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The Shooters and Fishers Party is an Australian political party focused on the promotion of shooting and other gun-related activities. The group is particularly infamous for its "Shooting in Schools" policy and harbors a deep loathing for anyone who dares to contradict them.

Policies and political stance[edit]

The enlightened policies of the party include, but are not limited to:

  • Shooting as a school sport
  • Opposition to action on climate change, because "it doesn't exist" (yes, really)
  • Relaxation of gun control
  • Abolition of Marine and National Parks
  • Legalisation of private game reserves
  • Legalisation of all forms of hunting in any area[1]
  • A Moratorium on all immigration into Australia[2]
  • Opposition to what it calls "extreme Green policies" and the "left-leaning social reconstructive agenda" of the Greens.

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