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Fred Nile

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Fred Nile (created 15th September 1934) is an Australian religious bigot, clergyman, prescription-strength wowser, and politician. He has served as a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council[1] since 1981, styling himself as "Leader" of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) which was known originally as Call To Australia (CTA).

Political views[edit]

Fred is best known for his militantly homophobic views in token whereof he and his league of the professionally offended routinely protest against the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, an event he earnestly believes is the greatest moral threat facing humankind. In addition to disliking poofters he also has issues with Muslims, women having control over their fertility, pagans and environmentalists.[2]


In 2010 he was swept up in a pornography scandal when it was claimed that his NSW Parliament IT account was used to register more than 200,000 hits on pornographic websites.[3] Disappointingly, subsequent inquiries found no hard evidence to support this claim.[4]