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A dittohead is a term that originally referred to an avid follower of Rush Limbaugh, but over time has become synonymous with any person who blindly follows and agrees with conservative pundits, including such media as, but not limited to, Fox News and conservative talk radio.


[edit] Origin

On his talk show, Limbaugh encouraged the guests, callers and listeners who agreed with him to just say "Ditto"[1] instead of explaining why they might agree with him, presumably to reserve air time for additional opinion giving or friendly discourse with those that might disagree with him. Callers to his show began to willingly self-label themselves as "dittoheads", apparently blind to any sort of negative connotations such a word might have.

[edit] Recent usage

Ignoring the possibility that people might look at a "dittohead" and think of other words that might sound similar, like "shithead", the word itself has grown to mean anyone who gets their information from non-expert sources or those who believe the agenda-less have an agenda in political discourse, be it climate change or gun control or health care. Much like creationists, the average dittohead will be unable to be reasoned with or engage in rational thought.

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[edit] Footnotes

  1. Like in the movie Ghost.
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