohan85 (talk) 05:55, 1 April 2023 (UTC)