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One Nation, also known as Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party (PHONy), is an Australian far-right, anti-immigration party that has contested both federal and state elections since its formation in 1997. "One race nation" seems more apt.

It was notoriously incompetent and cratered early. However, it found a groundswell of support in small-minded bigots and suburban neo-Nazis, and the Liberal Party (who are, in fact, conservatives) took care to cater to this portion of the electorate in the decade following. One Nation includes political correctness and immigrants as some of the many "problems" facing Australian society.

After experiencing electoral success in the late 1990s, the party re-emerged as a force in the 2010s and contested the 2016 Federal Election.[1] The party won several Senate seats, including one for leader Pauline Hanson. Further proof that in politics, your real enemy is the person with policies closest to yours.

The party ran candidates in the 2017 Western Australia election.[2] During this election, a One Nation candidate quit the party.[3][4]

Elected members[edit]

One Nation fielded a variety of candidates with a variety of backgrounds, some of them questionable, some of them just plain loony. These included conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, former refugee camp guards, and former police officers.[5]

  • Pauline Hanson - Senator for Queensland. When you get lied to over many years, you look for authenticity in weird places. Turnbull and company have only themselves to blame.
  • Malcolm Roberts - Senator for Queensland, professional troll and a living cartoon, and is generally insane in his views and serves only to make Pauline Hanson look half sane in comparison. His one notable role since his election was creating a diplomatic spat with New Zealand, to which he is referred to by an NZ MP as a village idiot.[6] Ironically, given that he is a member of the "One Nation" party, he was found to be a dual UK citizen and therefore ineligible to sit in Federal Parliament.[7]
  • Brian Burston - Senator for New South Wales. Is probably the saner of the four One Nation Senators Wants to overthrow the ABC and replace with it with the Patriotic Broadcasting Network.[8] You don't get a nod from Pauline if you're a moderate.
  • Steve Dickson - Member of the Queensland Parliament. Left the Liberal Party over medical cannabis.[9]
  • Mark Latham - Member of the NSW Legislative Council. Former leader of the Australian Labor Party, leading it to defeat in the 2004 Federal Election. In the intervening years, he has lurched to the far-right and become a massive Islamophobe[10][11] and anti-LGBT bigot.[12]

Former elected members[edit]

  • Rod Culleton - Senator for Western Australia. Being elected and one's fitness to do their sworn duty seem to have little correlation these days: convicted larcenist, and charged with car theft. Though these convictions are yet to be determined by the courts. Nevertheless, Culleton has since resigned from One Nation as of December 2016.
  • Fraser Anning - Senator for Queensland. Originally came in a replacement for Malcolm Roberts after discovering that he is Welsh, despite having only 19 first preference votes. After coming into the Senate, he imminently left to join the party of the resident madman of Queensland Bob Katter. Came into worldwide focus from being effectively a nobody, after comparing Muslim immigration into Australia with the Jews in the Third Reich by calling for a "final solution". Even Pauline didn’t like that!

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