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Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen (1971–), also known as Hans Lysglimt Johansen, is a Norwegian far-right politician, creator and leader of the fringe party Alliansen ("The Alliance") since 2016.

He is a homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, racist Holocaust denier, anti-vaxxer, Islamophobe, antisemite, and climate crisis denier.[1][2] Johansen is also a supporter of accused rapist independent journalist Julian Assange. Besides his all-embracing belief in conspiracy theory and general misanthropy, Johansen believes Norway should leave Schengen/the European Economic Area[3] and pursue a "non-democratic" (presumably fascist) future.[4]

Those are the core platforms of Alliansen, which is difficult in practice to distinguish from Johansen himself. In foreign policy, Johansen supports Sweden's fringe Alternativ för Sverige and is a fan of Steve Bannon.

Johansen has also recycled Sylvi Listhaug's meme that suggested that Norway's Labour Party prefers the rights of terrorists to national security,[5] which was in horrible taste because the Labour Youth were attacked on Utøya by Breivik. He frequently uses alt-right symbology such as groyper memes,[6] generally supports fringe media like Resett.no, and echoes Trump with phrases like "Norway first."[7] He has also been praised by the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, though he is not a member.[8]

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