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Mankind's Greatest
(mass murderer)

Left wing bastards are a breed of people that arose in the nineteenth century, and had their greatest influence in the first half of the twentieth century. Their lineage can be traced back to the Robin Hood myth, if not further. The mantra of the classic LWB is "Fuck you Jack, I'm giving your stuff to someone else and taking 20% for the effort".

Class members[edit]

Biblical characters[edit]

National leaders[edit]

Various monarchs[edit]

  • George III of England/Britain/UK. For taxing free British subjects in Vespucciland and instituting martial law to put down those damn rowdy colonists. Bastard.


Novelists and other scribblers[edit]

Modern "magnates" and press barons[edit]

Trashionalwikians (sic)[edit]

Mixed breeds[edit]

There are also people of a apparent dual nature who display complex behaviour, sometimes displaying all the attribute of an LWB but having property-respecting facets. It might be thought that this is intended to create a good public image and thereby deflect criticism thus increasing politically correct respect, but this is obviously not true. Is it... ?

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  1. he is actually considered center-right to right wing in France
  2. Now a senator